Friday, December 11, 2009

Stuff n Photos

K. was going to have a bit moan about having a bit of a shitty day, feeling melancholy & all. Work is giving me the shits. If I had a gun there would be several dead telemarketers. Well, actually, the phone would probably be blown to smithereens. I don't think bullets travel along the phone line.

I've also spent time with a couple of peeps recently who are so bitter & angry & blame ridden that I feel like all the happiness has been sucked out of me. Do not like.

It is our work Christmas Party tonight & I don't feel remotely at all like Christmas. I haven't put up my tree yet. All I have to do is take it out of its box & plug it in. Not Hard.

Maybe I'm just being a bit of a princess today; or maybe just a girl & all hormonal if you know what I mean. Best I go put on my Christmas elf hat & cheer the fuck up.

K. Some pictures for y'all.

Went for a drive up to Cape Trib.

This is where the Daintree river meets the ocean.

Spot of lunch along the way. Looking a bit scruffy.

The view at lunch.

M & L making a fire on the beach

We had this little visitor on the dunny wall one night. He was very noisy for a little fella.

Paradise. My cousin's pool where we were staying.

& her new pool shower. very flash.

She'd done a bit of gardening since we there last.

New Bath tub on deck. I had lovely bubble bath on our last night.

My cuz has done some amazing stuff with her concrete - looks like she's pressed leaves & flowers into the concrete. Looks Awesome.

The fountain is just about done.

And I love love love their front gate!!!!
Hope you all have a loverly weekend. Peace n Red Wine (or what ever takes your fancy!).


Style Seduction said...

Wow pics are amazing and I understand the thing with having bitter people around you.

Try and block them out as best as possible. xx

Ute said...

Love the photos! That place looks bloody awesome! Not a resort?!?! Though I'd have some thoughts about standing nekid having a shower outside. =/

Hear ya on the grumpy-bum mood. I think mine is due to Christmas overload... people being unusually Christmassy pisses me off! =p

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Fantastic pics... sorry to hear your honeymoon wasnt as romantic as planned... but sounds like it was very restful!!!

Chris H said...

Your cousin's place is freakin gorgeous!
Go plug in the tree, it might cheer you up.
Or go buy bullets.