Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Wedding, Part 1


On Thursday 12th November 2009, I worked for an hour or so, then loaded up my car for the trip down to Warrnambool. Wedding Gown, check, shoes, check, suits, check, electric piano, check, platters, other clothes, pillows, bathers, most of my bathroom, computer, wedding bible notebook, check. Breakfast? Not yet. Bridesmaid? Oops, better go & pick her up.

I tossed in a container with the last 3 Banana muffins I’d made earlier in the week & hit the road. First stop was Parkville to pick up Jax, then munching on our muffins, we headed down the freeway to Warrnambool. I babbled a fair bit about what still had to be done & Jax reminded me to be calm & breathe. Stopped half way for a caffeinated beverage, arriving in Warrnambool around 1.30pm.

My 2 best girlfriends T (Melbourne) & K (Hong Kong) had headed down the day before to stay with T’s brother & family for the night. T’s sister in law kindly made us lunch & we sat out on their deck for a couple of hours having a wine & a chill.

We headed to Port Fairy, a 20 minute drive further on down the coast to where we were staying. We’d booked a house that slept 14 peeps. Plumbing Boy & I had decided we’d rather stay with our friends & younger family, than on our own, considering the distance some of them had travelled, so we could maximize our time with them. Collected the keys, hit the supermarket for supplies, then to our “home” for the weekend.
Fairy Bay House was a delightful 2 story beach house overlooking east beach. We loved it!

Unpacked & hit the deck for a few bevvies while we waited for the boys to arrive. PB had waited for his mate C to arrive from Woollongong before hitting the road, they arrived around 4.30pm.

We ‘d invited my sister F & family & T’s family for dinner, so fired up the Barby & made couple of salads to fed us all (11). T’s family & F & family went home early as they had primary school aged kids, but the rest of us partied on into the night. I’d figured it would be better to have a big night Thursday so we were all tired Friday night & would go to bed early being rested & not hung over for the wedding day.

Somewhere around 11pm I think, we all decided to go for a walk on the beach, rugging up in blankets & doonas taking our music with us we set out. Port Fairy has a large population of Mutton birds who sadly were just arriving from migrating & were so tuckered there were hundreds just dying exhausted on the beach. One came close to receiving mouth to mouth resuscitation, but in the end, we just had to let them be.

C, PB & I were up bright & early & went for a swim. The southern ocean is not for the faint hearted, but the water was surprisingly warmer than your average November temperature. It was possible I was still a little drunk though! We pottered around; fetched coffee from Rebecca’s, cooked a big fry up once the girls were up & just hung out enjoying each other’s company & recuperating from the night before.

Late morning the boys headed off to buy wedding shoes for PB; the girls headed off, T & K to do the last of the shopping then the beach, Jax & I to visit the florist, Mum & Dad, make coleslaw for the rehearsal dinner & sort out utensils etc for that. Then I went for my much needed hydrating facial, meeting everyone afterwards at the wedding venue for the rehearsal.

Jax & I had taken our shoes with us so we had a bit of a practice on the board walk. Luckily my shoes wouldn’t fit through any of the boards, but Jax had to walk on her toes to ensure no tripping or losing her shoes. We set up the musical equipment, had a couple of walk throughs to make sure our musicians were comfortable with what they were doing & to make sure we all had our timing right, as well as deciding who was standing where to minimise sun in eyes factor. PB & I also met with our photographer & went through what we wanted & she scoped the venue for the ceremony & after shots.

Once everyone was happy we wandered over the road to Lake Pertobe for a casual BBQ dinner (PB loves his barby’s!). He & C had done some other shopping during the day & had purchased a big plastic barrel with a screw top lid which made it watertight. It was hence known as the “Keg of Happiness”. This was their eski! We could lay it on its side in the boot & it wouldn’t leak. They also had a wheelie trolley with which to move their new toy around with. We had a lot of fun & jokes with the Keg of Happiness over the weekend I must say.

A few other wedding guests & family who had already arrived in Warrnambool joined us for dinner. They could all bring their kids who had a marvellous time: Lake Pertobe is also known as the adventure playground & has 2kms? of play equipment including flying foxes, mazes, slides swings & a plethora of climbing & play equipment.

We headed back to Fairy Bay house around 8pm & sat out on the front veranda having a couple of drinks watching the ocean & waited for the stars come out. I’d nominated K as my drink Nazi for the night: anyone who knows me well, knows I love a drink. I’d been driving all day so had only consumed a ½ glass of wine at dinner. K had bought a case of Spanish champagne which supposedly was a “light” drink & was not supposed to give you a headache. PB thought I was a loon & should have made T my drink Nazi as K is almost as bad as me!

We did keep it sensible although I went to bed a lot later than planned. My Sydney cousins were on their way & originally I’d planned to go to bed & have someone wake me when they arrived to say hello, but you know, I really was a bit hyped up & wasn’t ready for bed yet. K painted my toenails while I finalised the table seating arrangement!

I’d made a grave error of judgement asking my soon to be mother in law if she was happy to sit next to her friend......she said NO. Nor did she want to sit next to the mother of her grandchildren! She really threw a spanner in my seating as singles are hard to accommodate when you mostly have pairs. Nothing like leaving things til the last minute! Ended up putting her opposite her friend & next to her granddaughter.

I’d always planned on putting her next to either my Mum or Dad (who were sitting opposite each other); as Mum had lost her voice, I put her next to Dad. Mum was next to MIL’s friend who was a nurse in her younger days which worked perfectly as Mumsy is a nurse too.

My cousin’s finally arrived around 10pm & we stayed up for a drink or two with them then all crashed around 11pm.

I woke at 4am to..................................


Ute said...


So, you're leaving us hangin' for the next installment?! Ha!

It all sounds like you had such a relaxing and happy time in the lead up to your big day. As it should be too. Who wants chaos and stress?!

Well, I guess the MIL wasn't exactly a non stressful situation...but other than that, it all sounds like bliss. Yay!

Cetra AG said...

My buddy does wedding videos, i go with him sometimes... ha weddings lol

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

To bloody what????? Come on you cant do that to us!!! haha

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

oops.. sorry... can you delete all thos copies... my comp had a fit...

AlleyCat said...

sorry to leave you all hanging! ran out of time to keep going. Plus it gets a bit long & boring to read it all in one hit!

Wanna - hope your puter got over its fit!