Friday, May 29, 2009

Work, Smirk

So. Work got much worse before it got better. Can't remember if I've blogged much about working in a male dominated work place before, so if I have, you'll have to excuse or indulge, because I'm about to.

I am 2IC to 7 blokes, ranging in age from 19 (2nd year apprentice) to 57; & one lady (my office assistant, 50 yrs) . Apart from the fact that I am a chick, I don't have a plumbing qualification. Worse at times, I am younger than most of them. It doesn't help that I look younger as well. If I looked like a Matriarch or an old bag, perhaps it would be easier.

When ever I induct a new staff member, I actually tell them how old I am, & how long I've been working in my job (15+ years) in hope that they actually listen & hopefully believe that I have a clue about what I am doing. Plumbing Boy does explain at interview stage that they require the ability to take instruction from the girls in the office & in particular, that his partner is one of those girls.

There is always a point, usually between 6 & 8 weeks in, that they hit the wall & realise that we are dead serious. Usually a bit of argy bargy occurs while the new staff member tries to work his way around taking instruction from me, after all, what would I know........

I don't give instructions on things I don't know about or understand; usually they are just procedural things & of course most people by nature want to do things the way they want to, not how they are asked to. That said, we are always open to suggestion & if there is a better way to do something, we are all for it. But we don't change practices or procedures just "because".

Anyhoo. I don't like to blog too much about work, in case someone reading knows our workplace & our staff. Since I've not figured out how to do a private/protected post, please excuse me if I've offended, it is not my intention. Sometimes I just need to share. The above is (mostly) factual; not how I personally feel. Although, I could have it wrong & be completely up myself, or slightly delusional.

The above may or may not have contributed to one of our staff members possibly losing his shit (temper). Not actually at me, but at me, plumbing boy & anyone else within a 100km radius I think. Another staff member may have stood up to him in effort to diffuse the situation & they may both have stormed out into the yard. I may have thought punches were about to be thrown. As there may have enough other male staff to break it up, I may have stayed in the office (yes, I may have been a teensy bit scared). Plumbing Boy may have been out on job, missing the whole thing.

While it may not have come to fistacuffs, things may have been pretty tense & it may have taken me a couple of hours to stop feeling on edge. I may have had extra coffee afterwards which may not have helped, & may have contributed to heart burn for the rest of the day. Plumbing Boy may have had a chat (meeting) with possible temper loser, who may have apologised to both me & the other staff member.

Temper losing is a rare occurrence in my office; while I know they have been lost "on the job" it is very unusual for it to happen in the office. We are generally a pretty happy go lucky bunch & more often that not up for a laugh, than arguement.

While the situation may have freaked me out a bit, I am much better at dealing with conflict than I was one year ago, 5 years ago (& 10 years ago when I was a useless GIT!) - not that I've had to practice it that much, but it does come easier with age I spose & practice in dealing with all different types of personalities.

Asides from lack of staff today (1 x trade school, 1 x sick, 1 x training course, 1 x personal leave & plumbing boy has lost his voice, he should be in bed but has gone off to an emergency job that apparently only he can fix) things are back to normal.

Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it. Hope you all have a marvellous weekend where ever you are. Me - I'm looking forward to a VERY VERY quiet one at home, with my open fire, my cat, plenty of DVD's & my new book (Yes Miss Milo, I have the whole series); less so poor Mr sniffles who is still snoring very loudly. Hopefully he will stay in bed tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Short N Sweet

1. I finally finished Shantaram! It's been on my list of books to read since at least January 16th 2008. What a mammoth effort. I've been reading it for a year, but have read many other books along the way. Well worth a read, first half I found quite slow, but the second half I read at a more respectable pace. Now I am ready to read the Twilight series! Yippeeeee.

2. We have a man cold in the house. Slept in the spare room last night. Rosy bailed our bed well before I did. The snoring was thunderous. He's a bit better today, just snotty.

3. Weigh in - no change. I have maintained for the month of May. All in all not such a bad thing, but I am still aiming to loose at least 1 more KG! Time to pull my finger out.

4. Work was a disaster today. Everyone had a shitty day where things went wrong. How do YOU deal when your staff take it out on you??? A couple even went as far to blame the "tooling" when things didn't turn out as hoped, regardless the fact that what they blamed the tool for is engineeringly impossible. I hope tomorrow is better.

5. I missed Gym tonight because I've only just finished work & missed both cardiobox & pump. I've been at my desk for just over 12 hours. I am going home to feed the sicky now. No he doesn't have swine flu.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 3 Goals

Goals: Week 3 Winter Warm Up/Week 8 Personal

This week will be tough for exercise due to social commitments. Will try to up the incidental & focus on nutrition.

# Free day Saturday
# Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week.
# 5 AFD’s & put $50-00 in the Jar.

#Yoga: Tuesday
# Cardio Box class followed by Abs Class: Wednesday night
# Walk: increase incidental walking – walk from car to footy & back Friday night; try to go for a walk Saturday with Mum.

Well, I didn't go to Cardio Box or Abs class last night. We had a BBQ for our foreman's birthday. While the guys left at 5.30 meaning I technically could have made the class, I had 3 light beers with them so didn't think it was really a good plan. The BBQ went well & everyone was talking (usually it's a bit one sided - couple of talkers who like an audience) so felt it the right thing to stay & join in. On the upside, I did then go & vac, mop, tidy, fold, iron & file (washing) in preparation for my weekend visitors.

Feeling all house proud which is a good thing.

I also did a killer abs work out while watching telly before bed, so all is not lost.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I woke up singing the Beastie Boy's tune Sabotage in my head this morning. Which isn't too far from the truth as far as this week goes in challenge land. I am on the cusp of achieving that next milestone (have been for 3 weeks now) & this week I've made no real attempt either food or exercise wise to get there.

Maybe I'm pushing the boundary to seek how far I can go & remain where I am. Who knows. I'm feeling slacky McSlacky that's for sure. I've been really tired too, & I'm not sure if that is true or not, if you know what I mean. It's easy to get out of exercising if you tell yourself you are really tired. It's easy to eat what ever, if you tell yourself you are too tired to do better.

Friday night we went to the Crusty Demons. Oh My. It was truly amazing. 10 bikes at once all flying through the air, backwards flipping, doing hand stands on the seats & all sorts of other tricks. WOW. There was so much to see that I didn't really know where to look. I could actually watch it again several times over. We took Plumbing Boy's nephew (17 y/o) with us (belated birthday present), he loved it too & the music was right up his alley.

Of course after getting home at midnight, when Saturday morning rolled around I just could not psych myself out of bed for Yoga. If the phone (work) hadn't woken me up several times I really could have stayed in bed all day.

Sunday morning however I managed an early start to met up with Miss Milo, Cinders & Ash for a walk around the Tan followed by breaky & a wander through the Southbank Market. I'd not done the Tan walk before, it was really good to be out of the gym & in the fresh air. Thanks Ladies! Looking forward to doing it again!

Monday night I thought about going to the gym, but stayed in instead, last night I was supposed to go to Yoga, but used work as an excuse. I did stay at my desk until 7.15pm & got a fair bit done, but I am sure Yoga would have made me feel better.

I also ate pasta for lunch & dinner yesterday. What was that about???? Was it my mind or body craving the Carbs??? Lunch was left overs from last week - I guess I would have thrown them out had I not eaten them. Dinner - I actually made a bit of a chicken bake on Monday night specifically for Tuesday or Wednesday night figuring I'd be home late. Was not interested at all in eating it last night & grabbed a (home made) pasta sauce out of the freezer instead.

All week I've been hungry/wanting to eat & eating MORE than in previous weeks, mainly at night (& no, it's not PMS) - could it be boredom i.e. lack of GYM??. That said, I just tallied my points, excluding the free day my average was 20.79 per day which really isn't that bad as I have maintained, but I don't want to maintain I want to lose!

Weigh in after week 2 winter warm up/week 7 personal
60kgs - no change

Week 2 Winter Warm Up/Week 7 Personal Goals
- How did I go?

# Free day Saturday – changed to Sunday
# Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week. 20.79
# 5 AFD’s & put $50-00 in the Jar. Yes

#Yoga: Tuesday & Saturday No
# Pump or Weights Session: Saturday No
# Cardio Box class followed by Abs Class: Wednesday night (my friend is teaching the classes!) Yes
# Step: Thursday Tready run, no Step instructor
# Walk/Run: Sunday - walk

Tonight we have a "sausage sizzle" for one of the guy's birthdays. Maybe I'll have enough restraint & motivation to still go to the Gym at 6pm. I'd imagine one of the guys will still be here when I am ready to leave: free food & free lite beer. Tomorrow night Jax is coming over as it is her brothers 21st party Saturday night & she's left the photo book til the last minute & wants my help. Friday night I am going to the footy with Dad. Weekend have the parents staying & possibly my sister & her partner (up for the 21st). Can't see much structured exercise happening. Then I'll be in recovery mode til mid next week. Sigh. Don't think I'll be getting much closer to that goal next week.

Anyhoo. It's all good. Looking forward to the party Saturday night. Just gotta figure out how to ditch the parents so I can party on with the younger ones. Afterall, it wont be too long before I'll be too old & boring...........

Friday, May 15, 2009

What's Crackin'

That's what my apprentice says to me most days. I usually reply "my knees". They don't really crack, daggy response though I know. Today the arches of my feet are just about cracking though!

I caught up with Kym (gym instructor, who I used to train with) & did her cardio box class followed by her abs class on Wednesday night. It was a bit of a circuit with boxing moves, but as well she had us run down the stairs, out the front door & into the car park for some suicides. I really felt my lack of fitness, while I kept up, it was bloody hard work.

Then last night, I decided at the last minute to get off my arse & go to Step, to find out there was no instructor. So one of the girls & I decided to play on the tready. I really didn't intend to run, but that competitive streak kicked in. When the other girl started jogging, so did I. No Ipod either. I struggle to run without my running music. I made it through 19 minutes on level 9, then cranked it up to 12 for a final 60 second sprint. My co-runner, was still jogging! She's a machine. I left her to it & came home. Today the arches of my feet are both quite sore. Luckily I have nothing planned for tonight training wise.

Instead, we are off to see the Crusty Demons as a work social club function. I'm not really that into bikes, but the show is apparently pretty spectacular.

I'm into week 7 of my personal challenge & have just signed up to the Winter Warmer Challenge with We are Slimming. At least you won't have to read all my boring food stuff after today as I can post it there!

Weigh in after week 6: 60kgs/132lbs - no change. Not surprising. I was kind of lax on the booze front & all over the place eating wise (days with too much & other days not enough). We had an early mothers day dinner Wednesday night as my parents were still in town & ended up having Chinese & shared, so no idea how many points.

Last weeks Goals:

# Free day Saturday Had it Wednesday instead
# Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week. average was 19.20
# 5 AFD’s & put $50-00 in the Jar. 3 days

#Yoga: Tuesday & Saturday Saturday only
# Pump or Weights Session: Monday or Wednesday
# Step: Thursday night Yes

Tuesday 12th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger coffee (1)
S: Vita Wheat (1.5)
L: Left over mashed potato with Napoli sauce (3); steamed cauli & broccoli; Apple (1)
S: Rice Crackers & tzaziki (2); pistachio’s (0.75)
D: Kantong Kanga stir-fry (3); soy & chilli (1)
TOTAL: 16.50

Monday 11th
B: Porridge with ½ Banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger Coffee (1)
L: 2 min noodles (2.5); Apple (1)
S: Pistachio nuts (1.75)
D: Home made meat balls (3) with Napoli sauce (1.5) & steamed cauli & broccoli; left over roast pumpkin mashed with ricotta (.5)
TOTAL: 14.50

Sunday 10th
B: Plunger Coffee (1); Toast, bacon, poached egg, tomato, mushrooms (4)
L: Muffin (6); Apple (1)
S: Soup (.25) Rice Crackers with sour cream (2)
D: Left over pasta with chicken & rocket (6); Wine (2)
TOTAL: 22.25

Saturday 9th
B: Toast with Jam (4); Plunger Coffee (1)
L: APTE: Pide toasty with roasted pumpkin, goats cheese, rocket & olive tapenade (didn’t eat the lid with the olive tapenade) (5??); Skinny Latte (1.5)
D: Home made pasta with bacon, garlic, olives, spinach, mushrooms (6); wine (6)
TOTAL: 23.50

Friday 8th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger Coffee (2)
S: Vita Wheat (.75)
L: 2 minute noodles with mushrooms & tomato (3.5); Apple (1)
D: Chicken Kebab (12); Wine (4)
TOTAL: 26.50

Thursday 7th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger Coffee (1)
S: Vita Wheat (.75)
L: Chicken skewer with spinach/rocket, S.C.& chili in mountain bread (5)
D: Don’t ask. 1 Apple, ½ tub yogurt (2)

Wednesday 6th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger Coffee (1)
S: Vita Wheats (1.5); tea
L: Tuna & salad wrap (3); Apple (1)
S: Milo (1)
D: Italian restaurant has closed down!!! We ended up at Dumpling King & shared. No way to point it out. 1 steamed shanghai dumpling, 1 steamed pork dumpling, 1 deep fried veggie spring roll; 1.5 peaking duck pancake; shared between 5 – garlic spinach, dry fried salted squid, Singapore noodles, pepper beef sizzle plate, steamed rice; 200mls red wine.
TOTAL: No Idea.

Goals: Week 2 Winter Warm Up/Week 7 Personal

# Free day Saturday
# Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week.
# 5 AFD’s & put $50-00 in the Jar.

#Yoga: Tuesday & Saturday
# Pump or Weights Session: Saturday
# Cardio Box class followed by Abs Class: Wednesday night (my friend is teaching the classes!) Done already
# Step: Thursday No Instructor, 20 minute run done
# Walk/Run: Sunday

Sorry for such a long post, been busy at work this week & no time to post.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Purple Boots

My radio streaming worked today. That makes me happy! Friday mornings I like to listen to 3RRR, on the blower with Bigsy. It's talk back public radio style. It's pretty much uncensored & I love Bigsy's sense of humor. Friday is about the only day I get to listen to the radio properly. Mondays are too busy, Tues - Thurs I have my office assistant who talks A LOT.

But Fridays I'm usually on my own & manage to listen to quite a bit of the program in between answering calls. Last week my streaming broke. Then I tried an old fashioned regular radio - that wouldn't pick up the signal at all! Grumpy? Much!
Today it was all systems go, except that Bigsy was on holidays. The Tony's did a fine job filling in though.

Has anyone else found that people are not happy with your weight regardless? Like when you stack on a few kgs, your Mum points it out. Yet when you loose it again & are still in the upper to mid section of the healthy weight for your height, she says you're a bit thin. 2 people recently advised me against loosing any more weight, yet they are both 2 or so inches taller than me & 2 & 3kgs respectively lighter than me. Hello. And I'm related to one of them.

I love my new purple boots!!! They are flat & super comfy & I can fit tights & socks inside them. And I can RUN to the phone when I am out in the yard (despite the no running policy!). Plus they are purple. They rock.

And I've just discovered Plumbing Boy has left MY camera on his desk so now I can show them to you!!

Spunky new purple bootses


I didn't take any before or after photo's of my first 12 week challenge, nor for the one I am currently doing. Since I've got the camera, I thought I'd take a pic & compare it with a couple from last year. The first one is in June 2008. No idea what I weighed, probably around 64-65Kg/141-143lbs

The next was in November 2008 - you can clearly see I've put on weight in my face. I was probably 68kgs/150lbs

And today at 60kgs/132lbs - I've been able to see it in my body, but until I looked at the photo's, I'd not really noticed it in my face.

And my hair has finally grown back! Just tell me to shut up.

Welcome Back Mr Ling & Mr Harley. Hope the side does you proud this week. Go Cats!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad Food

One thing that really annoys me, is paying for bad food. It's been even more annoying I spose since I've committed to these challenges, as eating out can be a minefield for those watching their lard intake. When you finally choose something & it comes out substandard, not only have you done your dough, you've done your "points" so to speak.

As someone who likes to cook & is a reasonable cook, paying for something I can make better myself at home is also a pet hate. Parma's, Pasta, Steak are all things that food establishments serve that are sometimes just woeful. Perhaps this means I need to pay more for a meal &/or eat in a better "classed" eatery.

On Saturday night I ended up choosing the burger. The birthday girl had been to the venue before & had had a parma. It wasn't that great. Oh Dear. If the kitchen can't do a decent parma, what hope did we have. My burger came out charcoaled. It was completely burnt on the outside, maybe 3 - 4mm of charcoal. I could have broken bits off & cleaned my teeth with them.

It wasn't just mine either, another girls was just as burnt. Birthday girl had the Calamari salad (who by the way beat me to the 60kg mark, weighing in at 59kgs on the night AND she's 2" taller than me) & it was pretty average. Plumbing boy however ordered the lamb back straps & said they were great.

I ate my salad & a bit of the bread & a couple of chips so I didn't get too off my face (we were drinking champers). I guess that means the Kebab at 3am wasn't so bad. It was a damn sight better than my real dinner.

I didn't send my burger back as such - the wait staff were pretty shite & after seeing the rest of the meals I felt it was pointless. When they cleared my plate I asked them to show my burger to the chef & ask if they'd eat it. I didn't want my money back, nor another meal. Just acknowledgement that it just wasn't good enough.

We had a good night out regardless & caught up with a few people we'd not seen for a while. I suppose the company is more important than the food. Food is just the fuel that keeps you going. I do rather enjoy my fuel though :0)

Sunday's lunch was much better - Vietnamese in Box Hill. Fresh, tasty, a combination of lean & lardy. Fabulous. While I could have declined the ice cream birthday cake on offer for desert, I didn't. And it was great!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One to Go

OMG. I weighed in this morning at 60kgs. My goal in this challenge was to get under 60kgs. I'm just about there. Holey Moley! I got off & on the scales 6 times thinking it was wrong, wrong, wrong as I'd had lack of exercise & excess food this week. My body must be in shock. My head is in shock!

Weigh in after week 5 (6/5/09) 60kgs
Loss 1kg/2.2 pounds
Lost this Challenge 2.5kgs/5.5 pounds
Lost since January 8.5kgs/18.70 pounds

Here was last weeks goals:

Week 5 Goals:
# Free day Saturday - Yes - kind of went from 7pm Saturday til 3pm Sunday.
# Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week.
18.30 average over 5 days. Ended up with 2 days where points were not tallied as it was too hard.
# No entree Friday night Done

# 4 AFD’s & put $40-00 in the Jar. Done

#Yoga: Tuesday & Saturday Done
#Pump or Weights Session: At home, um sometime??
#Treadmill: at least try for Monday nightNothing

Tuesday 5th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger coffee (1)
S: Vita Wheat (1.5)
L: Tuna & salad Wrap (3); Apple (1)
S: Milo (1)
D: Home made burger on rocket, spinach, tomato, pickled cucumber, beetroot, onions & chili sauce (5)
TOTAL: 15.75

Monday 4th
B: Porridge with honey & yogurt (3.75); plunger Coffee (1)
S: Muesli Bar (1.5)
L: Left Overs – mouthful of kebab, roast beef, ½ potato, piece of sweet potato (5); Apple (1)
D: Steak n salad (6.25)
TOTAL: 18.50

Sunday 3rd
B: ½ Skinny Latte (.5)
L: Vietnamese: - tom yum soup, 1 veg spring roll, Singapore noodles, fried rice, satay chicken, salt & pepper squid, chili & lemongrass chicken; Ice cream Cake.
D: Tomato based pasta (7)
TOTAL: No Idea

Saturday 2nd
B: Orange Juice (1)
L: 2 x Salmon Sushi Rolls (12); Skinny Latte (1)
D: Hamburger, less the pattie, ¼ of 1 ½ of the bun & 5 chips (6.5); G & T numerous; Champers ½ bottle
Midnight Snack: Chicken Kebab on way home – ate 2/3rds
TOTAL: No Idea

Friday 1st
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger Coffee (2)
S: Vita Wheat (.75)
L: Warming Salad Wrap (2); Apple (1)
D: Pizza (10); Red Wine (2)

Mum & Dad showed up Sunday arvo & are going home tomorrow, so I've had even less opportunity to exercise. Although that said, Mum came to yoga with me last night which was good. Monday Mum & Dad headed into the city for a wander & a shop catching the train both ways, Yesterday they hung about here & went to a movie in the arvo. Dad helped me out in the office & helped out a bit in the yard.

Mumsy vacuumed, mopped & dusted my house!! Yay for Mumsy! She also did all my ironing on Sunday arvo/night while I prepared dinner & folded the rest of the washing & put it away. I don't have an outside clothes line you see, it is in my spare room, so when I have guests, I need to be on top of my washing. Due to such a busy weekend, I had a mound of clean stuff - but at least they could get to their bed!

Mum & Dad have headed off to the caravan & camping show today (they've been caravaning for the past 5 weeks on their annual holiday). Tonight we are having an early Mothers Day dinner for Mum & Plumbing Boys Mum - we are all going out for Italian.

Must remember to get flowers...........................