Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holiday Snaps

Snaffled the camera from Plumbing Boy so here a a few holiday snaps. We were staying with PB's best mate Mr D in their family holiday home. Mr D has been having family holidays there since he was 5 ish. PB used to holiday up there in his teens with Mr D.

The new deck. It was replaced & doubled in size prior to Christmas. It was brilliant! They've also had a couple of tree's lopped so you can see the ocean.

New outdoor setting.

The "Wombat" lounging on the day bed.

The new bird feeder. Used to be up the other end of the deck. Mr D's dad used to hand feed the Kookaburra's raw mince meat placed on his tongue (gross) when he was alive. The Sulfur Crested Cockatoo's have moved in already, there were 6 at once one morning. The parrots are slowly returning. I saw a Kookaburra in one of the tree's but they haven't yet embraced the new deck.

Me at dinner at the golf club, taken by Tess. See my new hair? Red Stripes go orange in sea water!

View out the window at the golf club. And yes, some of them did have the kanga for dinner. I stuck with the parma.

Tess ready for her first motorbike lesson.

In the middle of the lesson. She did really well & didn't stall the bike once, however the lesson ended in tears when she dropped the bike as she came to a stop, not managing to get a foot to the ground & hold the bike up. I've dropped it myself doing the same thing. It is bloody heavy. It was funny watching PB chase her around as her steering was a little all over the joint. She does 6 hours of gymnastics a week so has a really strong core & excellent balance - she did far better than any of Mr D's kids or Mrs D or myself. She didn't have another go though. Maybe next year.

Finally, the roller coaster at Magic Mountain. I think I rode it 8 times straight. PB said it was really lame. I've not been on too many coasters, but it certainly wasn't the Lethal Weapon ride!

Monday, February 8, 2010

February is for Fitness

Or my lack there of!

Feeling like a bit of a lump & 3kgs over my magic number where I'm supposed to pull my head in & focus on good eating & exercise! How the hell did that happen.

Anyhoo. Started a Feb is for Fitness campaign last Monday with the view to exercise everyday & cut out the booze Sunday to Thursday (read wine with dinner).

Monday 1st: tready 45 mins, push ups, abs, stretches
Tuesday 2nd: Body Balance Class
Wednesday 3rd: THT class (I am still recovering!)

Then it went down hill. I was supposed to go to Pump Thursday night, but was very sore from the night before & my parents were visiting from the country. And I then had a beer with dinner.

Friday night we had a social club function for work (movies & dinner) which I'd planned to walk to & from (30 mins); but Mum & Dad's flight was delayed so was taking them to the airport as the movie started. Did manage to go & see something else, but no time to walk.

Saturday I was just slack. I went to Geelong to visit Grandma (94) who had been accepted into another nursing home (she hates the one she's in); then they reneged as they thought she was a full paying customer & wants another 100K on top of her original deposit. The family decided they don't have the funds for that so she is back on the waiting list. The place she is in is quite nice & clean, but the staff's attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired. Grandma's other complaint is the lack of food! She's a hearty eater & cant cope with the smaller portions. Mum said Grandma took the news better than she did, but worried she'd crash on the weekend hence my visit as she & her sister (Grandma's closest kids & regular visitors) are in Perth this week.

After listening to Grandma's woes (lack of food, sore nose, sore toe) & helping her remember stuff, I went to visit my friend D who recently found me. We were both a bit nervous, but the magic was still there & we were able to talk & laugh & reminisce without any awkwardness at all. I got to her place around 3.30pm & 5 minutes later, or so it seemed it was 6.45pm & time to get home! We're already planning another catch up with a sleep over involved :0) I grinned all the way home.

Um - back to fitness.

Sunday 7th - 35 minute tready walk with 3 x 3- 4 minute runs. Push ups, Abs, Stretches. Trying to ease back into running without breaking either my foot or knee. Both were good afterwards & Ok today. Wine with dinner. I just had to finish the bottle I'd started Saturday otherwise in this weather it have gone off!!!!

Exercise 4/7
No Booze week nights 3/7

There is room for improvement!

Right now I am yet again procrastinating about going to my fave boxing class because I just feel too unfit. What a tool I am. JUST DO IT. Well. I think I've run out of time this week, but definitely next week :p

PS Ute - sorry about the lack of pic's. PB seems to have swallowed the camera. Plus the friends who we went with, the Mum is extremely anti having their family pic's on the net, hence having to delete a few FB albums!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Baackk

Yup. I'm back from a week on the coast. Weather wasn't bad. Got myself a bit of a tan & No sunburn :0)

Wont bore you with a long rambling post about spending a week with a 6 year old boy & 10, 12 & 14 year old girls. They all know how to braid hair now bar the boy.

I went on the roller coaster 8 times in a row at Magic Mountain & got a big fat headache for my effort: the 10 & 14 y/o's were both scaredy so had to go on a few times with them. It was pretty lame, but the 12 year old & i got in trouble for letting go of the bar & waving our hands in the air as we coasted down (just like they do in the movies!). Bah.

Went scuba diving once. The water was very very cold. We were befriended by a purple wrass who wanted snacks. He was almost head butting us. Very funny.

We watched stingray's come in at dusk from the jetty looking for food. The 10 year old was terrified & stopped jumping in the water. The 12 year old paddled on the shore line with them. I was too cold to get in the water & watched them from above. The biggest one probably spanned almost a metre. Very Very cool to watch.

Saw Bran Nue Dae - the PG rating was a questionable. I think the 10 & 12 year old could have done without watching it. It was very funny though & I'd like to see it again so I can laugh more instead of being mortified about my niece & god daughter seeing stuff that's not really appropriate for them.

Flight up was uneventful. The 7 hour drive home was long. I've done 10 loads of washing since I've been back - my house feels like washing land!

K. Time to pack up & get outta here. February is for fitness & I'm going to the gym.