Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I just waved off 3 of our plumbers. We are starting a job that's a good hour away (Hallam for you Melbournites). The van is completely chockers - they had trouble fitting all the lunch boxes in. Plumbing boy is 6ft 2", the new guy must be at least 6ft 5" & our apprentice is around 6ft, as he was the skinniest, he got the middle seat. You should have seen them, shoulder to shoulder, looking like sardines in a tin! I got the giggles. Poor possums.

#Weigh in after week 4 29/4/09 61kgs
Lost this week 1kgs/2.2lbs
Very happy about that, although I am sure it wont stay there for long.

We are going out for dinner on Saturday night for a friends (T) birthday. She has also been on a bit of a get fit/loose lard campaign. Game on. We are having a bit of a race to get to 60kgs. She got there, but went away for Easter & put on 2kgs. I am certain she'll have got back down already, but it's been a bit of a fun motivator.

We are also going out for dinner on Friday night to Lygon St with our accountant after a meeting with him. His office is IN Lygon St. A dangerous weekend of eating ahead me thinks. Oh well. That's life really! I am DEFINITELY having Pizza Friday night. Saturday night is Pub Grub. Already checked out the menu. Hopefully there will be something else on the specials board, as nothing is really floating my boat.

It is my cousin Jax's big brothers birthday also on Sunday (I've got 3 in 1 day - cuz, his mum & my mate T). He will be 21! His party is in a couple of weeks, but we hope to catch up with him Saturday night also as we will be out & about in the hip n happenin' Fitzroy. Normally we'd be home in front of the fire in our slippers, so gotta make the most of these outings!

Tuesday 28th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger coffee (1)
S: Muesli Bar (1.5)
L: Left over corn, zucchini with tuna in a mountain bread wrap with chili & S.C. (3); Apple (1)
D: Tomato based pasta with rocket & Parmesan (4)
TOTAL: 13.75

Monday 27th
B: Porridge with ½ banana & yogurt (3.25); plunger Coffee (1)
L: Left over baked spud, pumpkin, sweet potato on rocket with ricotta & chili (4): Apple (1)
D: 1/3 rib eye steak with steamed broccoli, sweet corn, grilled zucchini, pumpkin mash with ricotta (6)
TOTAL: 15.25

Week 4 Goals:
#Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week. Average
16.75 excluding Friday, 19.62 including Friday – excludes Saturday free day.
# Choose wisely when out for dinner Friday night – aim for no more than 25 points??
34 points – should not have eaten the red rocks!
#Saturday will have to be a free day Done
# 5 AFD’s & put $40-00 in the Jar. No - 4 days. Finished the bottle on Sunday night - didn't want the beautiful wine I'd bought to spoil.

#Yoga: Tuesday (can’t go Saturday due to cooking class) Yes
# Pump: Wednesday & Monday
Wednesday & big abs work out while watching the biggest loser finale Monday night. Well done Bob! What a legend!
# Step: Thursday Yes
#Treadmill & Weights Sunday
No weights Sunday – did tready, bike & abs

# Repaint Toe nails -
Not Yet
# Birthday present for Shannon & Tez –
looked but not purchased. Nothing at DFO & couldn’t be shagged going to Knifepoint on Sunday. Will go on Saturday. I know what I am getting so should be easy peasy.
# Wedding Shoe Shopping Sunday
unless I am going to wear my new purple boots or black suede converse shoes (care of DFO), didn’t do too well in that department!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cooking School

Cooking school was fun. Most of it was pretty basic, but I did learn a couple of things. Firstly, that veal is great for meatballs & secondly, an easier way to make pasta!

There were 8 people in the class - a father & daughter; sisters from Perth over for a week; three friends who'd given each other the class as 40th presents' & moi. Everyone had a prep job to start with - dicing onions, chopping parsley etc (I got to wilt spinach in a fry pan), then our instructor (Silvana) put together the meat balls & we each got to roll a couple to feel the consistency of the mixture. Silvana's family is from the south of Italy & today's menu was "A Southern Banquet".

Silvana then showed us a ricotta version of the meat balls, but we didn't roll any out; made up the spinach & ricotta mix for the ravioli & the sweet ricotta mixture for the canolli. We all got to taste each mixture.

Following this we watched Silvana put together a Napoli sauce. I make mine the same way - I was taught by an old house mate who was kitchen hand for an italian chef for a couple of years, who'd taught him. Good to know I was taught an authentic way!

Silvana mixed up the dough for the canolli shells, then we each got to run the dough through the pasta machine & cut the dough into squares, wrap them around the canolli tubes & fry them up.

After this we ate our meatballs! Silvana had simmered them in the napoli sauce for 20 minutes. They were silky & soft & delicious! I'd not cooked with veal before. I actually gave up eating veal when I was 7, as I'd figured out where all our baby calves really went on Mr Carrol's truck!

Next Silvana put together the pasta dough (flour & egg) & we each had a go at kneading the dough through the machine & then passing it through on each setting until we had a thin piece of pasta, onto which we spooned the spinach & ricotta mix, folded over the dough & shaped our ravioli's.

I was given a pasta machine a few years ago & have only attempted to make pasta once. The recipe called for the dough to be kneaded for a long time & then rested in the fridge before passing through the machine (as it was cold it was really stiff & hard to pass through). I found it very hard on my hands/wrists & haven't bothered with it again.

Silvana barely kneaded the dough at all! As soon as it was together, she pulled off a suitable sized chunk & used the pasta machine to knead the dough, folding it over & running it through on the coarsest setting a dozen times or so, until you could see the consistency had become smooth & no flour evident. What a revelation. It really was easy! I am grateful for that instruction & will be making my own pasta more frequently now!!!

Finally we piped our ricotta mix into the canolli shells while Silvana cooked up our ravioli's. We all sat down together around the table, cracked the 2nd bottle of wine & sampled our raviolli & canolli. Delicious. Like I said, the class was quite basic, but if you've never made pasta before, or made it & found it a chore, the hands on practical advice was invaluable. The schools website is here.

Friday night - completely blew my points. I had a beer & a wine before the film, which in itself is not bad, but then I ate a whole bag Red Rock Sweet Chili chips while watching the movie!!!! BAH! Neither of the films I wanted to see where showing so ended up at Race to Witch Mountain & enjoyed it.

By Saturday, the DOM's in my arms had set in from Wednesday nights Pump class. By the end of the night I could barely lift my wine glass, which probably is not such a bad thing :0) Pretty much recovered Sunday morning so managed an early morning session at the gym.

Sunday 26th
B: Bacon, Muffin, tomato, spinach, poached egg (5.5)
S: Skinny Latte (1); Apple (1)
L: Pumpkin Snoop with S.C. (1); Apple (1)
D: Tomato based Pasta with rocket (7); Wine (2.5)
Gym: 40 minute power walk tready; 20 minute cycle; abs work out; 5 push ups on toes!

Saturday 25th
B: Porridge with honey & yoghurt (3.5)
L: Italian Feast: 2 small veal meat balls with Napoli sauce, 6 X spinach & ricotta ravioli, 1 x chocolate canolli filled with ricotta & orange; red wine (2)
S: rice crackers with S.C & Chilli (2)
D: Left over mash (1); steamed broccoli; left over baked pumpkin; red wine (4.5)
TOTAL: No Idea

Friday 24th
B: Porridge with honey & yoghurt (3.5); plunger coffee (2)
S: tea
L: Pumpkin Snoop with S.C (1); vita wheat (.75); Apple (1)
S: Beer (1.5); Wine (1); Red Rock Chips (no idea – 10???)
D: Pepper Steak Burger (less the bread) with Chips (12); red wine (2)

Friday, April 24, 2009

No Stairs Please!

Went to Body Pump Wednesday night. Sore little leggies yesterday. I decided to follow it up with a Body Step class last night - the old keep moving chestnut. As my apprentice would say, today they are "Kaning". I can barely get down my stairs - have to go down sideways! And quads doth protest every time I get up from my desk! Twas fun though & I really got into it.

Week 4 Goals:
I have a couple of food challenges this week. Friday night we have a work social club function involving dinner & a comedy festival show. #Edit, the comedien we were seeing has cancelled her show. Now we are doing movies & dinner instead. Woverine. Bring it on! Saturday I am using a voucher I was given for my birthday last year for a cooking class (Italian) from 10am – 2pm, after which we all sit down together & eat what we’ve prepared.

#Maintain 18 WW points per day for rest of the week.
# Choose wisely when out for dinner Friday night – aim for no more than 25 points??
#Saturday will have to be a free day
# 5 AFD’s & put $40-00 in the Jar.

#Yoga: Tuesday (can’t go Saturday due to cooking class)
# Pump: Wednesday & Monday
# Step: Thursday
#Treadmill & Weights Sunday

# Repaint Toenails
# Birthday presents for Shannon & Tez
# Wedding Shoe Shopping Sunday

Thursday 23rd
B: Porridge with honey & yogurt (3.5); plunger coffee (2)
S: Chocolate (1.25)
L: Chicken skewer with rocket, tzaziki & chili in mountain bread (5.5)
D: Salmon on rocket, steamed carrot & brocolini with balsamic; steamed corn (7)
TOTAL: 19.25
Body Step

Wednesday 22nd
B: Porridge with honey & yogurt (3.5); plunger coffee (1)
S: Muesli Bar (1.5); tea
L: Pumpkin Snoop with S.C. (1); Rice Crackers with SC/Chili (2); Apple (1)
S: Milo (1)
D: Home made beef burger (3.5) on a bed of spinach & rocket, tomato, pickled cucumbers with chili sauce & mayo (2)
TOTAL: 16.50

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weigh in Week 3, Challenge 2

Start Weight: 63kgs
#Weigh in after week 3 (22/4/09) = 62kgs

Loss this week .5kg
Overall Loss this challenge 1kg/2.2lbs

So that is 1kg lost over 3 weeks. A bit slower than Challenge 1, but it's all good.

Last Weeks Goals

Week 3 Goals:
# Maintain 20 WW points per day for rest of the week. even with 2 nights out for dinner, my average was 19.85 Woot!
# Choose wisely when out for dinner Saturday night Yep

# 6 AFD’s & put $40-00 in the Jar. 5 AFD's - forgot I wasn't supposed to have a drink Friday & had some Red Wine.

#Yoga: Tuesday & Saturday Yes
# Pump: Wednesday & Monday Neither!

# Step: Thursday Yes
#Treadmill Sunday
No - felt like crap all day Sunday - tired & headachey.

# Keep looking for a new wedding venue! Haha did keep looking, but ended up being able to retain the original one.

Not to bad overall. Mondays are a busy for me. I'd say the general public save up all their mundane questions & non urgent plumbing requests over the weekend & call up Monday. As I am on my own in the office I don't get much "real" work done, other than answering the phone & dispatching jobs to plumbers, hence tending to work back to get my "real" work done. At the moment, that is how it will stay. I think I will look into doing a pump class on Sundays. There are plenty around, just need to find one with an instructor that I actually like!

Tuesday 21st
B: Porridge with honey (3.5); plunger coffee (2)
S: Vita Wheats (.75)
L: Pumpkin Soup with S.C. (1); Vita Wheat (.75); Left over roast beef 1 slice with horse radish (1); Apple (1)
S: Milo (1)
D: Tomato based pasta with rocket & Parmesan (8); Apple (1)

Monday 20th
B: Porridge with honey (3.5) Coffee (.5)
S: Muesli Bar
S: Baked spud with tuna, slaw, s.c.& chili (3); Apple (1)
S: Rice Crackers with s.c. & chili (2)
D: Roast Beef with baked pumpkin, rocket, Spanish onion, balsamic & horseradish (7.5)
TOTAL: 18.50

Oh Noes - just heard on the radio we are without Cameron Ling for 4 weeks!!! Out injured. Hope you get better soon! Luv ya Cam!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feelin' Groovy................

***all wedding stuff ahead****

I took my finger off the emergency stop button yesterday arvo. The surf club called, we still have our wedding reception venue. The club are in negotiation with interested parties for the venues catering & should be settled within the next 4 weeks. They will be in contact then. If they cannot successfully negotiate a fixed caterer, we can still use the venue & bring in our own caterer. All is well.

I can go back to scouring Ebay for "decorations". I actually bought a couple of mags on the weekend. One was a complete waste of moulla, but the other one was very helpful. So far I think I've bought 5 mags, so that's not too bad me thinks. They really are a whole load of advertising shite with not much practical advice or idea's. WWW's been the most useful, but a little tricky to peruse from the bathtub or car/public transport.

According to my various check lists, this month I need to book our wedding night accommodation, find my shoes & accessories & book the music. We are in negotiations with a band at the moment, am waiting to hear back from them. They are a Blues Band with a horn section. It will be awesome if they will play, however I have a feeling they may be past doing wedding functions.

I might head into the city on Sunday for a bit of shoe shopping. I've looked on line, but as soon as you place "wedding" or "bridal" next to any item, the price seems to triple.

I am pretty sure I will book the accommodation on line this week. We've decided to stay in Port Fairy instead of Warrnambool. Port Fairy is a quaint ye olde type fishing village, population of 3,000 as opposed to Warrnambool population of 30,000+ Plus PF has better (& closer to the sea) views. I have my sister (Fi) looking for a bus/mini bus for the night to ferry our guests to & from the venue & back home.

Fi & her partner have offered to have anyone back to their place on the Sunday. We were looking at Lake Pertobe/Adventure Playground in Warrnambool as it is a lot of fun for kids & big kids alike, but we'd have to cart food & drinks etc, plus get up too early to get back there. Fi has a property just out of Warrnambool (not sure how many acres, but they have 1/2 a dozen paddocks). As people check out of their motels they can wander over, leaving us to sleep in & rock up when we are ready. I can organise the food & drinks prior & have them ready at her place.

Hope this is not too boring for you all! I am kind of thinking out loud here.

OK, back to the music. Hit me with your top 5 wedding songs OR top 5 songs that are never played at weddings, but you think should!!! I have been thinking a lot about how to fit in all my favourite music over the night! Somehow I don't think all my indie/hard rock stuff will go down too well, however I will have to have at least one set of MY music!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ready For This?

Tim Minchin Rocks Da House!!! We had the extreme pleasure of attending Tim Minchin's show "Ready For This?" as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tim is Funny, very very Clever & HOT!!!!! I mentioned to Plumbing Boy (PB), that if we weren't getting married, I'd be putting my hand up for Tim (although he is married & dedicates a tune at every show to his wife)! He trained as a classical pianist & plays a grand piano throughout the show. He also plays guitar, has fabulous vocals & does cool voice percussion stuff. Did I tell you he ROCKS??? Do yourselves a favour & go see him if you ever have the opportunity.

I witnessed 2 x funny kids recently. I ventured out to the bank on Thursday. Which bank, is in the local shopping centre & I have to park in the underground car park to avoid the parking inspector. As I was getting off the upscalator, a boy, maybe 10ish barrelled towards me & I kind of had to dodge him getting off. I thought to myself, bloody smart ass kid, he's going to run down the upscalator. Imagine my glee when I saw the sudden realisation on his face that he'd barrelled down the WRONG escalator & almost landed on his Ass as he was projected backwards! I giggled all the way to the bank & back to work.

The second amusing kid I saw was a little girl, maybe 5, in Sportsgirl on Friday night. She as holding hands with a Mannequin! I actually had to look twice. That kept me amused for a while too.

Speaking of mannequins, while purchasing fat cat food for my furball, I spied a black cat sitting in a display box on the counter of the pet food store. Thinking it was a toy cat, I patted it to see how real the fur was. It felt very real. Then I noticed it the rise & fall of the the chest. I reached out & stroked it again. No movement. Wow. That's a really life like pretend cat! I had to ask the shop assistant if it was indeed real! Yes it was. This time I was a little more forcefully with my interaction & while he lifted his head, so I could better position my hand, he still did not open his eyes & look at me. One relaxed cat!

Saturday night we went to the Chocolate Buddha in fed square for dinner after the show. While I had to estimate my points, it is easy to eat well with Japanese. I'd never been to Chocolate Buddha before, the food was brilliant! Fresh, tasty, lean.

Sunday night we had an impromptu dinner with PB's Mum. We took her out to an Italian restaurant we'd not tried before. It was fabulous. Really good authentic Italian. I almost had a main size main; PB said why don't go get the entree then you can have a taste of mine. Bless him. I thanked him on the way home in the car because I would have gone the main size AND I was ready to share a sticky date pudding had there been any takers! The entree was a perfect size, around 50g of pasta, which comfortably filled me.

My head space had been that I'd done no exercise for the day & I'd blow it anyway having Italian out, so may as well go the whole hog & eat as much as possible. Funny that all or nothing mentality. We were talking about the whole weight thing on Saturday night at dinner & as Janey said, it is a lifelong battle. You have to work at it all the time. Pretty much like everything at life I spose.

Here's the weekend's food....

Sunday 19th
B: Tomato on Toast (3.5) tea (.5)
L: Rice Crackers with sour cream (3); turkey (2); Apple (1)
D: Italian: 1 piece of bruscetta (5??) 1 Piece of crumbed eggplant (3??), entree serve of Linguini Marinara (8??).

Saturday 18th
B: Skinny Latte (1); Power Smoothie (3?); 2 egg omelet with tomato, mushroom, onion (2)
L: skinny latte (2); rice crackers with sour cream & chili (2)
S: Pot of Beer (1.5); Vodka Cruizer (3?)
D: Pot of beer (1.5) Japanese Beef noodle soup – only ate ¼ of the noodles & 2 pieces of beef (3.5); Goyoza x 1 (3??)
TOTAL: 22.5

Friday 17th
B: Porridge with honey & ½ banana (3.5); plunger coffee (1)
S:Vita Wheat (1.5); Coffee (.25)
L: Steamed dimmies with soy sauce (4); Apple (1)
D: Deconstructed chicken burger (put the chicken, lettuce, tomato, some of the mayo into a mountain bread wrap & chucked out the hamburger bun, cheese & rest of mayo) (5); red wine (3.5)
TOTAL: 19.75

Thursday 16th
B: Porridge with honey & ½ banana (3.5); plunger coffee (1)
S: Vita Wheats (1.5)
L: Chicken skewer with coleslaw & chilli in mountain bread (5.25)
S: Rice Crackers (1)
D: Grilled Lamb salad with rocket, tomato, mushroom, Spanish onion, balsamic (3)
TOTAL: 15.25
Body Step

Wednesday 15th
B: Plunger coffee x 2 (2); Banana (1)
S: Vita Wheats (1.5)
L: Pumpkin Snoop (2); Vita Wheats (1.5)
S: Milo (1)
D: Tomato based pasta (same as last night – but threw in some mushrooms & left over baked pumpkin) (8)

Wedding: thanks for all your comments RE last post & wedding venue. I'm waiting to hear back from the surf club who own the whole venue RE using it anyway & bringing in our own caterers. They also have another function room at the venue so we still may be able to use it. My sister in the meantime has thought of a few other places so I will probably go down to Warrnambool mothers day weekend & check them out if the Surf club does not come through for me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Change & Closure

#Weigh in after week 2 (15/4/09) 62.5kg (no change)

I thought I was going to record a gain this week. I guess this is because I weighed in at 61kgs on Friday morning!!! Dehydration perhaps???

#Keep Chocolate & Hot Crossed Buns & Butter(!) within points
didn't eat any hot crossed buns & have had 3 eggs/bunnies which were all within points.
# One Free Day
# Maintain 20 WW points per day for rest of the week. 19.87 average
# 4 AFD’s & put $40-00 in the Jar. Only had 3.
Too much booze this week. It has made me tired, I didn't sleep very well & felt well below average most of the weekend as a result. Wasted my own time.

#Yoga: Tuesday (studio is closed over Easter)
# Treadmill walk & Bike Saturday & Monday (Gym is closed Friday & Sunday)
Treadmill & Weights Saturday & Monday
# Walk Friday & Sunday 4 hours heavy house work on Friday, nothing Sunday.

Tuesday 14th
B: Porridge with honey & ½ banana (3); plunger coffee (.5)
S: Chocolate (2.5)
L: Coleslaw, chicken, pumpkin, potato, sour cream, chili (3.5)
S: Rice Crackers (1)
D: Tomato based pasta with Parmesan on rocket (8)
TOTAL: 18.75

Yesterday in the post I received a cheque for $500-, along with a letter which included the following:

"it is with great regret that I return your deposit for your wedding....
This decision has only just been made after extensive attempts at negotiating a reasonable rent & also attempts at selling the business. Neither of which were successful.
I wish you all the best.......
& hope this decision has not caused you too much unnecessary grief"

The venue we were having for our wedding reception has closed its doors! Thankfully this has happened now & not in another couple of months. At the moment I am not too stressed out & have already put the word out to a couple of family members down that way who are sussing out a couple of options.

As my sister said, her backyard is free. Worse case scenario, we hire a marquee & have it at her place. I hope this is an opportunity to find a BETTER venue! Considering the closing venue was booked out for October, November & December, there will be a lot of people in the same position as us, which I guess means competition.

Anyhoo. What will be will be.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Wilbur!

Isn't he lovely?? This is Wilbur. We set him up on Friday morning, then pumped through 6 loads of washing. Our old machine was directly onto the tiles, this time we put down a few concrete slabs to reduce the noise on the spin cycle. Wilbur is so quiet on the gentler cycles I didn't even hear the spin cycle, which on the old machine used to "shake the house".

Plumbing boy got creative then & decided to hang the dryer. It used to sit directly on top of the old machine. Of course I now need a step ladder to reach the socks out of the back of the dryer. He put it up so high so I can fit the washing basket in between. Bless.

To the right of the laundry is the loo. Can't remember if I've posted pictures of it before, but here is the outside of the door (yes, we take great pride in our plumbing!). Our friend painted it for us. Not sure if you can see the door handle, but it is the handle off a gate valve.

Continued with the miners cottage theme & have a stainless steel dunny.

& a pull chain cistern, that many people have trouble driving!

& a gas mask, just in case things get a bit toxic!!

Note the "eyeball" looking at you on the inside of the dunny door. Our friend has a sense of humour!

And a bit of art that hangs above the dunny door. Note the electrical cable, just hanging down. Some projects take a long time to finish.

Friday we spent cleaning & pottering after installing Wilbur. I mopped & vac'd upstairs & the entire office/lunchroom/showroom/toilets. Took me most of the afternoon.

Saturday: I went to the gym in the morning, then headed down to Geelong for lunch. My Grandma (93 y/o) has moved from a self contained 1 bedroom unit in a private aged care facility with NO nursing care, to a public nursing home with complete care. She still has her own room with an ensuite. We've managed to fit in a small chest of drawers & her recliner. Dad bought her a new flat screen TV as her old monster took up way too much space. While she was ready to move & wanted to, the transition has been difficult. She's having trouble remembering stuff & cant find anything. She keeps calling my aunt accusing her of stealing her shoes & her bucket. She told me that my Mum burnt all her documents!

My aunt, cousin Jax & I finished cleaning all her stuff out of the old unit (China, china cabinet, bedding, clothes, microwave & general stuff - Grandma is a hoarder). I took a ute load back & we filled Jax little hatchback to the brim. We spent a couple of hours visiting with Grandma & Jax I got to check out the facility. It is really light & airy, with lots of nooks, courtyards, a music room where they have sing a longs, TV watching area's, plus exercise & craft. It thought it was pretty good & a damn sight better than the nightmare I witnessed when I was last in a nursing home visiting my Dad's Dad.

Saturday night our neighbour put on an impromptu spit for his belated birthday, so that was fun & Saturday ended up being my free food day.

Sunday: I took the ute load of gear over to my Aunt's place for storage & a bit of a visit. Jax followed me home & stayed over - we made pizza, had a few drinks, watched TV & generally had a catch up.

Monday: attempted my first sleep in, the phone rang every 1/2 hour from 7am! No luck there. Plumbing boy had gone motorbike riding, so I just dozed til Jax woke up. We bummed around then Jax decided to wash her car, so I went the the gym for an hour. Quiet night in watching DVD's before a brilliant (but not long enough) nights sleep.

I went a little crazy on food & booze & am over on points at this stage, with little chance of catching up! Have done better on the exercise front.

Monday 13th
B: Rice Crackers (1)
L: Vita Wheat with turkey, sour cream & rocket (3) tea (.5)
S: Rice Crackers with sour cream & chili (2.5)
D: Roast Chicken with coleslaw, baked pumpkin & rocket (6.5)
TOTAL: 13.5
GYM: 30 minute power walk on tready; Lat pull downs, seated rows, bench presses; calf pumps - for ankles (3 set of each of 12); crunches 3 sets of 30.

Sunday 12th
B: Carrot Apple & Ginger Juice (1); Sm plunger coffee (.5)
L: Vita Wheat with roast beef & rocket (3.5)
S: Rice Crackers with sour cream & chili sauce (2)
D: Home Made Pizza (13); Vodka & Grapefruit (8); Cointreau & Soda (1)

Saturday 11th
B: Plunger Coffee (1.5); Fruit (1.5); Omelet – 1 egg, tomato, mushroom, onion, 1 toast (2.5)
L: Chicken Avo Lettuce & Mayo Sandwich (8)
D: 2 x small Lebanese rolls with spit meat (chicken, pork & beef); coleslaw; 6 pack G & T; 2 Vodka Cruisers
TOTAL Free Day
GYM: 30 minute power walk on tready; shoulder presses (up); chest presses; calf pumps - for ankles (3 sets of each of 12); crunches 3 sets of 30.
3 hours furniture/box moving

Friday 10th
B: Plunger Coffee (1.5); Bacon, poached egg, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, 1 toast (4.5)
L: Roast beef on Vita wheat (3.5)
D: Prawn Salad with rocket, tomato, mushroom, onion, chili, garlic, balsamic (3.5); ruby grapefruit & vodka (4); Red wine (5)
4 hours vigorous housework

Thursday 9th
B: Porridge with honey & ½ banana (3.5); plunger coffee (.5)
S: 1 x baby Lindt Bunny :0) (1.5)
L: Chicken skewer with spinach & rocket, lite sour cream & chili in mountain bread (6.5)
D: Roast Beef with baked pumpkin, rocket, spinach, Spanish onion, tomato, mushrooms, splash of balsamic; mustard (4.5); red wine (2)
TOTAL: 18.5

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm feeling very excited today. Not sure if it was the STRONGER coffee this morning; the prospect of a few sleep ins; the possibility of beating Collingwood tonight (sorry Cinders!) or that I'm just a bit kooky.

I've been bouncing about the office all day (my ankle is much better thank you!) & I've done my "Oooohhh the Easter Bunny's been" routine several times over. We have baby Lindt bunnies frolicking all over our counter in the office & the boy's all have bigger bunnies in their pigeon holes.

Of course my sister did remind me that I actually bought them & that the Easter Bunny does not exist. Then she went on to remind me that the tooth fairy & Santa aren't real either!!! She said she'd left her happy pants at home.

Anyhoo. Hope you all have a marvellous Easter regardless of how you celebrate it (now that I've shattered the bunny myth)!

Me - I just be liking the sleep ins!!!

Week 2 Goals:Food: #Keep Chocolate & Hot Crossed Buns & Butter(!) within points
# One Free Day
# Maintain 20 WW points per day for rest of the week.# 4 AFD’s & put $40-00 in the Jar.Exercise:#Yoga: Tuesday (studio is closed over Easter)
# Treadmill walk & Bike Saturday & Monday (Gym is closed Friday & Sunday)
# Walk Friday & Sunday

Wednesday 8th
B: Porridge with honey & ½ banana (3.5); plunger coffee (.5)
L: Pumpkin Soup with sour cream (3.5); rice crackers (1)
S: Easter Egg (2.5)
D: Small chicken schnitzel with tomato paste, cheese, rocket, splash of balsamic, Spanish onion & baked pumpkin (6.5)
TOTAL: 17.50

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Washing machine has arrived (in store)!!! Yippee. We will pick it up today or tomorrow.

Now our DVD player has croaked! It is only 5 months old. I hired DVD's a couple of weeks ago & it would not play all 3 over nighters, yet it would play the weeklies. I could play the over nighters on my computer, but I still thought it was the disc's not the player. Since then it doesn't recognise any disc I put in, ones I own & know that work. I called LG yesterday & within 1.5 hours, the courier had taken it away. I only hope it returns as quickly. Luckily my office assistant has a spare player at home we can borrow over the weekend. I don't think I could cope without a movie or 2!

My Cankle is looking more like an Ankle each day. It is still a little stiff & I doubt it will be OK for step tomorrow, but will go for a walk & cycle over the weekend.

Weigh In After Week 1: 62.5kg
Lost (.5)

Completely amazed at that considering the bad weekend & lack of exercise in the latter part of this week.

Week 1 Goals:
#choose wisely when out for dinner tonight & Saturday Lunch/Dinner/Sunday breaky (all weekend combined 40th birthday party). Wednesday night I made a poor choice. I really wanted Pizza, but as Plumbing Boy has also been deprived of Pizza of 12 weeks, I refrained & will cook it for both of us over Easter. I ended up with rice; should have gone the salmon. Saturday I didn't get much of a choice - the lunch was alternate plate drop. I could have NOT had 1 of the spring rolls as they were fried, but chose the fish over the lamb shanks for the main. Didn't have desert (too busy drinking). Dinner - again no choice. Pizza or Pizza. I had 2 slices. not bad considering I used to eat 4 or more! Breakfast choice was between an English muffin or pancakes. I went the muffin.

# Maintain 20 WW points per day for rest of the week. Done - even counting Wednesday night averaged at 20.75 points (Saturday is not included)

# Continue no Booze Sunday - Friday & put $50-00 in the Jar. Done

#Yoga: Tuesday & Home Yoga Saturday Missed Yoga last night due to ankle. instead of home yoga Saturday, went for a 15 minute run.
#Step: Thursday Done
#Pump: Monday NO
#Run: Friday?? Went on Saturday.

Food Tuesday 8th
B: Porridge with honey & ½ banana (3.5); plunger coffee (.5)
L: left over baked potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, steamed carrot, cabbage, broccolini with tin tuna & sour cream with chili (5)
S: Chocolate (.75)
D: Linguini with left over baked pumpkin, Spanish onion, beetroot; steamed broccolini, bacon, chili, garlic, extra virgin olive oil topped with Romano (8)
TOTAL: 17.75

Monday, April 6, 2009

These Boots were Made for Walking

Not playing Chasey. On uneven ground. In heeled boots. After an afternoon of drinking. Bah! Rolled my ankle.

This is my good Ankle...............

And this is my Cankle!!!

Have been following RICE & spent most of yesterday either laying in bed or in the floor in the lounge room. Today I have it up on a chair which has made typing a bit tricky & I'm gonna have to be careful not to sit all twisted! I am an idiot! I was so smashed I didn't realise I'd really hurt it until I got home & took off my boots. It had started to throb. Ooops. Bloody frustrating as I managed to go for a little run on Saturday morning & have done Step the past 2 weeks running. According to everything I've read, after the first 48 hours you are supposed to start using it. I'm just not sure they had Step aerobics in mind.

The 40th birthday party was a hoot. Husband & Wife had a combined party. A dinner at the Ranleagh Club in Mount Eliza, followed by drinks back at their house. I had to leave home at 9.30am in order to meet plumbing boy at friends place who we were going with as he was out working Saturday morning & ran out of time to come home first. Logistically he was closer to them so I met him there with his clothes. I was late as the phone kept ringing, then he had to shower, so we were running 1/2 hour late then. We swang by our friends place first as they had organised a party bus to & from the venue (we tried calling to let them know we were running late, but the had not answered their phones).

The birthday girl was only just out of the shower when we arrived, so no problem. Cracked the Champers then on the bus. The meals were fantastic; the speeches were hilarious & a marvellous time was had by all. The venue overlooked Port Philip Bay & the sun even came out mid afternoon so we could all go & mingle outside in the sunshine. Caught the party bus back to our friends place & continued to party on. Their kids (4.5 & 3) had been baby sat & were returned at 6pm for a couple of hours before they went home with their grandparents for a sleep over. Of course this was who I was playing Chasey with. I just got up & kept playing.

Made it back to our other friends place & were in bed by midnight. Originally we were staying at the party venue, but Plumbing Boy had to work on Sunday, so figured it was safer to NOT stay at the party house.

Challenge - don't think I will lose any weight this week after Saturday. And now I can't exercise.

I forgot to post about a couple of non scale victories last week. The lunch shop we go to on Thursdays usually gives us free potato cakes. I used to eat mine in the car on the way back when it was my turn to get the lunches. But I've managed to stop doing that. Usually they put the potato cakes in a separate bag, but this week they put one in the bag with my chicken burger!!! I was so tempted to eat it; BUT. I chucked it in the bin!!!!

Also I am doing my belt up a notch tighter (possibly 2 or 3 notches since I started the 1st challenge) and my BMI 23.5!!! top end of healthy weight! I was in the overweight category last month.

Sunday 6th
B: English muffin with spread & Vegemite (3.5)
S: Rice crackers with sour cream & chili sauce (3)
L: Noodle soup (5)
S: Chocolate (3); rice crackers (1)
D: Tomato Based pasta with Parmesan (8)
TOTAL: 23.5

no exercise.

Saturday 5th
B: Omelet on toast (3)
L: ½ baked salmon entree/1/2 duck spring roll entree; Baked Baramundi with steamed veg.
D: Pizza 2 slices
White wine & Champagne – far too much
TOTAL not counting!

20 minute run on tready

Friday 4th
B: Banana Smoothie (4); tea (.25)
S: Vita Wheats (1.5) Tea (.25)
L: Mountain Bread Wrap with Tuna & coleslaw with sour cream & chili (4)
S: Milo (1.25); rice crackers (1)
D: Pork with Soy & Chili, steamed veg (5); wine (3)
TOTAL: 20.25

no formal exercised - cleaned & vacuumed.

Friday, April 3, 2009

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

Well, it looks like my washing machine has. After its last break down, Plumbing Boy actually got a technician out to look at it, as he was time poor & this time it was an electrical fault. Apparently it has it's own element which heats the water. Funny how I've been asking him to fix the HOT tap in the laundry so I could do a warm wash IF I WANTED.

I've been doing them all along!! Until the element blew up that is. So I switched it to cold & have been using it ever since as the Tech had disconnected the element & given Plumbing Boy the heads up to change it over himself.
It had another incident last week. No spin. At. ALL.

Plumbing Boy pulled off the cover & some bolt thing which holds the drum in place has broked. You cannae just buy that bit. You need a whole new drive shaft. Yes, it is a front loader; despite the problems, I like it a lot more than the top loaders I've had; it is gentler on the clothes & uses less water. It was the first new machine I've ever had & is just shy of 5 years old (well out of its warranty period). 5 years is not bloody long enough for an appliance that cost $800-00 odd bucks to last.

I think I will have to get a better quality machine which no doubt means spending more. I've been doing a lot of research & at the moment am leaning towards the ASKO W6342 It looks expensive, but is on sale at DJ's for $260-00 less than the RR at the moment. I also called Clive Peeters (where we will probably get it from) who have it RR'd at $100-00 less than the ASKO RR at the moment, with an additional $100-00 bonus from the manufacturer. They also said there is room for movement. I am sure we can get it for at least what DJ's are advertising.

I need something heavy duty. Plumbing Boy's work clothes are heavy duty (muddy greasy overalls) & I do all the work towels, car seat covers etc. It is costing me $16-00 per week to go to the laundromat, without the car seat covers, blankets etc. If you have any recommendations for or against, please let me know!!! Hopefully we will be shopping soon & I won't have to go back to the laundromat again! I

Challenge 2: Week 1 so far
Going well. Have almost made up the extra points consumed Wednesday. If I count the points for the step class I did last night, I have caught up. Step was awesome. I felt a smidge fitter than last week, although I was still fading in the last track.

Thursday 3rd
B: Plunger Coffee x 2 (2)
S: Banana (1); vita wheat (.75)
L: Grilled Chicken Burger (10)
D: Coleslaw (.25); spinach/rocket, tomato, mushrooms, balsamic (.25) 5 Prawns with sweet chilli & Lime (2)
TOTAL: 15.25
Body Step Class!

Wednesday 2nd
B: 9 grain muffin with lite butter & honey (4); Plunger Coffee (1)
S: Vita Wheats (1.5)
L: Turkey & lettuce in mountain bread (2); Apple (1)
S: after work BBQ 2 skinless cocktail frankfurts (3 each??), 1 bread with lite butter & chilli sauce (8?); soda water
D: Out for dinner. Seafood NasiGoreng (rice, 3 miniature prawns, 3 small bites of fish, 5 small bites of calamari, soy sauce, oil do doubt, cucumber, lettuce, spring onions– No Idea!!! (Seafood 3, rice 5, oil 2?? - 10 ); water
TOTAL: estimated 27.5

Finally a big thank you to Jules & Chris H who gave me the warm fuzzies after their recent comments. THANK YOU LADIES!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of Challenge

Today was the final weigh in of the 12 week challenge....................

SW (7th Jan) 68.5kg
CW (1st April) 63kg
Lost this week: Nil
Start Waist: (7th Jan) 92cm
End Week 12 Waist: 81 cms
Total Lost: 5.5kg/12.10 pounds; 11cms

While I would have liked a loss this week (was down to 62.5 on Friday), pasta for dinner at 8.30pm last night probably didn't help. I did achieve most of my goals (see lasts post) so it really is a minor detail.

Reflections on the Challenge:
# I was over eating. Using WW points helped me reduce portions.
# I was eating too much rich food - again using WW points sorted this.
# I have pretty much cut out bread which I am not missing. I have developed a love for mountain bread wraps though.
# I have had to add a calcium supplement to my diet as I was not getting enough. I have stopped eating cheese which I have missed a bit. No pizza for 12 weeks! We used to eat pizza every Sunday night. Around 3 days worth of WW points in one sitting.
# I can survive week nights without booze. The first week I really missed it, but now I really don't think about it.
# I spend too much time at my desk at work. 12+ hour days are not good for my health & prohibit me from exercising. I need to work smarter.
# I really love Yoga & am so happy to be doing it twice a week.
# I realized that I need to do everything in moderation. I wont be able to exercise 5 - 7 times per week. If I can go 3 times, anything extra is a bonus. I can loose weight if I watch what I eat.
# I also realized that I somewhere, a long time ago, I stopped considering food as fuel & to make sure I was getting enough of all the right things in my diet - as you do for kids. I am not sure why! I've always eaten lots of fruit & veg, but kind of took my eye off the ball elsewhere.
# I really enjoyed challenging myself. Uh oh. Did I finally grow up??
#I'm not ready to give up this Challenge thing, so am starting my own. So far entitled Challenge 2. Open to suggestions for creative names!! If you want to join me, feel free to set your own goals.

Challenge 2:
Duration 12 weeks: 1st April – Concludes June 23rd 2009
Final Weigh in June 24th.

Overall Goals
#Get under 60kgs (loose 4 - 5kgs)
#Reduce Body Fat
#Tone (belly, butt, back)

#Food: Maintain established eating & drinking habits from Challenge 1.
#Exercise: Continue with 1 x Step & 2 x Yoga classes per week;
*Add: 1 – 2 runs (20 minutes)
**Add: Specific Abdominal work outs
***Add: Specific Strengthening exercises for back – push ups & specific weights

Week 1 Goals:
#choose wisely when out for dinner tonight & Saturday Lunch/Dinner/Sunday breaky (all weekend combined 40th birthday party).
# Maintain 20 WW points per day for rest of the week.
# Continue no Booze Sunday - Friday & put $50-00 in the Jar.

#Yoga: Tuesday & Home Yoga Saturday
#Step: Thursday
#Pump: Monday
#Run: Friday??