Friday, December 4, 2009

The Honey Moon is Over Baby........

Thank you to each & every one of you who have left beautiful comments & good wishes both here & on FB for our wedding! You all ROCK!!!! I felt like a princess all day.

I haven’t done a wedding update yet, nor did I write one while we were away. Sorry! Just couldn’t be bothered firing up the computer when I could be swimming instead, if you know what I mean :0)

We had a good break, although it wasn’t the romantic week we’d hoped for, that said, it was no-one’s fault. We were staying at my cousin’s who’d gone to the Cook Islands & she’d arranged a girlfriend M to house & dog sit until we arrived & then again after we’d left. M had been on a 2 month holiday for her 40th & her son’s L’s 4th birthdays & had just returned from 4 weeks in Bali. M had rented out her home while she was away but the tenants had some family drama happening & were in Melbourne & had not moved out as previously arranged.

M felt really bad about crashing our holiday, but was really lovely & L was very entertaining. Plumbing Boy taught him to eat his crusts, not climb on the table & to put his head under water. M was a lovely girl & we spent quite a lot of time hanging out around the pool with them both. One night we all went down to the beach, made a bonfire & had picnic dinner, a few drinks & watched the stars come out. It was just beautiful!

We certainly caught up on much needed sleep, going to bed not long after L. I recon I was sleeping 12 hours a day plus naps! I re-read New Moon & Eclipse, & read the new Matthew Riley book whose title escapes me. Did not turn on the TV once.

We took a drive up to Cape Tribulation which we’d not done before; went exploring up Mount Molloy looking for a little pub in the middle of no-where my cousin had taken us to previously (found it!); spent a day out on the barrier reef scuba diving (saw a turtle, a small ray & a white tip reef shark on the first dive!!!) & just pottered around PD going out for lunch etc.

PB had arranged to go dirt bike riding Saturday (the day before we had to leave) as that was the only day the guy had available, but he canceled on him Thursday arvo. We called a few bike shops in Cairns & PD to see if anyone else was going out. He did find one guy who’d take a minimum of 2 riders which made it very expensive, so poor PB missed out this time. It did not tempt him to come horse riding with me however.

I went on a 2.5hr trail ride which involved a 3km canter on the beach. I think the bruises on the underside of my thighs have just subsided & it will be a week tomorrow. Jules – I’ve been thinking of you every day this week – you really don’t realize how many different muscles you use while riding a horse!

It was good fun though, & my horse Jack was a legend & the only grey they had. There were a group of girls (9?) up from Cairns for a 30th birthday who kept the rest of the group entertained. They were really friendly & quite hilarious in their banter. Only 4 of us had ridden enough previously to go on the long canter so was really good to be in a small group, for that part of the ride any way.

So. Back to reality. I’ve just about caught up at work. My house looks like a bomb site. We have stuff everywhere! I’ve not even started on wedding thank you’s.

We received our professional photography proofs & DVD yesterday. I’ve already watched the DVD twice. I am really really happy with how the photo’s have come out. We had a fantastic time with Peta (photographer) & am so glad we did the photos before the ceremony.

OK, work is calling. I’ll try & get the rest of the photo’s I have onto FB this weekend so you can have a bit more of a look. Hope you are all well & am slowly catching up on all your blogs. XO


Ute said...

Awesome that you had such a wonderful wedding and honeymoon.

Horse riding! Woooo! =)

Looking forward to seeing the piccies.


Style Seduction said...

Oh it sounds like fun, but shame it wasnt really a honey moon and more just like a holiday.

As long as you came back feeling refreshed thats all that matters!

Chris H said...

At least you had a honeymoon of sorts!
Stew and couldn't... it's a bit hard to get a Honeymoon Suite with a double bed, four singles and a bassinette eh?
We did finally get away from our 6 kids 10 years later for a 3 weeks holiday in Singapore!

Kate said...

Just loved the photos. You were (are!) stunning!

Pity the honeymoon wasn't quite what you'd imagined. Lovely all the same though!

K x