Friday, February 27, 2009


So. I called the gym at 3.30pm yesterday arvo to confirm the Body Step class I was hoping to go to, was running. I wandered into the group fitness room, hmm 1st to arrive. Not that unusual. Then one of the regular group fitness guys showed up & said that the class has been cancelled! CANCELLED??? Oh yeah, the instructor is sick, but I think they've found a replacement instructor to do "what ever".

OK, the lovely Carol came in & took us for a a what ever class. We started out with some free style aerobics (yippee - my fave) then progressed to some freestyle step (again - love it!), then a bit of a leg work out using the step & some hand weights & finally a bit of an Abs work out. Go Carol! I thoroughly enjoyed the class & worked up a nice sweat thank you very much. She was such a lovely instructor, singing along to the music & encouraging all the participants, many of whom struggled with their left & rights & most of the commands regardless.

Then I found out there was a Yoga class straight afterwards, so after checking in with Plumbing Boy, I decided to stay. The poses were a bit rushed & the class nowhere near as good as the Yoga classes I've been taking at SunYoga, but it was OK - "better than laying on the couch eating chips" as my friend Kym says! Quite a few regulars came to the first class, & 2 of us stayed for the Yoga. It always surprises me when people remember me & is lovely to have a chat & feel welcome. Look out Pump. I think I'm back.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


For the first time this week I'm leaving work without a headache!!!! I am sorry to say Miss M I did not go to Pump Monday night - we had an enormous tender due in (we were short listed for job & it had a few revisions) so spent 13 hours at my desk & went home with a headache. Tuesday I still had that thumping headache all day & really had to force myself to go to yoga. I'm glad I did, as my headache had gone by the time I came home! Not sure if it was the shoulder stands we were doing; more likely the relaxation at the end.

Then yesterday morning, the headache reappeared & stayed all day. I didn't go to pump, in fact I headed home for a hot bath. Not sure if that's the best thing for a headache, but usually mine are from my neck & shoulders so figured anything that could relax that part of me could help. This morning I was as bright as a button & no headache to date. After reading about Miss M & Cinder's trip to the gym, I am changed & ready to head out the door to the new Step class at my gym. Thanks Ladies!!! Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck. Hope I don't fall off the step :0)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Date Night & Week 7 Challenge Update

Friday night was date night. Haven't had one of those for a while!. Plumbing Boy & I went out for dinner then to see Gran Tourino, Gold Class. I'd won tickets for filling out a survey sometime last year. Thought we'd better use them before they ran out. I always get cold in the cinema so wore my flash red velvet jacket...................

Red Jacket hanging on fire hydrant riser.

The film was really good & as I'd not seen any previews nor had anyone told me about it, I had no preconceived idea's about it before I went in. We both loved it. The first half an hour was really funny for us, as one of the people who recommended the film to us is quite racist & we could really see why this person liked the film. I hope that the rest of the film had a positive effect on him. I won't spoil it if you've not yet seen it, but I think it is definitely worth a look.

I tried to take a pic of me in my red jacket, but they all looked stupid. So this is me before we went.

Saturday afternoon my friend was over from Hong Kong for work. I picked her up from the airport. She was pushing a trolley piled with boxes towering over her while trying to tow her suitcase & carry her computer. It would have been quite difficult getting out to the cab rank, so I am glad I collected her. We had a good night out (Plumbing Boy came too) checking out a couple of pubs in our old neighbourhood of Fitzroy, ending up at the Rainbow watching a local Blues Band. Rolled home around 3.30am via the kebab shop, but I just couldn't eat mine as the room was starting to spin. Felt pretty shabby the next day, but it was all good.

Weigh in after week 7 - lost -.5kg
Start Weight 7th Jan 68.5kg
Current Weight 25th Feb 64.5kg
Total Lost: 4kg
For Slyde: 1kg = 2.2 Pounds = 8.8 pounds lost, current weigh 141.9 pounds.......

How did we go with our Week 7 Goals?


Maintain smaller food portions & stick to around 20 WW points per day. After a very high weekend ended up on 19.89 per day

Eat before cousin’s 18th Party & TRY to be sensible with the Alcohol intake. ** Didn’t have to go. Substituted for Saturday night out with my mate visiting from Hong Kong. Stuck with beer for most of the night instead of wine, which is better for me, then had a couple of ciders at the end of the night as I just couldn’t drink any more beer!

Have 5 alcohol free days. $10 for each AFD goes into the “wedding saving jar” Done


Yoga Saturday & Tuesday Done

Cardio 3 – 4 times does hiking 5 kms looking for a cab count??? otherwise no!

Home Abs work out daily (alternate between - 3 x planks working up to 1 minute each with 1 minute break between; 3 sets 30 crunches; 3 sets 30 oblique crunches) Wed, Sun, Mon, Tue


Book Annual Medical & go. Pressured, prodded, scraped & blood letched.

Book Wax. Done & defuzzed

Listen to meditation CD 2 – 3 times per week. No

All in all not too bad. I really didn't think I'd loose any weight this week considering my weekend, although I was down to 64kg on Friday morning. Bring on Week 8!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Challenge Update Week 6

Looks like I forgot to post my week 5 challenge update, so you can have week 6 instead.

Weigh in after Week 6 - 11th Feb – 17th Feb
SW (7th Jan) 68.5kg
Week 6 CW (18th Feb) 65kg
Lost this week -.5kg
Start Waist (7th Jan) 92cm
Week 6 Waist (17th Feb): 85
Total Lost 3.5kg 7cms

How did last weeks goals go??

Goals Week 6:
Maintain smaller food portions & stick to around 20 WW points per day. Blew it out on the weekend.
Choose wisely on Friday night while out for dinner. 3 hot chips & a slice of SHITE pizza - FAIL
Have 5 alcohol free days. $10 for each AFD goes into the “wedding saving jar” 4/7


Yoga Tuesday – I will be in Geelong Saturday morning so can only go once this week Yes
Home Yoga Sun Salutations 10 minutes: 3 times NO
Pump or free weights: Monday NO
Cardio: Wednesday/Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 1/3
Home Abs work out daily (alternate between - 3 x planks working up to 1 minute each with 1 minute break between; 3 sets 30 crunches; 3 sets 30 oblique crunches) 4/7


Try a new recipe – Moroccan style Lemon Roast Chicken Bloody Delicious
Make a special low point dinner Saturday night for Valentines. Was a bit hung over to be terribly romantic, but whipped up a pretty good pasta & garlic bread
Moisturise body focusing on d├ęcolletage 3 – 4 times weekly. D├ęcolletage daily, body once
Listen to meditation CD 2 – 3 times per week. No

I don't seem to be doing too well on the exercise front, but that will resolve itself in its own time. I really don't like pump that much, although once I am there, I don't mind it. I think I'm using the old "I'll just get in a bit better shape first then go" chestnut, but how do you get into better shape if you don't bloody do anything!!! I'm hoping Yoga is the anwer!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Secret Salad

I eat a lot of salad, year round - winter, summer, I don't mind. A friend of mine makes a special salad, the recipe of which she found on a trip to the Golden Door health retreat a few years back. She refuses to share the recipe with her family - some shite about people claiming to have invented recipes they didn't. Bah.

Anyhoo, I do a lot of cooking at their house, as I like to cook (she'd rather order takeaway) & have made this salad a million times there. Since I've been doing my 12 week challenge, I decided to make it at home & it ROCK's so much I'm gonna share it with you. I've renamed it & changed a couple of items (see note at the end). Give it a crack. It's AWESOME!

Deb’s Secret Warming Salad

Quantities for 4 people.

100 – 200g Pumpkin – cubed (approx 1cm) will shrink to ½ this size. Adjust to what suits you – we love roasted pumpkin so put lots in.

Spray (canola) a baking tray, add pumpkin, sprinkle with sea salt & roast in the oven 180 - 200 deg C while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Beetroot x 1, peeled & cubed approx 1/2cm pieces
Carrot x 1, quartered & cut same size as beetroot.
Brocolini x 1 bunch, chopped into bite size pieces
Asparagus x 1 bunch, chopped as per Brocolini
1/2 Spanish Onion, finely sliced.
Spinach & Rocket 150 - 200g (adjust to what you like)
Good balsamic vinegar, splash – adjust to your taste.

Check pumpkin & flip, will take around 30 - 40 minutes too cook. When the pumpkin is just about ready, bring a steamer pot to the boil. Add beetroot & cook for 3 minutes, add the carrot & cook for 3 more minutes. Test the carrot & beetroot. Should still be a bit crunchy - if really raw, cook for another minute or too. Add brocolini & cook for 2 minutes, add asparagus & turn the heat off (if you are using an electric cook top, remove it from the hot plate altogether). After 1 minute, remove the lid & the top of the steamer from the pot to allow the veg to cool. Remove pumpkin from oven & allow to cool. Place spinach & rocket on a platter or serving bowl & top with Spanish onion. When veggies have cooled a little (can still be quite warm), add to bowl, splash with balsamic vinegar, mix & taste. Add a little more balsamic if you think it needs it.


I've adjusted the recipe to be more "point" friendly. The original recipe has toasted pine nuts & steamed sweet potato – the pine nuts are really high in points & I’ve been keeping away from eating potato at night. Would put in the sweet potato if doing for lunch. Last night I put in some shredded snow peas too. You can play with it adding what you like, removing what you dont. Try it as is first & see if you like it - the combination of flavours is brilliant. PS I usually only like beetroot out of a tin!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Bits & Bobs

Well. Nige rocked the house Friday night. I wore my ridiculously high platform sandals & anyone wondering past the Nash would have seen me fall flat on my ass on exiting the pub. I didn't break, bruise or sprain anything so that is all good. Plumbing Boy didn't ask me IF I fell over, just HOW MANY TIMES. I only have one pair of heels that have yet to make me go splat - my special red ones.

Valentines was a bit of a non event. We don't usually celebrate it. Plumbing boy did offer to take me out for dinner, but it would have been busy everywhere, plus I was too hung over to enjoy it. I did make him an awesome pasta with garlic bread for dinner, so he was happy. We were both asleep before 9pm.

I did have a treat on Saturday arvo - I'd booked into Endota Spa for a bit of pampering. No particular reason & when I booked it weeks ago, I didn't even realise it was Valentines Day. A foot bath, a 1 hour body massage & a mini facial. Bliss. My therapist was a Gem & had a gentle healing touch, of which I was sorely in need of.

Plumbing Boy's fishing trip may be cancelled this weekend, as the wind is forecast to be blowing from the only direction not suitable for the location. We'd already done all the shopping - grocery & meat - Sunday arvo before we heard about the possible change yesterday. Luckily I'd cryovac'd & frozen the meat & the grocery items will be fine in their cardboard box until needed.

And it looks like I'm not required to help out at my cousin's 18th which has now changed to Friday night instead of Saturday night, freeing me up to see my friend who is in town from Hong Kong for the night. If Plumbing Boy doesn't go fishing, we might go out on a Date Friday night. I won 2 gold class tix last year we've not yet used.........................

Today concludes 6 weeks of the 12 week challenge I've been on. I am happy with the changes I've made to my diet & the result of that. This morning I was sitting on 65kg - 3.5kg lower than when I started, without a much exercise. I had to wear a belt yesterday as the crotch on my pants was dagging way low! (sorry if that was TMI!) It's a good feeling.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shout Out

I'm off to see this lovely man tonight!

Nige has a Friday night residency this month in the front bar, at the National Hotel in Geelong. A mate & I are heading down later this arvo & are staying with her new man in Geelong over night (plumbing boy is on standby so is staying home to watch the cricket). I have no idea if I have any Geelong Lurkers reading, if so HELLO! And do yourselves a favor & check him out. He makes his own guitars & is a contemporary singer/songwriter with a folk/country feel. I'm slightly bais as our families are friends. Last time I took the same friend, she was well impressed & dead keen to see him again. We both bought his CD that night & have both had it on high rotation since. If you do pop in tonight come & say hello - I dont bite!!

Thanks to everyone who commented (or even read) my wedding update post - your thoughts are muchly appreciated.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Update

OK. Wedding update. After much ponderance, we've settled on Warrnambool, Victoria. We were looking at Port Douglas in Northern Queensland, but logistically, it was just too complicated for a number of reasons. We want to invite some work people who wouldn't be able to come if we went to Port Douglas as they would be required here to run the business & it is just too far & too expensive for a regular weekend away. And the trip away might be too much of a stretch financially for some close family members who we'd like to share the day with. I grew up 25kms out of Warrnambool & my immediate family are all there. We wanted to get married on a beach. Warrnambool has a few of those, although the weather can be a little less kind, no matter what time of year.

the main beach in Warrnambool

looking at the beach from the board walk - my sister's man from behind

When? November 14th 2009. If it is too windy or the weather is too crap to have the ceremony on the actual beach, there is a decked area in front of the surf club overlooking the ocean, that is more sheltered.

Plan B: Decked area

We have paid our deposit on the reception venue: The Beach House at the Warrnambool Surf Club. This is the only venue in Warrnambool where you can look out over the ocean while you eat. From the outside it's not the prettiest - think light brown brick, but inside scrubs up OK.

If the weather is too crap for the decked area, we can have the ceremony inside the surf club & look out at the ocean through the big glass windows.

Plan C: Inside the surf club
please excuse the quality of the pic's, my sis took a pic of the photo....

and again inside, set up for a wedding, photo of a photo, but you get the general idea??

the bar

I am hoping we can use the trestle tables instead of round ones & have a few longer tables, or even join them all together in a big U shape. But I will have to measure the room, the tables & decide on numbers I suppose. I don't want the look in the picture - it is too "weddingy" for me. Stay tuned for some of the DIY plans I have in mind.

We haven't really chosen a colour scheme or anything like that yet. Plumbing Boy struggled just to commit to the date. It wasn't until I told him the venue was booked out for October, December & only had 2 dates left in November that he figured we should book! Like most blokes, he doesn't realise how long things take to do & would be happy to leave it all til the last minute. It will be a fine line between not stressing him out with too much wedding stuff, but making sure he participates in the planning of it, so both of us are represented & both our personalities reflected. We both love red & purple, as well as classic black & white. Not quite sure how to incorporate this into the beach feel, as neither of us are really into blue (unless we are swimming in it - sorry Chris H!) & yellow. I'll try not to bore you all senseless trying to work this out, but I am always open to suggestions!

Weigh in after week 5 of 12 week challenge: -.5kg Total Lost: 3kg

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not A Wedding Update

I was going to do a wedding update, but my heart is too heavy.

I grew up on a farm in Western Victoria & I was 13 when the Ash Wednesday fires came through. We were lucky. I remember trying to stamp out flames with my red rubber boots. We lost our shed & a lot of machinery, but our house was saved, as was our dairy & livestock, but that is a story for another day.

One of our neighbours lost their home, but the livestock was OK. My best friend (now) lost everything. Her home, her pony, all their livestock, all their buildings, fences, grass, hay. Her next door neighbour lost her husband & son in the same fire tanker.

I didn't really look at much of the media over the weekend. I think that subconsciously I hoped it wouldn't be as bad as it is. But it is. And I couldn't bear to listen to some of the inane tripe on some of the commercial TV stations. I almost punched the TV Saturday night after listening to an interview whereby in my opinion, the interviewer was grossly insensitive & really really stupid. The guy was absolutely stricken with grief. In the interview, he said the last thing his wife had said to him on the phone was "the house is about to go up, I'm running for the dam". He said she was screaming & crying & then the phone went dead. The interviewer not 2 sentences later asked the poor guy how close the fire was to his house. Is she fuckin' retarded? Close, it was about to go up. He was her work colleague & she had no right. The man was broken. Thankfully his wife is safe. Rant over. This is only my opinion. It is kind of pointless getting upset about this shite, considering people have lost lives, but it really did make me angry. On the flip side, there have been some very dedicated & sensitive news reporters out there who have really supported the community, allowing people to share their stories & help locate loved ones.

I was in tears this morning listening to survivor stories. I am sure there will be many more stories & many more tears. If you have any spare bucks, please donate to the Red Cross Appeal.

We are hoping in the weeks to come that we can help physically. Either plumbing or even just help clearing the rubble. I remember people helping us after Ash Wednesday. It's the least we can do.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 4 Challenge Update

Back to pre holiday weight :0)

After 4 weeks of the challenge, I think I have my eating back under control. Now it is time to focus on exercising & cutting back on the booze. We have finally set a wedding date so have some added incentive. Last year I put $10-00 in a jar for every alcohol free day I had & save up to buy my ipod & camera. I intend to do this again, but put the money towards the wedding.

SW (7th Jan) 68.5kg
Week 4 CW (4th Feb) 66kg
Lost this week -.5kg
Total Lost 2.5kgs, 6cm

Week 4: 28th Jan – 3rd Feb

Goals Week 4


1. Maintain smaller food portions & stick to around 20 WW points per day. Yes
Have some alcohol free days. 1/7.
Drink Detox tea every day. No - too hot???.


1. Level 2: Yoga Saturday & Tuesday. 1/2 - had to work back Tuesday night.
2. Pump: Monday. No
3. Cardio: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. No
4. Home Abs work out daily (alternate between - 3 x planks working up to 1 minute each with 1 minute break between; 3 sets 30 crunches; 3 sets 30 oblique crunches) No
Can I use the heat for lack of exercise???


1. Moisturise body at least 4 times each weeK. Yes.
2. Log into forum every day to keep me on track. Yes.
3. Listen to meditation CD 2 – 3 times per weeK. Yes.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 3 Challenge Update

Week 3: 21st Jan – 28th Jan

SW (7th Jan) 68.5kg

Week 3 CW (28th Jan) 67kg

Lost this week +1kg

Total Lost 1.5kgs

Put on 1KG while away on holidays.

Goals Week 3:

Was on holidays most of this week!


1. Maintain smaller portions for meals (70%)

2. Order sensibly when dining out (small & healthy – if huge, don’t eat it all!!!) (50%)

3. No more than 2 slices of bread per day 6/7

4. Only 1 ice-cream from the ice-cream shop! Yes!

5. No soft drink – water only. Yes!

6. Try to minimise Alcohol consumption by having a 500ml water in-between each drink. Drank lots of water, but drank lots of booze too.

7. No Deserts. 6/7


Minimum 2 - 3 hours physical activity each day incluidng swimming, body surging, boogie boarding, bike riding, scuba diving, learning to ride the dirt bike, dirt bike riding, walking, running around with the kids (god children). 5/7


1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen & More Sunscreen. Yes

2. Mosturise body every day after being in the sun. Yes

3. Leave conditioner in hair/hair treatment every second day. Yes

4. Listen to Meditation CD daily, 3/7

5. Finish my Book (Shantaram). No, but read a few chapters.

6. Have a massage. Yes

7. Have a facial. No

8. Have Fun!!!. Yes