Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year That Was.

As the year draws to a close, I have been thinking about what a fortunate year I've had. I'm taking many of your leads & noting some of the highlights for me over 2008:

January: Plumbing Boy & I had a once a lifetime trip on the Undersea Explorer out of Port Douglas. My cousin was working on the boat & we decided that she wouldn’t be there forever, figuring if we didn’t do a trip soon, it may never happen. Funnily enough she fell pregnant the following month & her baby girl was born in November. I think Fate was at work here.

March: Annual Port Fairy Folk Festival & a couple of Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows. Tore a ligament in the inside of my heel which has continued to give me grief for several months. Still have to be careful now not to overdo it.

May: went to the Philippines on a 12 night holiday; 5 of which were spent on a diving safari around Coron, exploring World War II wrecks; then on to Boracay Island for some R&R with our good friend from Hong Kong. Despite the average weather, we had a fantastic time & actually caught up on some sleep. It was on this trip that Plumbing Boy & I, while laying on the roof of the boat watching the sun come up one morning decided to get married after being together for 16 years. No proposal, a natural progression in our relationship that we decided upon together. However, one traditional thing Plumbing Boy wanted to do was ask my parents, so I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone for some months. No point rushing these things.

June: Blogger meet in Melbourne where I met Beckie, Chris H, Kate, Jadey, Ash, Catherine, Kathryn, Jac, Suzi & my favourite Tazwiegain Wanna! Wanna & I also went out the night before & had a hoot getting to know each other in person.

August: went to Sydney for a long weekend to visit my cuz & watch the Cat’s V Swans. We won of course & I think it took me a week to recover from all the partying with said younger cuz.

September: my beloved Cat’s made it into the grandfinal, but alas were defeated.

October: Announced our engagement. Finally. My silly season starts every October usually from my birthday. Plus this year lots of family wanted to see us because we got engaged. Went to an 80th birthday party at the Melbourne aquarium; caught up with Wanna again; another friends Birthday BBQ & 4 other family members had birthdays. My darling Jax was in a car accident the week before her year 12 exams. She is pretty much recovered now. Managed to sit all of her exams & got an enter score of 80 point something! Well done & Very exciting as she will get into her first choice of Uni courses.

November: 2 x 40th Birthday parties; Rocky Horror show; too much socialising & not enough exercise.

December: Christmas parties; 3 birthday gatherings; family & friends pre Christmas gatherings; family Christmas & family staying with me for 5 nights; good friend over from Hong Kong. Again, too much socialising & not enough exercise!

In between all of this we were very busy with work in general & most of our staff went on big holidays this year. 1 staff member went to Europe for 7 weeks; another to Thailand for 4 weeks; 2 had 2 weeks in Thailand; 2 had 2 weeks in Qld; 1 had 1 week in Qld. In a small business it makes for busy times with so many people away! We try to coordinate so they are not all away at the same time. That said, looking at all these holidays I think we must be doing something right; that our staff have been able to save & go on fabulous holidays & still want to come back & work for us! Well, all bar one who resigned while we were on holidays.

We have had a really fortunate year & I am feeling extremely thankful thinking back over it. I actually can’t think of anything really bad other than Jax's accident. While it was a stressful time It could have been so much worse & I can't complain. I certainly hope I haven’t used up all my luck.

I hope everyone has a happy & safe new year & that 2009 brings health & happiness & all that your hearts secretly or not so secretly desire.


PS was going to add some photo's but bloggers gone all grumpy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Aftermath

All I've wanted to do for the past couple of weeks is sleep & I still feel the same way!!! My folks arrived Christmas Eve & we ate our risotto watching the Blues Brothers. Mum had never seen the film before; both of us were dancing around the lounge room at one point (me : red wine, Mum: general craziness). Funny Stuff.

Christmas Day went well, no jobs for plumbing boy for the first time in I don't remember how long. The family behaved & no-one upset anyone which was good. I even went to church Christmas morning with my folks which is something I've not done for a while. It was nice to sing a few carols, although I didn't think it quite necessary to sing all 7 verses of one of them especially when it is in such a high key! Luckily I had some lozengers in my bag to combat the vocal strain.

Plumbing Boy went dirt bike riding Boxing Day morning & did a couple of jobs in the arvo (resuced a ladies diamond earring that went down the shower!). My parents, sis (Fi) & I went back over to the the relatives for left overs & played cards for the afternoon; then went on a massive 1.5 hour walk to the DVD store & back before dinner.

Saturday Fi went shopping - she had a list of stuff she was hoping to find in the sales & came home with lots of loot. Ma & Pa helped Plumbing Boy & I clean out plumbing trucks in the morning; then met up with Fi at Knifepoint in the arvo. Plumbing Boy & I headed out to Bentleigh to catch up with some friends who were down from Cobar. We'd not seen then since their wedding last year, so was good to catch up. Had a very entertaining evening being regaled with tales from the outback including crazy emus.

Sunday was very lazy & I did not get out of my PJ's til lunch time; although was still up way to early after staying up way to late! Played some scrabble & cards with Mum, Dad & Fi while Plumbing Boy was out working. Went for another big walk in the afternoon & even got a little sunburn. Sunday night we all took Plumbing Boy's Mum out for dinner for a Christmas catch up.

Yesterday I worked in the yard all day cleaning out plumbing trucks (still going). How many 1/2" compression nuts do you recon a truck would need at a time. Lets say 6 would be plenty. How many do you think I found in the truck I was working on yesterday ? ....................................................................... try 40. I think there were screws in every storage bunk regardless of what was supposed to be in it. I knew that van would be the messiest, so wanted to get it out of the way first. Nearly done. Just have to clean the cabin; wash the window's & exterior & it will be complete. The other two vans we've already cleaned the cabins, windows & washed the exterior. I just need to go through all the stock. Riveting stuff people!

Sorry this post is so boring. Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to report tomorrow. Or the next!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone!

I have to admit that I still don't really feel that christmasy yet. Probably haven't been hanging around enough kids! I'd be perfectly happy to crawl in to bed & stay there for a week. I have really overdone the social scene & am feeling a bit worse for wear. I have been eating a lot of steamed veggies though: my body must be craving something healthy! Have not been to the gym at all, but have managed to wear out my high heeled red shoes twice now without too much sufferance! The first time I had a few stabs of odd pain, but went away pretty quickly. After Saturday night I had none!

My friend from Hong Kong arrived in fine form Friday night; as it was her birthday, we had a few drinks. Saturday night we had a proper birthday dinner for her with her family & about 8 others. We ended up doing a bit of a pub crawl around Brunswick & towards the end of the night, she bought a round of tequila shots for those of us who were left (7 of us). She did a toast to me for getting married, & then announced that I was getting married in PD & that we (or those who were left) were all invited! I have no idea where she got this idea from or even if she remembers doing it; but none of the people were actually on the invitation list so I hope there won't be too much of a drama! I'm not that stressed about it - surprisingly. A little amused actually. I am sure the guys wouldn't have expected an invite: I only see them once a year when this friend is in town. Anyhoo.

My parents are arriving from the country tomorrow afternoon & I will cook us a special Christmas Eve dinner (I think it will be risotto with prawns, roasted pumpkin & possibly roasted mushrooms). Christmas morning I have too assemble my desert; help Mum make her brandy sauce; & cook up a 3kg piece of pork. My sister & niece are arriving here around 11.30am then we will all head over to my Aunt's in Canterbury for Christmas lunch. There will be around 12 of us this year. My aunt will cook a massive turkey with all the trimmings. Hopefully no-one will be too cranky & the day will run smoothly! Plumbing Boy is on call so he will go separately in his work truck in case he gets a job. He went to the same house last year that he went to in 2005, just around the corner from my aunt's to do exactly the same job as last time (unblock there drain). He did ask them if they wanted to pre book him for this year or next :0)

Not sure what we will do boxing day or for the weekend: just enjoy one anothers company I'd imagine; possibly a bit of work around the plumbing shed & my sis wants to have a look at the post Christmas sales.

I like to wish you all a safe & happy Christmas, surrounded by those you love & those who love you. Ho Ho Ho........................Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been hanging about the office waiting for a client to come & pay her account. She went to work this morning & "forgot" to leave payment with the kids. I truly did not believe she'd show up. She just called me; she was lost. Hopefully she will be here shortly.

Dinner out got changed to tonight due to our fave Indian place being closed on Tuesdays. Whoops. Intead I went to Dan Murphy's & stocked up as well as going to the shopping centre next door. I've only been to it once before (Watergardens) hoping finish my Christmas shopping. I think I only have to find something for my Dad's Santa stocking. I am not supposed to buy for my parents, BUT anyone who stays at my house on Christmas Eve gets a Santa stocking. No ifs or Buts!

I have one birthday present left to find for one of my besties who arrives home from Hong Kong on Friday night (also her birthday). I have been struggling with her gift! What do you buy someone who lives in one of the fashion capitals of the world, who jet sets for work, has a high disposable income & a very unique taste in clothes & jewelry & who does not like to take "stuff" back in her luggage to Honkers where she lives! I did find a book, but that's a bit Ho Hum.

Then I remembered that last year when she was over, 3 of us girls (plus plumbing boy) had a night here where I got out the camera & we took over 100 photo's just mucking about & posing. Some of them are really good, so that is the plan - framed photo(s). Am hoping to find something a bit unique that will fit a large & a couple of smaller ones (have done this before for another friend).

Yippee! My client finally made it & paid up her $$$ although she was 10 cents short. Time to get sorted for dinner me thinks :0)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Friday nights work Christmas Party went well. Everyone mingled & I was suitably (or unsuitably, depending on how you look at it) plastered. Am pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves & this year was a nice mix of blokes & chicks. Usually there are predominately blokes & only a couple of us girlys.

Saturday we were woken up at the crack of dawn (or felt like it considering we got to bed at 2.30am) by a customer wanting a job done. We had to leave by 10am to get to the other side of Melbourne to pick up an ebay purchase before 12, then to visit friends in Parkdale for the arvo & early dinner. Our friends have 2 kids, a 4 year old boy & a 2 1/2 year old daughter. The little boy is quite timid, but the little girl is really gung ho & took a shining to Plumbing Boy, clambering all over him wanting him to play with her. The funniest was when she wanted HIM to brush her teeth before bed. Poor lad. Scarred for life!

Sunday was household chores & Christmas shopping. Bah. The shopping centre was feral after the crap weather in Melbourne. Most shops were 10 deep at the counter & had to wait ages for each purchase.

I guess it really is a stressful time of year for a lot of people. I have noticed a fair amount of grumpiness around me - customers all want things done at the last minute, Plumbing Boy stressed trying to get it all done. I am trying to maintain a happy disposition, however the telly marketer who called at 6.30pm last night copped it, after 5 minutes of repeating myself I asked him "what part about everyone has gone home for the night you need to call back during business hours do you not understand".

I plugged in my Christmas tree Sunday morning. It is a really groovy fibre optic one & I loves it. Found the other paraphernalia that has not migrated to office decorations & put them out too. I have started torturing people by playing Christmas Carols in the office & I even wished someone a merry Christmas over the phone today.

No exercise has happened since my excellent walk/run last week. Am feeling like a big fat pudding. Do I need to tell you on Saturday I had a bacon & egg toastie for breaky, a meat pie for lunch & fish n chips for dinner! No bloody wonder I feel gross. It was bad enough detoxing all the booze I drank Friday night without ODing on the grease Saturday. And we are out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow night I really have to get the last of my Christmas shopping done, so maybe Thursday????

Hope the festive season is happily amongst you all & the Grinch's are kept at bay :0)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Are you sure it is not Monday?

Pinjata Santa from Last Saturday Night.

Blogger just ate half my post! Grrrr!!!! Are you sure it is not Monday? My phone has been ringing off the hook today. I am on my own Mondays & Fridays & generally Monday is the day I get no work done & just answer the phone all day; Friday I get heaps of work done because there is no-one here to interrupt me & the phone isn't to crazy. Not today. Perhaps it is a sign that I should not blog at work!

Speaking of work, I am trapped here! We are in a small industrial estate with one road in/one road out. At around 8.30am the fire alarm went off at the factory across the road. We figured it was a fire drill as no smoke. 2 fire trucks showed up though. We just found out there is a massive gas leak & the road is closed! No-one can come in or out for we don't know how long. Luckily a couple of other factory's have rear entrances onto our street & front entrances onto the main road who we know well enough & should let us drive through. The factory across the road has been evacuated & all the workers have been standing out in the rear car park since 8.30am (it is 10.30am as I am typing).

Had a few funny things happen yesterday. As follows are 2 x written quotes from 2 x different customers; then some entertainment from one of our staff members.

“the guy with the funny hair cut knows his stuff. thanks!” (plumbing boy has dreadlocks)

“sorry for the late payment, thank you for your patients”


Yesterday afternoon I saw one of my staff members, with both hands down the front of his work pants apparently “rescuing his falling down undies”. Of course when he realized I could see him he quickly turned his back in embarrassment. Mind you, he was standing in the middle of our office/showroom. I had to ask him if he was right & if his “bits” were ok, as I thought he was either removing them or putting them back into his trousers! Then of course I had the giggles for the next hour. When my co-worker mentioned a “slip of the finger” (about keying information into a telephone) I lost it again. Completely. I laughed so hard I cried.


Had a great session at the gym last night on the tready involving 2 minute interval running & walking. I got my running up to sprints & concluded the 60 minute session with a 5 minute jog. I felt great afterwards & even wanted fruit & cereal for breaky this morning.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend where ever you are & that the universe is kind to you :0)

***edit 10.55am, workers back to work & road is open!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I did not go to the gym last night. It became clear by mid afternoon I wasn't going to pump anyway, my shoulders were really really sore from Yoga! We had a bit of a "get you dog pose right" session which meant extra for me as I was the volunteer on which Claire showed the class the good & the bad in everyone. I had to hold the position for a long time! Next my business software glitched & I could not (read still cannot) reconcile my banking! Have emailed off my data to support this morning after spending a while with them on the phone late yesterday. The long & the short is that I CHOSE a hot bath & a glass of red rather than the exercise. I also got all that ironing done :0)

My cat caught another mouse on Monday night. She's been averaging 3 a week for some time now. She usually delivers them somewhere between midnight & 4am; mostly they are cactus by the time she brings them up to me & I wrap them in newspaper & bin them. On the odd occasion when they are still surviving, I set them free, keeping Rosy inside. Yeah Yeah I know it kind of defeats the purpose, but I can't stand hearing her slowly kill them & I'm just not up to mousey murder myself. Anyhoo. The one on Monday night was still way to feisty for me to catch (there was shrieking as it ran up the newspaper towards me!), so I went back to bed. I was so tired I went straight back to sleep & thankfully could not hear the poor mousey torture. I woke up to Rosy siting, nay, laying on my pillow with her nose 5mm from my face. EWWWWW Mousey germs & Mousey breath!!!!!! Why is it when she is clean & mouse free she won't sleep with me, but when she's infested with mouse germs she wants to sleep on my head????? Needless to say my pillow case has been wash & pillow aired out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day old Smoothie

I love my chiropractor. If anyone in the western suburbs of Melbourne is looking for a chiro, I can thoroughly recommend Tas from Innate Natural Therapy's. I had my monthly adjustment last night. He said that my shoulder blade area was all locked up & enquired as to how my digestion had been & if I'd been feeling bloated. BINGO! I'd been feeling fat & bloated & disgusting for a week. Just figured I'd over done it in the food & booze dept. Tas is doing his post grad or masters (I can never remember which) on the nervous system, & reminded me about how the nervous system affects everything & when my spine is out, the nervous system is blocked & therefore can affect things such as my gall bladder, digestion etc. Tas also unlocked my ankles which will help with my running.

When I arrived at yoga, after my chiro appointment I asked Claire if she knew any poses off the top of her head to help with digestion & gall bladder, any twist will do she said! We generally do lots of twists anyway, so I am feeling a lot better today. Although that said, I just drank the 2nd half of the smoothie I made for breakfast yesterday & now I feel sick. Day old banana, yogurt, LSA, milk & chocolate isn't sitting too well.

I was a good girl & went to the gym Monday night. I walked for 15 minutes to warm up then did intervals of 5 minutes walk & run, decreasing to 2 minute intervals for the last 10 & increased the running speed. Then did a 25 minute cycle. I was on phone duty for work so didn't go to pump. Worked up a mighty fine sweat though. Last night was Yoga & am feeling it today. We did a few advanced moves which challenged me. Our instructor is splitting the classes in to Level 1 & Level 2 next year & adding more classes to the time table. I am good to do level 2 so that means I can still go to the early Tuesday night class & in addition can do the 8am Saturday morning class. It wont finish in time for Pump, but I think 2 yoga classes a week will be beneficial. If I sleep in I can go to pump instead!

Tonight's plan is a walk/run followed by Pump. Thursday night probably a walk/run & a cycle. Same again for Friday night. Friday night is our work Christmas Party so will keep it simple to be home in time to "frock up" & get to the venue a smidge early to set up some Christmas decorations on the table.

My sore throat has subsided, but still feel like I could sleep for a week! Happy Hump day to all & sundry :0)

Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Christmas gatherings down..............

Well. I have been extremely useless in the exercise department despite my resolve to join Miss M & exercise every day that I could. I am pretty sure I didn't go to the gym at all last week & my middle has gone wobbly again. Or perhaps that should be wobblier. It was starting to feel a little toned last week. Alas, gone.

I am about to go for a walk & a cycle even though I've been trying to get out of it (in my head) since breakfast. My throat is actually sore & I am cactus after a very late Saturday night/morning. BUT. Plumbing Boy is working til 11pm ish tonight so it really would be incredibly slack of me to just lay on the couch.

To be honest I canae remember what happened last week other than a lot of work. Big tender due in, end of month debtor invoices, end of month creditor payments, happy christmas flyers for all & sundry.

Cooked Friday night for a dinner Saturday night - I had to bring potato salad & a special desert for a dinner party of 12 adults plus 12 kids. I did feel a bit spesh on the night when the other people who were to bring a desert bought a mud cake from safeway; a mud cake from Leo's; & 4 boxes of streets Vienetta's. Other than the host who made a Pav, mine was the only home made one! It also helps that I like to cook. I may have even blogged about this desert that I created for Christmas last year already, but basically I made chocolate cups using silicone moulds, filled them with a lemony marscapone cheese filling, topped them with a balsamic & blueberry/raspberry brew. I got lots of ooh's & ahh's & requests for the recipe; it felt good! Or perhaps that was the champers!

Sunday was spent with the same friends who hosted the dinner party (we slept over) pottering about their place, laying on the trampoline in the sunshine, hanging a gate, hooking up a pump (well, the boys did the jobs & the girls & the kids did the laying on the trampoline); a bit of Christmas shopping & watching a DVD. It did feel like a bit of a waste of a day, but really, we all need days where we just enjoy being with friends & sharing time & conversation. The ironing just has to wait.

OK, better go & do that exercise :0)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


  • Made it to the Gym Thursday night for a 30 min Walk/Run & a 30 min cycle. I must have worked hard as I was drenched in sweat!

  • Rocky Horror Friday night was excellent; Franknfurter rocked the house. My friend Richard is far more eloquent than I & you can read his review here. We had dinner in China Town first which was also excellent, but the restaurant we went to was a lot more western than I remember. Since when has traditional Chinese food had tinned pineapple in it? They did make us garlic spinach so I was happy.
  • Pump & Attack Saturday: my knee wasn't sore this time & I was able to throw myself a little more into the Attack class. That said, my foot was a little sore even though I didn't do any of they plyometrics, tuck jumps or star jumps. I still need to be careful & build up slowly. I did get invited out for coffee again & went. One of the guys is the instructors husband, so went with the instructor, her hubby & his sister. Usually the Pump instructor goes too, plus the other guy, but they were both away & we had a fill in pump instructor. It was nice to meet some new people; & the instructor outside the gym environment.

  • Unexpected dinner out Saturday night. Was lovely, but expensive. I had a sore head Sunday & did not go to the gym.

  • Nor have I gymed Monday or last night. End of month is busy & especially coming up to Christmas, need to send out all our invoices! We also have a big tender due in today.

  • I do hope to exercise tonight, Thursday, Friday & Saturday!

  • I jumped on the scales Monday night before dinner & was horrified. Tuesday morning I jumped on again & was 3kg less. Must have been bloated & retaining fluid to the max. That big bathroom stop must have helped too! A 3kg fluctuation in 12 hours is pretty amazing though.

  • Wedding - despite my hungover state I did manage to make up a save the date card. The only comment I got from Plumbing Boy was "looks good". I'm going to sit him down on Friday night & give him 2 dates to choose from. More then I guess. Oh. I'm kind of veering away from using a venue at the moment (in my head anyway). I'm wondering if we can hire a house or 2 houses side by side, with beach frontage & a swimming pool & cater for it ourselves. So long as there is somewhere for a dance floor I think this could really work. I know it can be a lot of work, but I am thinking that a casual do is really more our style. Chuck a couple of prawns on the Barby mate..............