Friday, January 30, 2009

Holiday Pics

The family dog had this baby Goanna bailed up on the back fence one afternoon. Check out his tongue!

They look so prehistoric! Plumbing Boy's best mate wanted to show me how fast they move by tapping him on the tail - luckily he came towards us head first & they couldn't get close enough with the stick!

Pajama Wii on our last night

The view from the balcony of the restaurant up the road.

At Dinner

Only one of us posed for this picture; guess who?

I remembered a funny thing that happened while I was waiting at the Melbourne airport for my flight. I'd grabbed a sandwich for lunch & was sitting reading a magazine when I overheard an international traveller enquire about the focacia's/sandwiches/rolls on offer.

Traveller: "is the cheese melted?"
Shop Assistant: "No, but we can toast them"
T: "But is the cheese melted now?"
SA: "Nah mate, they're refrigerated"
T: "Oh"

Luckily I had my back to them as I just about burst out laughing. Anyone want to guess the travellers nationality???

PS No photo's of the dirt bike riding, they are all on D's camera.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Back..........

Tuesday: worked in the morning. Tried to catch my cat to take her to the cattery, but she’d gone into hiding. No amount of calling her could coax her out ! Uneventful flight although we had to circle over the ocean while a storm passed through Merimbula before we could land! We stayed with friends & their kids 13, 11 & 5 (some of which are out God children). The house is between Merimbula & Pambula (not in town) surrounded by bushland on either side with national park behind (which you can 4wheel drive down to the beach which is usually quite empty, although no surf life savers). Lots of bird life (parrots, cockatoo’s, bell birds, kookaburra’s) makes for a very relaxing place to be. Quiet night in.

Wednesday: Plumbing Boy & I got up early & went for a walk into Pambula (approx 1 hour return walk), stopping for coffee. Went to the beach in Pambula with the older kids for a swim in the surf while the boys sorted out their dirt bikes ready for a ride. Our friends had other friends staying at the caravan park so had organized a dinner for this night so D & I spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing salads/food & tidying up for 18 bodies for dinner. The boy’s cooked the BBQ, the kids all played Wii, watched DVD’s & the rest of us sat about chatting & having a few drinks. Nice.

Thursday: needed a bit of a sleep after the previous night. Took all the kids down to the beach (I walked there & back with the dog & the 11 y/o girl) & swum & boogy boarded for an hour or so. The waves were quite strong & although I didn’t get dumped, the 11 y/o did & managed to head but my butt! Funny. Spent the afternoon lazing about & then went out for dinner at a restaurant within walking distance from home. Beautiful food. Ate too much.

Friday: Got up early & walked into Pambula with the 13 & 11 year old girls. The 13 year old scared the crap out of me at 6am when I got up to pee; she was sitting in a lounge chair just staring straight ahead! She’d had a dream that I’d tried to wake her but she fell asleep & we left without her. I guess she really really wanted to come for the walk! The boy’s went dirt bike riding, so the 13 y/o showed me how to play on the Wii. Tennis & baseball mainly. Worked up a sweat doing that for an hour or so. When the boys came back it was finally time for my first dirt bike riding lesson. The 11 & 13 y/o girls had had a few lessons, the 11 y/o was quite good, but the 13 y/o had lost her nerve after colliding with her sister. We geared up (the 2 girls are already almost as tall as me & they stopped handing down their shoes to me the year before – so I easily fitted into the bike gear, although funnily enough, the boots were a bit big!) & headed down to a flat area. They had 2 125CC electric start bikes for the girls so we swapped gear when we had a turn. I almost went over the handle bars in the first 1/2 hr when I slammed all my breaks on at once to avoid crashing into a bush – the back wheel lifted off the ground, but I managed to plant my feet so didn’t come off. Rode around the flat track for a couple of hours, interchanging with the girls every so often. My hands & forearms were quite sore afterwards. None of us fell off. Walked to friends place for dinner that night – BBQ dinner with everything in the salad out of their garden! Loved it. Had another big night & Plumbing Boy, his best mate & I staggered home quite late which was challenging in sandals, in the dark through the scrub. Glad we didn’t come across any snakes. Didn’t think to grab a torch, but became a bit easier by the light of a mobile phone! Despite falling over & almost losing my shoe, I only had 1 small scrape on my hand to show for my effort.

Saturday: Walked into Pambula & back again for coffee with plumbing boy, then as we arrived home our friends & the 5y/o were heading into town (the girls had slept over at our friends from the night before). Did a bit of supermarket shopping & picked up some fresh seafood for that nights dinner. Took the kids for a swim at Fish Penn, which is the inlet to the river as was very windy on the beach, but calm there. Had a paddle then home for another dirt bike ride with the 11 y/o & our friend from the night before with the veggie patch. Practiced stopping using my foot break without lifting the back wheel & starting without bunny hopping. Also practiced maintaining a constant speed. On the farm where I grew up we had 3 & 4 wheel motorbikes with a thumb throttle so it took a bit of getting used to rolling the whole handle throttle (such eloquence I know, but I hope you get the drift!). When I got home the boy’s had gone to the pub to catch up with a mate, I stayed home with the kids while D went & picked them up. While they were there, they witnessed a guy eat a Funnel web spider!!!!! Yes, you heard me. He’d caught it at home & bought it into the pub (completely smashed off his face). Someone dared him to eat it (no, it was not plumbing boy, but it might have been his best mate) & he munched it up & swallowed it down. No idea whether he had to go to hospital or not. D had eaten with the kids, so I cooked up oysters, fish & salad for myself & the boys on their return, who spent hours & hours recounting the spider story. GROSS!!! They were only a little bit drunk :0)

Sunday: Our last day. I woke up with a really sore throat & felt crap in general. Tried to have a sleep in, but my brain was too busy. Pottered around packing up & getting the boys ready for their last bike ride in the morning, then I took the girls to see a movie at 1pm. Home to pack up the trailer & the car, as our friends wanted us to take back some of their stuff, which was more than fine as we were actually driving their car. They had offered Plumbing Boy to drive it up & back – flash beamer. V comfy. Out for dinner, again, beautiful seafood – prawns, oysters, calamari, seafood pasta with garlic & chili. We intended to have an early night, but someone fired up the Wii & wanted to play against plumbing boy & myself before we left. Championships were had til around 11pm when I crashed as we had the alarm set for 6am.

Monday: Tied down the trailer, had breaky, loaded in the final bits & pieces & hit the road by 7am. Stopped a couple of times arriving home at 2.15pm. My office assistant had been feeding my cat & managed to catch her Friday so took her to the cattery. for the weekend. Unloaded the trailer, managed a couple of loads of washing before early dinner & bed.

Tuesday: worked. Yoga.

Wednesday: worked. Neil Young concert with plumbing boy & my friend T. We arrived at what we though was early enough to get a position on the hill in front of the stage (Sidney Myer Music Bowl); alas, the hill was full & it was far far too hot to muscle in & sit so close to other people. So we set up camp on the hill to the left of the stage. We couldn’t actually see the stage, but we could see the TV screen. It was a bit disappointing in that respect, but we were all to hot & bothered to care. He played Needle & the Damage without the band on his acoustic & I was a happy happy girl. It is my favourite Neil Young song & it was beautiful. It was amazing to hear such a strong melodious, perfect sound coming from one guitar (& a heap of good quality amps!). Home at midnight, alarm went off at 5.30am.

Today: We had staff starting early today to get what had to be done done, & go home to get out of the heat. We pretty much offered everyone an annual leave day, RDO or day off without pay due to the weather conditions. Only 1 person wanted to work the full day & the 3 who had to do this small job were here at 6am – one has gone home already, the other 2 are on their way back now (9.30am). We don’t have any work on that is indoors in air conditioned comfort at the moment, everything is outside or in buildings being built. Yesterday was bad enough, but we decided with today’s forecast hot north wind it would be horrible. We may do the same tomorrow. I wouldn’t say no to a nap myself today, truth be told!

I put on ½ kg over my holidays which I was pretty happy about (felt like more) & am back down again this morning (must have sweated it out yesterday). Yesterday was the start of week 4 of the 12 week challenge & am feeling pretty confident about completing it & hopefully getting back into my size 10 pants!

Hope all of you Melbournians are surviving the heat as best you can.

PS no photos! My camera has been swiped for work purposes already before I even down loaded the pics! On the weekend perhaps.

PSS no scuba diving for the whole trip as plumbing boy broke his toe dirt bike riding the first day & couldn't get his foot into a fin without significant pain; plus finning would have been a nightmare for him putting so much pressure on his poor tootsie. He split 3 toes open underneath, all three toes & the outside of his foot were purple & blue when I arrived!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Summer Holiday

I'm off shortly on my 6 night summer holiday! Swimming, bike riding, scuba diving, learning how to ride a dirt bike (motor bike), sleeping, reading, walking, lazing in the sun, NO PHONES!!!!!!!

Back on Monday. Have a great week everyone :0)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Broken Car

My car is still broken! It is going to the mechanic tomorrow. Luckily we have spare work vehicles I can use. It is a good excuse to walk though. I wont need to do much shopping as Plumbing Boy left this morning & I am going Tuesday. I can walk to the supermarket, fruit & veg shop & the video store! Perhaps I can catch up on some of the exercise I didn't do last week :0)

Week 2 Day 2 Thursday:

B: 4 Cups hot water with juice of 1 lemon; plunger coffee with ½ cup low fat milk (1)

S: plunger coffee with ½ cup low fat milk (1); ryvita with vegemite (1)

L: Tuna, left over coleslaw, parsley, lite sour cream, chilli dip (4)

S: Cup of Soup (1.5)

D: Pasta with prawns in tomato based sauce, parmesan (9); wine (4.5)

Total 22 points

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anyone for a Potato Cake???

Yesterday arvo I jumped in my car to go & post the mail. Of course I left it til 5 minutes before the box is supposed to be emptied. My car no go! The engine kicked over, but she sounded very sick. Apparently some fuel sensory transponder thingy is cactus. Luckily our neighbour, a panel beater by trade & a Holden (& car in general) enthusiast has a spare & is fixing it as we speak. We had to tow the car into the factory. I was driving the ute & Plumbing Boy was in the car (which was being towed backwards). Fun stuff people. We had our mobiles on speaker & Plumbing Boy barked instructions to me as we went. Luckily it was all good & he even said "Good Job" when we'd succeeded in getting both cars far enough in!

This reminded me of helping my Dad on the farm when I was a kid. The most dreaded job was helping draft cattle. No matter what happened or what you did, the cows would inevitably go in the wrong direction & it was always YOUR FAULT! I can remember being in tears because I didn't understand what I'd done wrong. Sometimes I find myself feeling the same way with Plumbing Boy - usually when we are moving heavy furniture, or towing motor vehicles etc. Apparently I am just supposed to know what I am to do! Even if I ask lots of questions before hand, I still need ESP. Thankfully last nights experience was pretty stress free :0)

After that saga, we had another mission. We are looking after a friends rental property while he is overseas. It has a house on the front half & the back half, a vacant block is fenced off. The loverly tenants have been chucking rubbish over the fence into the block. I can tell you they like Vodka. UDL cans mainly. I lost count after a hundred cans. They also like Mudshakes, but not as much as Vodka. I'd say kids have been in there too, there was a heap of timber made into some sort of fort. A 4 wheel & a 3 wheel toddlers trike, various toy figurines, beer bottles, lots of shoes & general rubbish. We both moved the timber, then Plumbing Boy whipper snipped the block while I scouted ahead for the smaller rubbish obstructing him (random bits of metal, wire, tennis balls, plastic bags, shoes, plastic containers, toys). Not quite what I had in mind for my work out, but am feeling it through my back & shoulders today.

Oh, & of course there was the bit where I fell over! I stepped into a bit of a hole, rolled my ankle & started to tumble. Put out my hands to stop me then thought better (fractured my wrist once, using it to stop me falling down!) & ended up doing a bit of a roll on my left side. Still managed to impact my left wrist which is a bit sore, but can type OK :0) Ankle is a little tender too. I suspect I've undone everything my Chiro did Tuesday night! I also managed to gain a left hand side pocket full of dirt.

As we didn't finish til 9pm, we had take away for dinner. Does anyone know how many weight watchers points a potato cake is??????

Week 2 Day 1 Food Wednesday:

B: Toast, poached egg, spread (4)

S: Plunger coffee with ½ cup low fat milk (1)

L: Bowl of salad (lettuce, tomato, avocado, chicken, dip); left over coleslaw (4.5)

S: Apple (1)

D: Grilled Chicken Burger (10), 2 small potato cakes (no idea – 6 each?), 1 G & T (3)

Total 35.5 points Yikes!

Exercise: 3 hours labouring – 10 points (5 points 1 hour heavy exercise, 3 points 1 hour moderate, 2 points 1 hour light)

Total less exercise points: 25.5

Damn those tattie cakes! They were very nice though :0)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weigh in after week 1

OK, Boring weight stuff ahead, but we do have a loss!

SW (7th Jan) 68.5kg

CW (14th Jan) 67kg

Lost this week 1.5kg!!!

Waist (7th Jan) 92cm fat belly!!!

Waist (14th Jan) 89cm

Lost 3cm

How did we go with our week 1 goals you ask?


  1. Reduce Portion Size evening meal (no more using pasta bowls!!!). Excellent work. Ended up counting points to help & managed to keep to daily points of approximately 20 points on week days & around 25 on weekends (previously I would have eaten double at probably every meal, thus doubling my daily point intake). I also discovered last night that my point estimate for the bread I've been eating is incorrect: 2 slices were 5 points!!! Each slice is 2.5 points not 1.5 as I'd been estimating. BAH! Back to the 9 Grain I think. Now my daily points are a bit stuffed.
  2. No more than 2 slices of bread per day achieved this 6/7 days
  3. 5 Alcohol Free days per week. Failed this but did reduce alcohol consumption by ½ & worked it into my daily “points” - on the weekend I was especially good in not going overboard!


  1. 3 – 4 Cardio Sessions (walk, cycle, Frisbee,) 1 hour 2/7
  2. 2 – 3 weights (pump class) 0/7

In hind sight, I guess my exercise goals are what I hope to be doing by the end of the challenge, probably aimed a bit high in the first week :0)


  1. Give away all left over chocolates & biscuits done
  2. Moisturise body at least 4 times each week done
  3. Log into forum every day to keep me on track done

Whats the plan for Week 2?

Week 2: Wed 14th Jan – Tues 20st Jan

Will be weighing in Tuesday 20th am as leave for holidays Tuesday arvo.


  1. Maintain smaller food portions & stick to around 20 WW points per day.
  2. Have some alcohol free days.
  3. Drink Detox tea every day.


  1. 3 – 4 Cardio Sessions (1 hour)
  2. 1 – 2 weights work out (Pump)
  3. Home Abs work out daily (alternate between - 3 x planks working up to 1 minute each with 1 minute break between; 3 sets 30 crunches; 3 sets 30 oblique crunches)


  1. Moisturise body at least 4 times each week
  2. Log into forum every day to keep me on track
  3. Listen to meditation CD 2 – 3 times per week.
What have I been stuffing my pie hole with recently?

Week 1 Day 7 Food Tuesday:

B: slept in! Plunger coffee with milk (1.5); yoghurt with handful of blueberries (2.5)

S: Muesli Bar (1.5)

L: Lettuce, cold chicken, left over coleslaw (4.5)

S: Ryvita (1)

D: Grilled Chicken with sweet chilli, lime juice & ground cumin; coleslaw; mixed salad with balsamic & extra virgin olive oil (5.25) Wine (3)

Total 19.25 points

Week 1 Day 6 Food Monday:

B: 2 Cups hot water with juice of 1 lemon; bircher muesli 25g & 1 banana (2.5 points)

S: Muesli Bar (1.5); plunger coffee with milk (1.5)

L: Lettuce, sm tin tuna, ¼ avocado; left over pasta (5.5)

S: rice crackers (1) Milo (1)

D: Steak; coleslaw, lettuce (6 points); wine (2)

Total 21 points

Head down bum up now til I go away next week. Plumbing Boy is leaving Friday now (instead of Thursday as originally planned). Hope all you Victorian are surviving the heat!!!