Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Wedding, Part 2

EDIT from part one. I forgot to mention: a little birdy flying by, dropped a message from the sky, said the bride wiping her eye, thank the lord that COWS don’t fly!!! The morning the day before the wedding while we were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, a birdy dropped me a message. The girls all assured me this was a sign of good luck. I was just glad it happened the day before, not the day of.

THE WEDDING PART 2: the morning of.

I woke at 4am to my heart pounding out of my chest & being unable to breathe. I think I had a panic attack. I was kinda freaked out for the next ½ hour. I wasn’t freaked about actually getting married, just freaked about all the things we needed to get done that morning & the sheer volume of stuff I had to do myself. Plumbing Boy of course didn’t stir & snored away softy beside me while I watched the sun come up over the southern ocean. I got up at 6am, made a cup of tea, fired up my computer & had a bit of a look at what I needed to do by when. I had exactly 3 hours before we had to leave.

PB & our mate C were up by 7am, no-one else stired until 8am. I sat out on the deck in the morning sunshine & made up around 40 coloured paper cones for the rose petals (instead of confetti). Mind you, we completely forgot about picking the rose petals & therefore that was a bit of a waste of time! Reconfirmed the seating chart & saved the document for the girls to write out the name place cards. Jax did one table as soon as she was up; the others flaked saying their hand writing wasn’t good enough. In hind sight, I should have done them myself; I ended up leaving them with Dad to take to the reception – not sure who he got to write out the other table but they looked fairly average. I spose if that was the worst thing that happened then I was pretty lucky.

Packed the car – dresses, underwear, shoes, make up, rings, paper cones, all the beyond blue stuff including the framed photo’s for the reception. The boys decided we needed a fry up for breaky – thought of food made me feel sick. I had a piece of Vegemite toast. You know, I really can’t remember now what else I did that morning – but 3 hours isn’t long when you’re tired & have a lot of fiddly bits & pieces to do.

9am Jax & I hit the road. First stop was to meet my aunt at the florist. She’d volunteered at the last minute to do the flowers (I was going to do them myself). G was all in a tiz when we got there because they didn’t have my flowers. I could actually see them in the window with my name on them, but G was convinced I’d told her I was having white flowers. It so doesn’t matter what you actually say to people, she’d just assumed they would be white because it was a wedding! She was also in a tiz because I wanted gum with my pink Orientals, but according to G she’d rung all the florists in town & they didn’t have any.

I know Warrnambool is in the country, but they are not that backwards. As soon as I walked in I could see heaps of what I wanted. But apparently that stuff is called Cootamundra & is of the wattle family not Gum tree family. The florist said she calls it gum, but anyhoo. Minor detail. Next drama was G wanted to put those big green foam blocks in my clear glass vases as she didn’t think the flowers would stand up by themselves. They will they will I cry! The gum is so bushy it holds the Orientals wherever you place them. These are my favourite flower combo & I use them year round in all different vases. I know it works. NO she says. I’m going back home to get a vase to test it out.

Meanwhile Jax & I sit outside in the sun, Jax calls her mum who is staying at mum & dads with G & explains the situation to her & asks if she can please please help G to chill & to believe the bride!!! By the time G gets back (Dad is chauffeuring her) we have 10 minutes to get to the hair dressers. The florist checks the vases & says bride wench is correct, no but ugly green foam required. I help dad shovel all the flowers into the back of his 4WD, while G continues to argue with the florist. I suggest to dad that he just drive off & leave G there if she doesn’t chill. G is finally sort of convinced. We are now 5 minutes late getting to the hair dressers with not enough time to get a real coffee. Cries!

Luckily the hair dresser has a cappuccino machine. Of course Jax hair takes twice as long on the day. I am getting very antsy as they haven’t started on mine yet & I’ve changed my mind on what we originally trialled!! My sister had dropped Tess (flowergirl) off & her hair was done also before mine was started. My sis & my aunt Jules came by to pick up Tess. Jules came to the rescue with some food. She’d picked up a couple of nougat bars thinking that I might have needed a little snack. Go Jules. Finally they get started on my hair which takes less time to do than the trial & I am very happy with it.

We are now 10 minutes late for makeup. The makeup girls were fantastic, but as we were being done at the same time we didn’t run any later. In fact we made up a bit of time. 1.45pm - next stop Mums, to get ready. G is looking frazzled, but has done our hand bouquets. They only needed to be 1 unopened bloom each & a bit of gum tied with string (she's had 3 hours).

Peta our photographer was already there, as were T & K, & a few of my cousin’s who’d been visiting grandma earlier. We shooed everyone who wasn’t supposed to be there out, & frocked up. None of us had had any lunch, nor did I get around to organising it! Was probably on my list to do that morning. Mumsy cut us up some fruit & fruit cake. Done.

Limo driver arrived on time, but we were running a bit late so Dad went out & chatted to him ( plus Dad was saved from all the girl stuff!). Photo’s lacing up the back of my dress, me on Mum & Dad’s bed, Tess on the bed, Jax on the bed, all three of us on the bed. Me with Grandma, Jax with Grandma, Tess with Grandma. Time to leave via a few more photo’s in mum & Dads garden. A few last minute instructions to Dad re what he had to take to the reception & of course the request to write out the other tables place cards!

Finally we jump into the limo (Me, Jax, Tess, sis, T & K). Game on. This is really about to happen! K bless her had bought a few bottles of champers to compliment the singular bottle that came with the limo. Before we drove off our limo driver Paul made sure we all had a glass & Tess a glass of lemonade. We were off to meet PB & his best man.........

Finally I felt like I could just relax & enjoy the day. What ever hadn't been done now wasn't going to get done & I could just let it go. I was really looking forward now to seeing my groom :0)

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Ute said...

Lol.. Oh, I love that little poem about the cows not flying! heh... ;o)

Sounds like you did pretty well considering the little panic attack. I get those. More frequently now, but now I know what they are, I'm not as distressed... the first one I had I thought I was having a heart attack!