Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holiday Snaps

Snaffled the camera from Plumbing Boy so here a a few holiday snaps. We were staying with PB's best mate Mr D in their family holiday home. Mr D has been having family holidays there since he was 5 ish. PB used to holiday up there in his teens with Mr D.

The new deck. It was replaced & doubled in size prior to Christmas. It was brilliant! They've also had a couple of tree's lopped so you can see the ocean.

New outdoor setting.

The "Wombat" lounging on the day bed.

The new bird feeder. Used to be up the other end of the deck. Mr D's dad used to hand feed the Kookaburra's raw mince meat placed on his tongue (gross) when he was alive. The Sulfur Crested Cockatoo's have moved in already, there were 6 at once one morning. The parrots are slowly returning. I saw a Kookaburra in one of the tree's but they haven't yet embraced the new deck.

Me at dinner at the golf club, taken by Tess. See my new hair? Red Stripes go orange in sea water!

View out the window at the golf club. And yes, some of them did have the kanga for dinner. I stuck with the parma.

Tess ready for her first motorbike lesson.

In the middle of the lesson. She did really well & didn't stall the bike once, however the lesson ended in tears when she dropped the bike as she came to a stop, not managing to get a foot to the ground & hold the bike up. I've dropped it myself doing the same thing. It is bloody heavy. It was funny watching PB chase her around as her steering was a little all over the joint. She does 6 hours of gymnastics a week so has a really strong core & excellent balance - she did far better than any of Mr D's kids or Mrs D or myself. She didn't have another go though. Maybe next year.

Finally, the roller coaster at Magic Mountain. I think I rode it 8 times straight. PB said it was really lame. I've not been on too many coasters, but it certainly wasn't the Lethal Weapon ride!


Ute said...

Hey, great pics!

Is that a pugalier? The dog?

I like the coloured streaks... been thinking about getting mine all different coloured...but not sure what one's I'd get.

When I was a teen, we used to have a family of Kooka's we fed by hand. I love them. :o)

Good for you to go with the choice too. ;o)

AlleyCat said...

Hey Ute - yes, Cody is a pug crossed with a beagle. they were calling him a bug until they fed him too much & turned him into a fatty wombat. He's not ours!

My hairdresser decided on the streaks. I just let him go for it so long as he doesn't charge the entire MINT & chop off my hair!!!

I always go the parmy first time anywhere. If they do that ok then its safe to order something else :0)

Chris H said...

What a cool deck.
I love the streaks , reminds me of when I did that.. not that long ago!
I can't get over people eating their NATIONAL Animal.
And yeah, that's one little rollercoaster!

AlleyCat said...

Love a pepper Kanga steak! Couldn't order it while I could see them out the window though. I heard the other day there are 2 roos for every person in Aus. Thats a lotta roos Chris!

Slyde said...

that deck is absolutely fabulous!

Kate said...

Awww, don't you look gorgeous!

Love the house. So glad you had a nice break :)