Friday, March 26, 2010


I never seem to have enough of it lately! I've been a slack blogger I know. I just finished a big project that will hopefully let me:

1. get back to the gym - haven't been for the past 4 weeks; &
2. blog more regularly.

THE PIXIES rocked Festival Hall. I dunno how many of you out there are into the Pixies, but they were pretty much the anthem of my 20's, & I still listen to them at least once a week. We had tickets on the floor so were pressed up against sweaty bodies from all sides. Loved it. Most of the crowd were my age or older which was pretty funny. My neck is only just recovering from throwing my head about.

COMMON SENSE has not been very common at work of late. I swear (a lot), that everyone is looking at work like a holiday at the moment. I heard on the grape vine that 2 of our staff members sat at a job on milk crates for 3 hours yesterday, waiting for an order of concrete that they hadn't even ordered. I can't express in words or even expletives how fucken pissed I feel at that. We don't want a work culture of "big brother" but fuck me dead. There are numerous other examples I could tell you about, but I wont bore you. It's all very well to say we need to get the right people on the bus, then put them in the right seats, but when there's no-one at the bus stop, then it's a bit bloody hard. There is a trades shortage don't ya know!!

SPIDERS: I think Wilbur has made his way back into the office. Initially we thought it was another smaller spider & named her Lucy, but he/she seems to have unfurled itself & is looking much bigger than when it arrived. Now it's Wilby-Luber.

MOTHS: speaking of bugs, I looked up at the container of porridge in our pantry last night & noticed stuff "moving" inside it. Bloody Tupperware. The lid while appears (& is) on properly, if you squeeze the sides of the container, air goes in & out through the lid seal. I have a colony of mothy things living in my oats, which are now all in the bin with the bugs.

FOOTY: I was gonna bang on about G Abblet, but can't be arsed expressing my frustration & I really need to get back to work. I hope he stays & announces just that soon.

TIME: to get back to work. And have another coffee.

Have a great weekend Peeps!

I just remembered what I was thinking about blogging about earlier this morning - words/expressions. I remember asking my 9 year old niece something last year - her response, off the cuff was "I'll have to check with my Peeps & get back to you". Of course I cracked up laughing & every time I use/type or hear that expression (peeps), be assured I am giggling on the inside. Juvenile? Probably. Care Factor? Nil.


Ute said...

Moth thingies= Weevils!

You may want to spray your entire pantry for them now. As they breed quite prolifically.

*shudders* You and ya bloody great hairy spider lovin'...ya freak! ;op

Chris H said...

You would have TWO spiders! Wilbut AND Lucy!
ikkkk to wildlife in your container! ikkkkk ikkk ik.
Have a great weekend.

AlleyCat said...

EWWWWW weevils?? Really??? just the name creeps me out. looks like I be doing some weevil murder this weekend. Maybe I should catch wilby-luber & put him in the pantry? Do piders eat evil weevils??? LOL No Ute, I'm not that brave!!!

LOL Chris! I'm more worried about the weevils than the piders! Have a great weekend yourself :0)

Memphis Steve said...

I hate those damn weevils! They is not good peeps.

Anonymous said...

i'm giggling, and getting it on with my peeps

Gorilla Bananas said...

These insects are a damn good source of protein for us vegetarians, but I never eat spiders.

AlleyCat said...

Yes Steve - they is terrible peeps! They is now dead peeps.

Hi Dog3oy - giggle. thanks for stopping by!

Gorilla Banana's - have you tried a witchety grub? I haven't, but beleive they is high in the protein stakes too. I never be eating spiders unless one crawled into my mouth while i was sleeping.... ewww. Thanks for stopping by too!

Jadey 0:-) said...

I dunno if you saw my FB post but real Tupperware wont let air or weevils in. Let me know if you want some help with that :p

BTW - I am very glad you are keeping all the pideys at your place. Cause I do NOT want them here.