Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fess Up

When was the last time you had your Mummy call in sick for you?

Give me some perspective people. Please.

As an employer, you can guess that I think it pretty inappropriate for you to have your Mum call in sick for you. - unless of course you are in hospital.

My point of view is if you are capable to ask another person, be it your house mate, your partner or your Mum to call in sick for you, you are most likely capable to do it yourself. There are always exceptions & I am OK with that.

I am also OK with people taking sick leave. I encourage it. Sick leave is there to be taken when you are genuinely ill or injured. I do not want your germs & prefer you to confine them to your own home, not my workplace. Plus you recouperate faster if you have a day or 2 off & can come back to work & actually work at 80 - 100% rather than staying at work & only performing 50%.

I had one guy off sick for 4 days last week. One of the days he talked about coming in. I asked him to stay home. He sounded awful. I also sent him home last week because he was obviously sick & getting worse as the day progressed.

As you can tell I've had a staff members Mum call in sick for him this morning. She called 15 minutes AFTER his official start time; 30 minutes AFTER I'd already called & left a message on his mobile as he is usually here 15 minutes before start time, sometimes 30 minutes.

This staff member is not an apprentice. This staff member is 30 years old. I wont go into details of reason he is sick, but he injured himself on the weekend. His hands, arms, fingers, head etc are all fine - I know this because he called in sick himself, right on start time yesterday.

Do you ask your partner, Mum/Dad or housemate to call in sick for you? If your partner, Mum/Dad or housemate asked you to call in sick for them, would you?

Do I have the right to be pissed?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Green Food

In an effort to reduce our food packaging waste, I've been cooking a bit more from scratch lately.

I made more muffins on the weekend for Plumbing Boy - they are the right size now for me too. My original muffin pan was for jumbo muffins making them 10WW points per muffin! Yikes!!!

Today I baked a loaf of soy & linseed bread in our bread machine. We've just had salad sandwiches for lunch & they were yummo! I stopped baking bread ages ago, mainly because we'd eat too much of it!!! Asides tasting great it was too hard to cut into skinny slices! I was able to slice the soy & linseed one today very thinly & as the loaf wasn't massive, I reckon the slices were the same size if not thinner than your store bought loaf slices. Yippee. I will be making more....

I've purchased the ingredients for Skinny Latte's breaky bars too & will have a go at making those to eat instead of my store bought muesli bars. Just as well I like to cook hey!!!

What do you all cook from scratch???

Simon & Garfunkel did indeed rock the house. They played for 2 hours straight, delivered 3 encore's & my hands were read & sore from applauding. It took 1 hour for them to play a song I did not know! Arty did some of his own stuff while Paul took a break, then they swapped & Paul Simon played some stuff off his Graceland's album (love it love it love it)!

They had 10 other musicians on stage who they introduced to us at the end of all the encores - 3 of them were from South Africa. They were all amazing! The lead guitarist played sax, Cello & recorder amongst other instruments (there were also keyboards, trumpet, drums, percussion, rhythm guitar, base guitar, piano). The music was intricate, melodic & harmonious. Paul & Arty's voices just blended so perfectly together. I didn't need my tissues after all, although it was touch & go for a while. Dad said to me when they left yesterday - "thanks for the encouragement to go & see them - it was certainly a worthwhile experience".

Sunday we took Mum & Dad out for breakfast in Williamstown - it was lovely sitting out in the sunshine, breathing in the sea air. We tried a new place this time, not as good as the place we went to last time, but was OK. We went for a walk on the pier afterwards & wished we lived in walking distance!!!

OK. I'd better get back to work, considering it is the end of the financial year & all, however I seem to have my side of things in order & am not in the least bit stressed out (this would be the first time in 10 years!!!!!). Plumbing Boy has not done his invoicing yet, so we will see how things are later in the week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bridge over Troubled Water

I'm off to see Simon & Garfunkel tomorrow night with my folks. My sis & I shouted them 1 ticket for their wedding anniversary - made them pay for the other ticket as they were VERY expensive & my sis couldn't afford such luxury.

I bought my own ticket. That's neither here nor there, we just place importance on different things (she'd rather a spray tan & a new dress).

I grew up listening to Simon & Garfunkel. Love them. Dad plays guitar, 12 string, banjo, banjo mandolin - if it's got strings he can probably punch out a tune. I used to sing their tunes with him when I was a kid (as well as other folky type stuff) & while I still love a good sing-a-long (yes, I'm the folky chick sitting around the camp fire singing her heart out) I've not sung in public for a long time.

Since retiring off the farm (to a full time job a the local vet clinic) Dad's joined a men's choir & a Celtic weekly jam, as well as continuing to be involved with music at his church. When I first mentioned the possibility of going to tomorrow nights gig, his eyes lit up & said he'd much rather go to that than any other show/musical/play or any other event (the tennis) that Mum might have in mind for the rest of the year.

I knew then that we were going. Despite Mum's protest that it was too expensive. Sometimes you've just gotta do it. As plumbing boy says, "you're a long time dead". That said, the tix were insanely expensive (almost 3 times more than Neil Young who we saw earlier this year).
Anyhoo. I'm going. I'm excited. I will be taking tissues. I will probably cry when they play Bridge over Troubled Water. I don't care. They. Will. Rock. Um, in a different way to the Chili Peppers, but nonetheless, they will Rock.

PS been pretty slack in the challenge dept. Lost another .5kgs in the past week or so. Sitting on 58.5kgs. Haven't really been tracking, nor setting weekly goals, but have been subconsciously making sure I don't go overboard. The red wine has featured more than it should, but I will wait until after the end of financial year rush, to worry about it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Take 2

So. The memory stick still hasn't arrived. But, Jax came over Friday night. While Plumbing Boy was in the land of nod & snoring rather loudly, I snuck in & grabbed my frock from the back of my wardrobe. Jax had a practice at lacing me in, then she got to work with the camera!!! Please excuse the manky hair.

Obviously this is the front. I need the halter neck strap tightened & possibly the shoulder straps, although maybe we laced me in to high. Will check that with the dress maker when I see her to have the front hem taken up.

The brooch is on crooked & there is a minor repair to be made with the fabric on the right hand side, the "gather" kind of came unstitched & is being held together by the brooch only.

You can see here the straps are a little loose. According to the sales person where I bought the gown, the bust is also adjusted by how I am laced in. Will check that out with the dress maker too.

I love the lace up back. The girls decided last time an up do was in order. What do you reckon?

And I like my back too. I do not like my floppy triceps/chicken wings (or fadooberda's (SP?) as my sister calls them). Need to do a bit of work on them. I have lost the roll of back fat (or as another friend of mine calls it - "baby's got back") that spilled out & over above my shoulder blades when I first tried it on.

I am thinking of silver shoes to match in with the brooch & possibly a silver stole?? I want to use old brooches on our flowers too. Was thinking about trying a tiara or one of those circlet things that go across your forehead (sorry for the crappy description!) but probably not really me. I think an up messy do with a flower. I want pink/scarlet oriental lillies with gum for my flowers. Tess & Jax will choose their own. Tess wants a bun with curled tendrils at the front. Jax is still undecided.

I wont need a necklace at all. I was thinking of dangly earings, Jax is voting for classic diamond studs. I would like a silver/diamante chunky bracelet or cuff. Feedback please!!

Ok, back to the household chores. I'm already up to my 4th load of washing for the day, with 3 to go. I've made a big pan of napoli sauce with chili & bacon which is ready to come off the stove. I'll go out & do the grocery's shortly, then make a Pork Vindaloo & a Chicken Tikka Masala when I get back. Am still pondering some sort of casserole, but I suspect I will run out of time. Oh, And I will bake another batch of Muffins. Looks like Plumbing Boy will be on the road for the next couple of weeks working rather than being in the office, so need to stock up on lunch box treats! And I need to watch the footy, take a bath, read my book................best I get too it!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Things

I was going to post about what a bitch of a day I've had so far & moan about by ISP, the memory stick that still hasn't arrived in today's post meaning I still have no photo's of my frock, the woman who rang last night at 10pm YES 10pm to enquire if we have any jobs going as her nephew is coming from overseas & is looking for an apprenticeship & all the other things that have given me the shits today. But. I am cranky enough as it is so I think I'd better think of a few good things to assist with my "attitude adjustment".

1. My noisy computer is fixed! Woot! After listening to it make a gawd awful noise for almost 3 weeks our IT guy finally came & had a look at it. IT WAS AN AUDIBLE ALARM going off. I am not a psycho whiney bitch thank you very much. A fan was about to "shit itself" so I was told. A week later, he came back & changed it over (yesterday - he had disabled the alarm in the interim).

2. I was listening to 3RRR the other day on my way back from the bank & heard this band.
You must listen! If your Dad doesn't have a beard, then you've got 2 Mums! Or so the song goes. I pissed myself laughing all the way back to the office listening to this song. A bearded band who only sing songs about you guessed it, beards. As soon as I got back I just HAD to email it to my cuz (28 year old) who of course has a beard, as do 1/2 his mates.

3. I saw Wicked the musical on Saturday night with our goddaughter. It was truly a visual feast! I liked it better than Lion King. I didn't get bored, the music was not predictable; it was beautifully harmonious & I really enjoyed the story.

4. Despite the lack of pictures to show you, I still love my Frock. I still feel like a princess & am so happy that I have it here with me in Melb so I can sneak a peak at it whenever I choose! I took our goddaughter to the Bridal expo last Sunday (she'd slept over after Wicked). If you'd told me 10 or even 5 years ago, that I'd be going to a bridal expo I would have burst out laughing!! Who would have thunk. To be honest, it was pretty average. Although I probably already have a lot of the services they were showing. The fashion show was the only thing that saved it from being a complete waste of money. Better yet, I wouldn't trade my gown for anything I saw on the catwalk & I really enjoyed the show (Except for the loud mouth wench sitting next to me, thankfully she left halfway through).

5. I have finished Eclipse & have started on Breaking Dawn. I've skipped Yoga & been to the gym last Friday, this Monday & Tuesday as well as last nights step class, just so I could read my book! I can read while doing a 30 minute power walk & a 20 minute cycle! I cannot read at Yoga. And I feel way to guilty just sitting down & reading at home when there are dishes washing etc competing for my attention! I am really enjoying the story!

6. My Cat. Rosy. She's been spending more time in the office with me during the day since it has gotten colder. I couldn't resist taking a snap of her the other day with her little paw over her little face! As Tessa say, Awwwww Cutieeeeeeeeeee.

7. I did not get plumbing boys cold. I think I am safely out of danger now as even he has stopped coughing. I am healthy & getting fitter. Although my knee was really saw after my run on Saturday. I could hardly do stairs by the end of the day & actually took some pain killers mid Wicked, as I couldn't sit comfortably. When I woke up on Sunday the pain was gone & I was fine. I am even more grateful for my health after hearing about a good friend of ours who was so sick recently he ended up in hospital & thought it was the end of the road for him, telling his wife goodbye & the location of his will. He's only just 40. They really don't know what is going on with him. He is better than he was, but still not 100% & still very concerned about his overall health. When you are young, you take your health so much for granted. Well I did. I am so very very thankful for my own good health.

8. I made banana muffins yesterday morning. The plumbers seem to like them! The one who does not "like cake" ate 3 yesterday, & the new guy ate 3 in his first sitting saying they were "bewdiful"! I don't know how many he ate for afternoon tea! I like baking, just not eating it all! Well, I'd be happy to have just a little bit, but with only 2 of us............... Might have to bake once a week now & force our plumbers to "eat up"! Some how I don't think it will be a problem.

OK. I'm feeling better now. Less narky. I think it will be safe for customers to call up. But if that fasteners order is stuffed up again............I'll be a cow with a gun.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Melbourne to Warrnambool (not express): posted last Monday, received NEXT day.

Warrnambool to Melbourne: posted this Monday, received ????? will let you know when or if, it arrives.

Still no photo's & I'm going a bit postal!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorry to Keep you Waiting.....

I have pictures, but not on my camera! Plumbing Boy decided he needed to take my camera away on his motor bike trip. He's been to the same location 5 or 6 times & has taken photo's before. He took 1 photo on the weekend. Boys.

Luckily my sis had her camera, same brand as mine; when I went to transfer the photo's to my PC, we found she has a different cable connection to me!! ARRGGGGGGG I sent her home with a memory stick which she will post to me. Eventually.

She went to Macca's funeral yesterday so she's probably been busy.

The dress still fits (WHOOT!!) - no alterations required. I can still lose a bit more weight if I want to without any problem :0)

It looks like our friend's unborn baby does NOT have a hole in its heart! They may have received the wrong results. Another specialist scan revealed NO PROBLEM AT ALL. They are going back to the first place for a repeat scan & have a scan booked with the other specialist in 4 weeks. Hopefully all is well, but it has been a very stressful time for them.

I've been flat out at work this week - my assistant is on annual leave.

I've started book 3 of the Twilight series. Yes Slyde - it is a girl thing. We all want a bad boy in our lives. You cant get much badder than a vampire. I've fallen for the werewolf though too.

Hope you are all keeping warm if you are in my part of the world.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


  • The man cold is subsiding. I'm still camped out in the spare room & still no signs of snot for me.

  • My sister is doing OK (thanks for asking SM). The funeral won't be til next week unfortunately. She was hoping to share some love & sorrow this week with the people who cared most for Jane & to gain some closure.

  • My Sis & niece are visiting with me this weekend. We will be shopping for Tess's flower girl/bridesmaid get up! Tess is very excited & is bringing her sparkly silver shoes.

  • Sis is bringing my frock with her. I may give you a sneak peak next week :0)

  • Weigh in saw a 1kg loss this week. I have finally broken the 60kg/132lb barrier this week & weighed in at 59kgs/129.80lbs. Woot!

  • Plumbing boy is off motorbike riding with his best mate for the weekend, so it will be a girly weekend here. We are going to visit his best mate's wife & kids on Sunday - his girls & Tess are friends. His son however wants to know why I cant bring a boy with me (for him to play with). I don't think it wise to borrow one off the street.

  • Speaking of kids - I received a prank call yesterday. It went like this. Whooooooooooooo. I'm a Ghost. Clunk. Little girl, possibly 7 or 8 years. I was waiting for her to ring back & try again. I was planning on screaming!

  • I've finished Twilight & have started New Moon (loving it Miss Milo!).

Monday, June 1, 2009


After my shitty work week last week, a few things have happened since that have put my woes into perspective.

A friend who lost her Mum last year after a long illness, is now nursing her Dad at home, he is gravely ill with no treatment available to him that will not end his life.

Friends who are pregnant have just found out their baby has a hole in its heart. Things should be OK, but the baby may have to have keyhole surgery after birth & it is a very stressful time for them.

A friend of my sisters was found dead from a heroin overdose on Saturday morning. They were as close as you can be to someone coping with depression & other such illnesses who regularly dropped out of society, severing all contact with family & friends. She'd recently been back in contact, was working & seemed to be well. She was a gentle & kind soul, despite her self destructive behaviour. As my sis said "Bloody Macca, she was such a gorgeous beautiful girl, but such a fuck up". Bloody Macca.

My complaints are insignificant.

RIP Macca
May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.
And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.