Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Why does a regular guy who in every other aspect of his life appear to be kind, generous, caring considerate etc turn into a disgusting pig (derogative towards women, racist, crude, cruel) when on a bus with a bunch of other drunken footballers? Why is the pack mentality so strong & evil??

While being waxed to within an inch of my life on the weekend, the therapist asked me what I thought of the song being played on the radio. It was Lady GaGa. I said it wasn’t really my style of music, that I prefer more rock. She asked me what I was into. I ummed as I have a fairly eclectic taste. She asked if I was into Guns & Roses. I said no not really; I prefer Led Zeplin. She said “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of him”. I didn’t have the heart to explain who Led Zep were. I guess I am starting to show my age. She did know who Metalica & the Red Hot Chili Peppers were, but drew a blank with the Pixies & Buffalo Tom.

Had a busy weekend. Saw my beloved Cats win on Friday night, although we almost gave it away in the last quarter. There were plenty of jokes made through out the night as to just who would be needing their footy scarf to wipe a way tears. Glad it wasn't me.

Went to Yoga on Saturday morning. It was good to get back into it. I really love my Yoga class. Had my cousin come over Saturday arvo. As she is legal now we went to the pub for a while, ending up at home for a late dinner & a few more drinks before collapsing into bed.

I smashed the screen on my phone Saturday night. I've dropped that phone from 3 metres, numerous times & it has been fine. This time I think I face planted the screen onto the concrete. It no go. The screen is one big black hole. I picked up a Nokia 6120 classic on Sunday, so all is well. Still gettin the hang of it.

It is shapping up to be a glorious week weather wise in Melbourne town: just as I was starting to feel summer was over, it's back on!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Last week of 12 week challenge

I am in the home straight of the 12 week challenge I started on the 7th of Jan. Last week I managed to loose .5kg bringing my overall loss to 5.5kg/12.21 pounds.

I have achieved 5/7 of my overall goals:

  • Loose minimum 5 - 6 kgs thus fitting back into clothes that are too tight to wear.
  • Habitually exercising 5 days a week including a combination of Cardio; weights & yoga.
  • Improve meditation skills
  • Reduce alcohol consumption (I love a glass of wine with dinner every night!)
  • Stick to 12 week Challenge
  • Have fun
  • Tone the wobbly

Failed in the cardio/weights (been doing Yoga twice a week fairly consistently) & meditation department & still have a way to go in toning the wobbly bits. I have surprised myself by actually sticking to the 12 week challenge to be honest.

I've been using an old journal I started in September 2002 to help out with counting Weight Watchers points. I started a list of common items on the last page(s) so I didn't have to the same things up all the time. Also in the book are weights & measurements (spasmodically).

On the 7th September 2002 I weighed the same as I do today - 63kgs. I got down to 62kgs 24/11/02 then seemed to hover around 63/64kgs til 2005. The last weight I recorded (before Jan 2009) was 2/7/05 @ 63kgs.

I was training like a MoFo 2006/2007, the lowest weight I remember being was 62kg, but I was a lot leaner, had built a lot more muscle & I am very certain a much lower body fat percentage then. I know this because 1 more kg lost will not get me back into a pair of pants I was wearing then!

My Aims & Goals 7/9/02 (verbatim):

1. Get under 60kg by 10/10/02 (my birthday)
2. Establish a regular exercise plan, stick to it & grow to LOVE IT!
3. Reach & maintain weight between 54 - 56kg thus fitting back into lace skirt).

Rewards 7/9/02 (verbatim):

1. Birthday/59kg - Dress/outfit
2. Funky Gym Outfit - exercise 4 times a week for 10 weeks
3. Jewellery - 57kg
4. 55kgs - Plumbing boy to by me a a very expensive cocktail dress!!

I never did achieve any of these goals, however I think I've received all the rewards!

Looking back over the current challenge I've been doing, I had to set weekly goals/targets as well. I didn't do this previously & suspect this is why I never came close to achieving them. I knew where I wanted to go, but didn't really plan how to get there.

I don't think I am ready to give up my 12 week challenge yet. Unless the slimming group do another one, I might have to go solo & bore you with it here. I think I will re-use Goals 1 & 2 from 2002; not sure I will ever achieve goal 3, but it is not important to me any more. At this point I don't think I really need rewards. I actually feel good enough achieving my goals.

My sister already said to me "don't loose any more weight or your wedding dress will be too big". Just in case anyone else was considering this, you don't need to worry. There is PLENTY of space to tighten up the lacing! At the moment, laced firmly I have "rolls" spilling out above my shoulder blades, so need to do quite a bit of toning there. That will be one of new goals too.

Anyhoo. I am just rambling now. Watch this space.

Plumbing Boy & I are off to the footy tonight with his best mate & 2 eldest daughters (13 & 11). The are all Hawks, Plumbing Boy barracks for who ever is winning, so I really hope my Catters blitz tonight! I have faith! Carn the Mighty Cats!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Frock

Warning: wedding post ahead…………………….could get boring.

OK. The frock. MKII. Blogger just ate my first attempt.

I didn’t mention much about the frock the other day, as I had yet to tell Plumbing Boy. I also wanted to let Jax (bridesmaid know). While we had nothing arranged in terms of shopping, I am sure she’d have loved to come looking with me.

Anyhoo. All I’d done to date in terms of wedding frock shopping was look online. I found a magnificent red frock which I’d shown to a few people, with mixed responses. They either loved it or hated it. Everything else I liked was quite simple, just below the knee, fitted bodice with full skirt. I’d not tried anything on.

Mum & I were shoe shopping in Warrnambool, & next door to one of the shoe shops was a little boutique, with a couple of wedding gowns in the window. I went in to have a look, & she had heaps out the back in the change room. The assistant (& owner) was lovely, but quite busy, so left us to try on anything we liked.

I tried on everything from pink, to gold; full on poofy gowns that you’d need assistance to go to the bathroom in, to slinky fitted numbers. It was pretty entertaining really, I could have been in a movie! I was feeling pretty lucky, as most of the gowns actually fitted. Many of them (surprizingly to me) looked good, but were just not me. Truthfully, I'd been secretly dreading trying things on in case nothing fitted & everything looked awful. Then I fell in love with a coffee coloured frock. I’m not a dress maker & have no clue about dress making terms, but here goes.

It had a scooped out back right down to your knicker line, with “ropes” that crossed over from the shoulder & hooked on in the lower back region. The front sort of gathered in from the hips in a kind of a pleat; the skirt was full, but no tulle & showed a bit of cleavage in the bust area. I was thinking kind of roaring 20’s but not sure if they showed that much skin then. I almost put a deposit on it there & then, but as I’d really not planned on frock shopping in Warrnambool, let alone buying the dress there, I took the details & said I’d think about it.

We went back to shoe shopping & I got some funky red shoes for work. Mum asked me if I wanted to go & check out the other bridal shop in Warrnambool, so off we went. I explained to the shop assistant that I wanted something simple, no tizz, getting married on the beach etc & she had something in mind straight away. As she was taking the frock to the change room, I spotted a frock on a mannequin. I said to mum “ooohh that’s a flash one, I wouldn’t mind trying that one on”. The assistant said it was OK so long as I didn’t mind waiting as it would take her a while to get it off the mannequin, due to the lace up back. I tried the 1st one on, it fitted, looked nice, but just wasn’t me.

Then I tried the other one on. WOW. I felt like a princess! It had 2 pairs of sequined shoe string straps – 1 pair of regular & 1 halter neck as well. I loved this look. The bodice is fitted with a light sprinkle of sequins/diamantes & comes into a V. Where the skirt meets the bodice at the bottom of the V is a silver/diamante broach. Love it Love it Love it!!!! The back laces up to just below the shoulder blades, you can have either a bare back or use the fabric panel between the lace up bit & your skin. The skirt is full, but no tulle, the back is longer & I s’pose you’d say it is sort of a train. The front needs to be taken up so I can walk without tripping.

It is totally not what I thought I wanted, but once I put it on, well, like everyone has said to me, you just know. I loved it. I couldn’t see the point in trying on heaps more frocks in Melbourne only to be either confused or want that one & not be able to get it. It was the last one they had, in that style & in that brand (Ella), as they are changing suppliers. I cannot find a picture of it on line so suspect it has been in the store for a while. They also gave me $300-00 off the price as it needs a wash/dry clean as there are finger prints on the back where people have been lacing it up.

The owner of the store came in before I left & said I could actually wash it myself. They will sell your frock for you afterwards on commission if you don’t want to keep it & she washes them all herself in cold water in her bathtub using napisan. She checked over the gown & said it is fine for us to wash. Just needs to be hung over the tub afterwards to dry & if it still has any crinkles she will steam it for me at no charge! It is now hanging up in Mums spare room :-)

I called up the dress maker the shop recommended & spoke to her about the alteration, she’s flat out til June, so I have until then to find my shoes. We won’t wash it until the alteration is done, as I will have to climb in & out a few times then I’d imagine. I think I will buy a pair of cotton white gloves too for putting it on after that!!! Unless you have some suggestions out there!!!

I don’t have any photo’s I’m afraid, we forgot to take the camera away with us, & as I said, I’ve not been able to find the exact dress on line either. You will just have use your imaginations until the big day. I will post plenty of wedding photo’s for you all.

I am now on the lookout for old broaches similar to the one on my frock. I am thinking I will use them on our flowers – I want to wrap a ribbon around the stems & fasten them with the broach. I will probably have an up do now too – messy I think with some sort of silver & diamante thing in my hair. Might try on a few tiara’s just for fun!
Now I have my dress, I feel like I can move forward with everything else! The excitement is starting to build & I finally feel like this is all a reality, instead of some far fetched fantasy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm back, alive & well, but flat out like a lizard.......

Forgot to take the camera, so no pictures, sorry.

The folky was Fab. Highlights were the Waifs, Kane Welch & Kaplin, & the Audreys. Bought CD's of all. Plumbing boy liked Blue Heat & bought their CD, although I've yet to listen.

My sinuses are still giving me grief & I went to the chemist for supplies today.

I maintained my weight last weigh in, & suspect will be the same this week. And possibly next week as we are away this coming weekend & already know we are out for Chinese Friday night, the local footy for lunch Saturday & the local Club for dinner Saturday night.

While I was at home, my Mother told me she's glad I've finally developed a sense of style. WTF?? I said to her that black IS stylish & the goth look IS still fashionable even though I've not been wearing it for 10 years. This was all before I bought the FROCK.

Checked out the venue, was looking a little tired inside but am sure it will spruce up OK with bit of effort. Booked the celebrant. Called the dressmaker who will be taking up the frock, once I've bought the shoes. Checked out the wholesale florist. Got a few recommendations for live music & my Dad who's a bit of a muso himself is checking them out.

We have our OHS audit next Tuesday, hence being busier that the usual after being away for a week. I recon I've processed a metre high stack of paper between yesterday & today - my filing tray is flooded. I didn't do any of it on the weekend, felt like being a home body. Drank too much wine, cleaned, washed & vegged. Plumbing Boy's fishing trip got cut short due to the shite weather & came home Saturday arvo which made me happy.

OK. Back to work.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Folked

Bag packed: Check
Books & Ipod Packed: Check
Gym gear & Tennis Racket Packed: Check
Bathers & Towel Unpacked: Check
Computer & Work Stuff Packed: Check
Wedding Notebook Packed: Check.
Car fueled, packed ready to go– almost!

Okey Dokey – I'm off to the Port Fairy Folk Festival to get me Folked up. The festival starts tonight at 6pm & finishes around 3pm Monday arvo. I'll be away for 7 nights staying on down there with my family. Pity the weather won’t be warmer as I’ll be hanging out on the coast of western Victoria. May update while I’m away, but plan to keep away from the computer as much as possible except Tues/Wed when I will have to do an hour or so of work.

Don't think I will be losing anything this week on my challenge so will try to maintain. Have a great weekend Y'all!

Goals Week 9: Wed 4th March - Tues 10th March

*Consider everything I eat before I put it in my mouth from Friday night – Monday night as will be at the mercy of the festival. There will be 8 of us staying with my aunt & uncle & we all bring food to contribute, mostly homemade & wholesome, but not necessarily light in calories - there will be lots of “treat” food.
*Track everything I eat, but not necessarily try to point it (for above).
*Other days: stick to approx 15 WW points. 16 points Wed & Thursday.
*2 alcohol free days Done
*Increase water intake (already drink around 3L per day) to combat extra alcohol.


*Walk as much as possible (will easily do 5kms per day over the long weekend walking too & from where we are staying & the main festival arena – over several trips – we walk home for lunch, dinner & to other venues throughout each day).
*Do a couple of long walks around Port Fairy.
*Swim at the beach if I don’t have the lurgy & it is warm enough (we did swim last year)! NO Chance - it will be freezing & I've already unpacked my bathers!


Take Pedometer & wear it over the weekend to see how many steps I do.
Repaint toe nails.
Take Camera & take photos.
Try & finish Shataram as the final book in the Ellie series has arrived & I am itching to read it (& my Sis & my Ma will be almost ready for it!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week 8 Update

Weigh in After Week 8

Lost this week -.5

Total Lost 4.5kg/9.9 pounds

Did we achive our goals last week?

Goals Week 8: Wed 25th Feb Tues 3rd March


Maintain smaller food portions & stick to around 20 WW points per day. Yes

Have 5 alcohol free days. $10 for each AFD goes into the “wedding saving jar” Done!


Yoga Saturday & Tuesday Yes

Pump Wednesday No

Step Thursday Yes & Yoga too at my Gym

Walk Saturday & Sunday No & No

Home Abs work out daily (alternate between - 3 x planks working up to 1 minute each with 1 minute break between; 3 sets 30 crunches; 3 sets 30 oblique crunches) 3/7


Find & Purchase & wrap Birthday Present for my Man. Found, not purchased or wrapped – waiting on them to contact me for payment.

Make Birthday cards for Man, Mum & Cuz. Cuz done.

Wrap Mum’s Present to take with me next weekend. No

Pack some gear for next weekend away (wash & iron clothes & remove from wardrobe) Yes

Pack the Man’s gear for his fishing trip ( I will be away when he leaves!) Yes

I did end up going to Yoga after Chiro the other night, Tass said that it would probably be good for me. My Yoga instructor did a few poses for imunity & but also said to work on my mind, so morning & night I've been telling myself "I will not be sick". We'll see. I am still fighting it. Felt OK yesterday, but not so flash today.

Everthing else seems to be going to plan for my week off, although we have several staff members off sick with a variety of ailments - we are 3 down today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Avoiding the Lurgy

Plumbing Boy came down with a head cold Saturday morning. I've been frantically trying to avoid it, dosing up on Vitamin C & Zinc; last night I even slept in the spare bed because he was so blocked up he was snoring like a freight train & I just couldn't sleep.

We had a big staff meeting at 7am this morning which I ran & also did the food for. I was well prepared, set up the room last night & was up bright & early this morning cooking up the toasties. The meeting went very well, but, as soon as I finished cleaning up, my throat started to hurt & my neck & back are starting to feel achey. BAH!!!!!!! It always seems to hit you when you relax.

And I'm going a way for the long weekend And taking the week off afterwards. Not. Happy. Jan. I have a Chiro appt tonight & then I was going to go to Yoga. Might have to give Yoga a miss: to spare my fellow participants from germs. Maybe Tass my chiro will wield his magic & make me all better. Can only hope.

I'm going here for the weekend & am very much looking forward to seeing the Waifs amongst others. I will be spending the rest of next week with my family just hanging out & checking out wedding stuff around Warrnambool.

So at the moment, I am hoping my week off wont be spoiled by any dreaded lurgies!