Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We is officially hitched! The day went better than I could ever have hoped. We laughed, we almost cried (other peeps did); we had an absolute blast. Here are a few pic's for you. Tried to upload some to FB earlier, but it would not co-operate. Later.

For now......


Bride & Groom (yeah, kind of stating the obvious I know!)

His Vows

My Vows


Jax's Hair (Bridesmaid)


Some of the girls on the dance floor

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 Sleeps

til we get hitched.

I think everything is pretty organised. I discovered a couple of logistical issues late last week. I think I finally understand the limo thing. It's not about the "car" it's about avoiding having to ask peeps drive you around who want to have a few bevvies & don't want to leave their cars laying about overnight.

Yep. Booked a limo to cart the girlys around the photo shoot locations prior & to get us to the nuptials! I know I only have 1 official bridesmaid & one flower girl, but I have 3 unofficial bridesmaids who are required to get me frocked, be in the official photo shoot & who will be walking me part of the way up the aisle so to speak :0)

My brain is scattered today. Lack of sleep. I've woken up at 2.30am every day/night for the last week. While I am pretty stress free on the surface, I think my subconscious is having a bit of a melt down. Last night I dreamed that the reception venue operator had forgotten to mention that the reception is in the room out the back instead of the newly renovated space which of course was awful with shag pile carpet & horrid wall paper (sorry to anyone who treasures their shag pile & wall papery). The band were in garish shorts & singlets & played the chicken dance on our arrival. Um.

Took me a while to get back to sleep. I was awake again at 4.30am, as was plumbing boy & we chatted til the alarm went off at 5.

I am guessing I will sleep well tonight. Work is out of control & I really would get more work done if people stopped calling to ask me how my stress levels are & wanting to bang on about up comming nuptials. I've got a business to run peeps & this work wont get done by itself. It won't get done while I'm blogging either!!!

Picked up my Dress last night. All done & seamstresses finally happy! Plumbing boy picked up his suit & best mans suit yesterday.

Tonight is nails n wax. Tomorrow night a much needed chiropractic appt. Thursday morning I'm off down the coast with PB following after work driving a friend who is arriving from Wollongong.

K is back from HK already & is my shopping assistant yesterday & today. Being so far away she's not been able to help with much, but is in full swing now sorting all the stuff I've not done - vases, photo's & frames & beyond blue box & shoe stretching. She & T are heading down tomorrow to spend a day with T's family who live down there.

OK. enough of my dribble. Not sure I'll get another post in before the weekend! Will do at least 1 update before we head to Port Douglas. There will be plenty of pic's on FB for your entertainment.

Wish me the cool change before Saturday please. 25 degrees instead of 31 with possible thunderstorms would be perfect!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Home Alone

Plumbing Boy's gone out to do a job & I'm home alone. It is this hot.

33 degrees C. sorry about the crap photo.

at my puter.
after 1/2 a bottle of sav blanc
just found this photo on the camera. plumbing boy must have taken it at a job. too cute.

he's on his way home so have to go & cook din dins. had more to say, but will have to wait. hope you is all having a loverly evening!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Woke up at 2am with lists running through my head of stuff I need to do before the 14th! Tried to shut it down, an hour & a heartburn tablet later I finally drifted off to sleep.

Haven't done a lot of proper work at work today. Had to get those lists sorted out! Feeling a bit calmer now. Can't be shagged doing any work at all now. Need a Nana nap!

My cat bought me a present last night. Must be mousey season. A little itty bitty mousey. Yes, I rescued the poor bugger. Alas he still croaked & I found him where I left him last night on the door step.

Why did I rescue him you may ask?

Firstly I didn't want to listen to my cat play with her food for the next 2 hours & the thought of the poor terrified mouse makes me upset.

Secondly, I live in the city & the cat is meant to be inside at night hence leaving the cat in & putting the mouse out. A sad state of affairs indeed.

Which reminds me of an email my Dad sent me during the week. Marg is Dad's sister, Mip is her daughter & Mark is Mip's 3 or 4 year old son.

"When I rang Marg for her birthday she told me that Mip had had a mouse plague. Marg took some cats up in the nearest receptacle at hand. Later in the day Mip heard a distressed call from Mark – caught in the receptacle – a possum trap!" hahahaha

They'd all be horrified at my wimpiness! Marg has always had heaps of stray cats. My uncle doesn't believe in buying cat food or veterinary care for them either. He doesn't get them "fixed" & there are always kittens around. If he catches them, well, lets just say they have short lives. The ones that do survive fend for themselves. Although as you can see, they do come in handy at times.

Growing up on a farm the animals are definitely in a bit of a pecking order when it comes to veterinary care. Cows of course were the most important. Dogs next. I remember one dog tried to jump out of the dog yard & caught his belly on a piece of wire & ripped himself open. Dad said it wasn't worth calling the vet & put him down himself. We always got the cat's spayed though. Dad doesn't like cat's much & didn't want a tribe of strays like his Mum (& now his sister) had. We never bought cat food. If they wanted "food" were welcome to eat the dog food, catch mice & of course there was always milk for them to drink.

My cat has special food from the vet just to keep her "regular"! How times have changed.

OK. I'm just a ramblin' on now here avoiding work. Must tell you about milking cows & feeding calves as a kid one day......... Moooooooo