Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 Weeks

For those of you who don't live in Australia, my beloved footy team won the grand final on the weekend. It was a fabulous game, very close, very physical & came down to the last 5 - 10 minutes of the game for us to get ahead & win! I have only just taken off my scarf (pictured) & am still randomly waving it at people. Go Cats!

This is what I had for breaky this morning. Porridge with Blueberries & yogurt. YUM! My weight has been hovering between 59 & 60kgs which is OK, but I'd really like to tone up a bit more, especially now we've decided to head to Port Douglas for our honeymoon. Well, that's not exactly true. I'd like to loose a kg off each ass cheek & a kg off my belly. But don't we all???

I've been very slack in the eating, drinking & exercising department of late. Generally our silly season starts grand final weekend, to be followed 9 birthdays over October/November which are usually well celebrated, then we move into work social club Christmas party, work Christmas party & all the other general Christmas.....STOP! Why am I waffling on about Christmas when we are getting hitched in 7 weeks.

7 WEEKS!!!! I am starting to have a few moments of panic every now & then about making sure everything is done on time! Then I have to remind myself to breath. My friend T keeps reminding me that I am the most organised girl on the planet & to chill. So that is what I am trying to tell myself.

I bought some flowers last Sunday in order to practice making my bouquet. I'm having these - Pink Oriental Lillies with Gum.

This is what they looked like on Monday...

On Tuesday......

On Wednesday....

I think I will need to purchase them 4 days before the wedding so the flowers will be in full bloom. I want to put them on the tables as well & my bouquet will go on the bar with framed photo's of Hootch & Plumbing Boy's brother with the BeyondBlue box.

On Saturday night I decided on walking down the aisle music & musicians. We watched the footy at PB's best mates place & we are godparents to some of his kids. S was playing a tune on her piano & singing it & it was beautiful! PB loves it too. (I've since listened to the original on Youtube & it sucked so I stopped listening to it).

S's older sister M will accompany her on viola! S has a beautiful electric piano also which we will use on the day. The only concern they had was what happens if they make a mistake! I said it doesn't matter one little bit & that they don't have to do it because I asked them to; they should only do it if they want to. Luckily for me they both want to do it. I did warn them that I might cry & that I might come over & hug them when they finish playing...

Here are the lyrics. Who recognises where it comes from? Being played on piano it is a lot moodier & melodic than the sappy version in the flick.

It is You (I have loved)

There is something that I see
In the way you look at me
There's a smile, there's a truth in your eyes
But an unexpected way On this unexpected day
Could it mean this is where I belong
It is you I have loved all along

It's no more mystery
It is finally clear to me
You're the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved all along

There were times I ran to hide
Afraid to show the other side
Alone in the night without you
But now I know just who you are
And I know you hold my heart
Finally this is where I belong
It is you I have loved all along

It's no more mystery
It is finally clear to me
You're the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved all along

Over and over I'm filled with emotion
Your love, it rushes through my veins
And I am filled With the sweetest devotion
As I, I look into your perfect face

It's no more mystery It is finally clear to me
You're the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved,
It is you I have loved,
It is you I have loved all along

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoes, Frocks & Honeymooning

My Bridesmaid, Sis, best mate & I had a very successful shopping expedition on the weekend. We hit the city & after checking out every shoe store in sight, made it into Myer.

I modeled every size 7 shoe they had available & ended up investing in the "Barb".......

They are super comfy & I do believe I will get a bit of wear out of them, being silver!

Our next score was the BM's frock. She didn't like anything we'd seen, but eventually coerced her into the change room & threw things at her to try on purely for our amusement. I found this one hiding behind some hot pink numbers & really only grabbed it because it was long & in a size 10. Check it out!!!

It fits her like a glove. She loves it. I love it. It is elegant & classic enough enough to pass for a BM frock & being a little bit "different", I think she will wear it again!

Finally it all seems to be coming together.

Yesterday I booked our honeymoon. We would have loved to go to the Galapagos Islands, but should have planned it 6 - 12 months ago. It involves a bit of organisation & we'd really need to go for 3 weeks to make it worth our while. As small business owners, 3 weeks is a bit long & it is the busiest time of year for us.

Next we thought we'd take a package deal & go to Fiji & do some scuba diving. In the end, we decided to dog sit for my cousin who is off to the Cook Islands to compete in the Micronesian cup in outrigger canoe paddling.

This is T-Rex. He's getting quite old now, I don't have a pic of his little bro Buddy, but they are a lot of fun & well behaved. Luckily for us my cousin has a lovely place.....

Balinese style, with a pool........

In Port Douglas! hehehe I can't wait. We are flying up the Saturday after the wedding. The week leading up to the wedding will be all over the place with me being out of the office from Wednesday. We are both having the Monday off so decided to work the rest of the week, straighten things up & plan the work for our staff for the week we will be away.

That way it's not as stressful & out of control & our staff won't kill each other because we've left it all in a mess for them! 10 days of lazing by the pool, walking the dogs on the beach, a couple of days out on the reef, a bit of exploring up the coast as we will have a car that is not a hire car! Bliss.

I suppose I'd better get back to work & earn some $$$ to pay for my shopping.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Warning: Wedding Crafting Ahead....

I'm a bit slow at times. I've been trying to figure out how to show you what I've been up to without my camera! Sharing a camera is a pain in you know what. Then, this afternoon, I remembered I have a camera in my phone. Dufus! After losing my previous phone, I've not made friends with this one yet. It is the same as the old one - but I had multiple ring tones for different people, photo's & had done so much stuff with my old phone. I think I was worried I'd jinx the new one if I personalized it too much - hence not thinking about the camera function. K.

The invitations:
Choose one of your favourite photos (after consulting a few peeps - thanks Jules!)

Cid Harbour - Whitsundays, Australia

We went on holidays with another couple 5 or 6 years ago (could be more), Plumbing Boy took this photo one night. He only told me last night that he "placed" the fishing rod just for the photo!

Print 50 copies at 13 cents each. Toddle off to your favourite scrapbook supply shop &/or Spotlight. Purchase some opaque vellum paper, black & pink card stock, clear drying glue, charms, jewellery making wire, crimps & silver heart seals. I think I spent around $50-00 including the charms. I'm putting the envelopes (plain white C5) & postage through work. My office assistant loaned me her jewellery making tools. This is what I came up with.

I've tried to white other peoples personal details, but hell, if you can read it & want to stalk me, good luck. Here's one with the envelope too.

So. I glued the photo to the black card stock, printed the invite onto the vellum, then glued the vellum over the top of the photo, then cut to size. The pink things are bookmarks. They have info about the following day & how to get there. Again I printed the info onto the vellum, then glued that to the card. I punched a hole in the top corner & put in an eyelet, then attached a charm using the jewellery wire & crimps. The blue card is about the "gift". We are suggesting people donate to Beyondblue in lieu of a gift.

I put the whole lot in the middle of the Warrnambool visitors guide book where the map of the town is then put them in their envelopes, with a silver heart seal on the back.

I had a moment of doubt last night wondering if they were too amateurish. I wondered if some people might mock them. Of course those are the people we'd rather have not invited in the first place, so I got over that fairly quickly. We are not perfect & neither are the invites; but they really do reflect us as a couple. We like to do things ourselves. We are a bit rough around the edges. We like the beach & sunsets & fishing (well, he likes the fishing - I'd rather swim or scuba!)

I've got 7 bookmarks & 2 complete invites to make & I am done! I've run out of black card stock. Tomorrow!

PS I coped a bout of food poisoning on the weekend hence the incompleted task!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Thank you everyone for your support on the tragic passing of our good friend Hootch (Chris). Today is/was his birthday. I am going out tonight with my girlfriend who was stuck in Hong Kong & we will raise our glasses to him.

The funeral was on Wednesday. Ironically Hootch worked as a gardener & grave digger in a cemetery. His family decided to bury him there as he was happier with his work situation since he'd been there than he'd been in any job in the past 10 years.

Hootch used to play harmonica in a blues band many years ago - he in part earned his nickname from that - hootchie cootchie man. Later in life he was over it & preferred to go by Chris - but old habits die hard & I still think of him in my head as Hootch.

I digress. The funeral was as good as could be expected. The family did a great job - a friend played electric guitar before the service - Jimi Hendrix & a few of his favourite blues tunes. The PowerPoint presentation was very powerful & bought Plumbing Boy to tears. It's a hard & humbling thing to see a strong powerful man so striken in his grief. It was good to let those pent up emotions out.

Plumbing Boy had been adamant that we wouldn't stay for the wake, just show our respect to the family then leave. It was too painfull for him to bear. He said there was nothing to celebrate. But after talking to a few people of course we stayed & reminisced, then went to the pub with a couple of friends we'd not seen for a while, then the family joined us. This was really good because they were able to talk a little more freely & we shared a few laughs about some of the antic's we'd all gotten up to with Hootch.

The day helped with closure, there are still things that need to be done, but we will get there.

On a more positive note, I am planning on finishing of my wedding invitations on the weekend. I know I've been saying for a couple of weeks, but it will happen!

In between Hootch's passing & funeral, we went to Warrnambool for the weekend & met with our wedding caterer, venue operator & celebrant! It is all a happening thing. The venue is being refurbished & is on track to open 1st or 2nd week in October. We are their first function. The place looks fabulous & it is almost as though they have done the refurb with us in mind! A big red feature wall, timber floor boards, & a massive rough cut timber bar. Plumbing Boy is very enthusiastic now as he can see that it will be a party he will enjoy throwing!

The caterer rocks. Asides being very professional & organised he creates divine food & was open to our idea's & has run with it. No alternate plate drop or trough (buffet) for us! Yippeee!!! Not saying that anything is wrong with the other's, but they are just not PB or I. We want our guests to get their hands dirty.......

The celebrant was pretty cruizy. Dad gave me the run down on the celebrants available around town & we settled on Wendy. She's a bit off beat, but had lots of pre-prepared material we could use & change & really encouraged us to make the ceremony ours. PB doesn't want a wedding ring, she said there is no reason I cant give him a motorbike part (or better yet a motorbike) instead of a ring. She's had people exchange horses!

It is all starting to fall into place & we are BOTH comfortable with how things are shaping up.

Sorry for the disjointed post.....................that's kinda where my brain is at the moment. Looking forward to a LOT of sleep this weekend.

Once again, thank you all for your kind words. The Internet really is an amazing place & to all of you who read my dribble...... I loves ya's all!