Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wedding, Part 3

The Photography:

Before she’d come to photograph us girls getting ready, Peta had been to photograph the boys & had left them instructions as to where & when to meet us. Our destination was Granny’s Grave, a local surf beach named in memory of the first white woman born in Warrnambool. Her grave is in the sand dunes overlooking this particular beach. We were originally going to have photo’s taken at the middle island beach, but as the day was warm & that was the best beach for kids, there would have been a million kiddlets all running about. Not so conducive to private photography.

We jumped out of the limo & wandered down the pathway to granny’s grave which was where the boys were waiting at the look out. PB was suitably impressed with his bridal wench & said I looked a bit of all right! We kicked off our shoes & Peta took heaps of photos on the beach – smooching, snuggling, walking hand in hand, from in front, from behind. We even did the O what a feeling shot in the Toyota advert. By now we were quite windblown & my hair was a bit all over the place.

Next stop was Flag Staff Hill. We’d negotiated entry (at a price) to have photo’s taken on the old boats, however on arrival, the other bridal party (who was having their ceremony & reception on site) were having their photos taken so we weren’t allowed inside. We were allowed in the “free” area & took some photos with the light house & in front of a blue stone cottage. Peta had bought a CD player & played “Leave your hat on” asking us to all dance & get a little down & sexay! Was pretty funny. I don’t actually like many of the photos taken at this site, but there are a couple of priceless ones – Dave doing his Michael Jackson impersonation; & a group one with T & K on either end with 1 foot kicked up.

Finally it was time for the boys to head to the ceremony location & help the musicians set up. At this point PB says to me, “has K got her blackberry”? Yes I say, why? “I need my vows”. What! I say, didn’t you email them the celebrant???? He’d written them that morning between 9 & 11am (I'd written mine a month ago & given them to him to copy off). “Yes, but I need to print the out”. Why I ask, “I haven’t learned them yet”. Bless him. I thought he was just a bit nervous about the ceremony. You don’t have to learn them you goose, the celebrant will read each line out & you repeat it after her! She explained this at the practice!!! “Oh” he says. “I guess as usual I wasn’t listening”. The flood of relief on his face was pretty funny.

The boys depart & we jump back into the limo & head for Thunder Point, another spot overlooking the ocean, but with limestone cliffs. We did shots first of Tess then Tess Jax & I popping out of the sun roof of the limo. Then we clambered down the rocks. This location has some brilliant shots of me with my dress billowing out in the wind. While we were there, 6 prime movers rocked up so Peta asked if we could take a photo in front of one of the trucks. No worries they say. I even have a picture with two of the younger truck drivers in their blue singlets, work boots & stubbie shorts.

Time to head to the ceremony. All of us have hair everywhere. None of us packed hair spray! Quick ring around & best mans wife has some in her car at the venue. Our limo driver’s ears picked up & suggested we pop in to his place as it is on the way & he’s pretty sure his wife has hair spray. What a gem that man was! Was great because we could all use the loo too. One of Pauls kids took K for a guided tour around the house & we even met the family cat.

Back into the limo & we are 5 minutes away. One last chug of champers & we exit the limo for the last time, thanking Paul profusely for all his help. Sis all of a sudden realises she’s left her video camera back at Thunder Point – she’d been filming the day & had put it down when she we required to clamber the rocks to get a photo with me. Oh Noes! Paul offers to go back for it. Bless him – he was a legend.

Quick application of lippie & we were ready to go.
Time to get HITCHED!

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Why do men always freak out about learning lines! Silly man.