Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All Quiet on the Western Front.

Well, kind of.

The 40th Saturday night was a hoot. It was in a function room above a restaurant & they pushed all the tables together & managed to seat 40 of us at the one big table. The birthday boy is a bit of a colourful lad & the speeches were highly entertaining. Made it home at 3am, via a kebab stand!

Sunday was recovery in front of the fire due to the shitty weather. I did a bit more of my knitting project (half way there now!); watched a couple of DVD's & generally had a very lazy day.

Monday I worked from 6.30am to 8pm. Sacrificed going to the gym to tidy up a big project we have completed - needed to get all the variations in so we can get paid. 19 of the suckers in all, although 5 had been invoiced earlier in the project. Plumbers are notoriously bad at doing paper work, so I had to scour the job costings for anything out of the ordinary, unusual size & quantity materials to give me clues on the variations I hadn't already noted down. Fun.

Yoga last night was great. We did shoulder stands. I'd not done them at this studio yet & managed to do it quite easily, although after a minute or so in position, I started to get the wobbles up.

Tonight I am out for dinner & to see my cousin James' Uni Showcase. He is studying at a music place in South Melbourne (not VCA) & tonight the school will be showcasing their years work. Hopefully James will play the RHCP number he did a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday night will be gym - run & cycle.

Friday night - work social club Rocky Horror live show - that will be hilarious! I've never seen it live & am looking forward to it.

Saturday - will do pump & if knees feel OK will stay for attack. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be my own! Not sure if Plumbing Boy is dirt bike riding or not. We have been invited our for dinner in the city at the Langham, but to be perfectly honest I think I'd rather stay home. We are seeing these friends the following weekend anyway.


Nothing happening there. Plumbing Boy got pounded on Saturday night about not choosing a date. Everyone told me to just organise it & he'll show up. Right. That said, I think I will make up a mock invitation based on PD on the weekend. I want to do a save a date thing before Christmas, or could even send out with Christmas cards. The formal invites I want to do like a menu booklet, with the invitation on the first page, then pages for how to get there, accommodation, activities, itineraries (different ones for different people eg bridal party will be different to everyone else), things to bring etc & bind it all with ribbons. That's kind of how I see it in my head anyhow. It might be harder to actually make it, but will see how I go.

Other than that I worked backwards from the date I am looking at in June 09 for hair cut & colours & realised I will only fit in 4 more appointments between now & then! If we do get married in PD I won't be able to use my regular hairdresser. I was thinking I should do trials with him & take photo's. I suspect Jax could probably do it herself, considering she worked there, & if she has a practice with Alex we should be sweet. I don't want anything too fancy. I want to look like myself & will probably go for a half up half down look. Don't want put pressure on Jax though, although if the hair dresser up their does it "wrong" look out - Jax will not be happy!

Happy Hump Day to you all. Hope it's not too bumpy :0)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grumble & Grin

Sat down to do a "things I like about Thursday" post, but found I couldn't start til I get the grumble out of the way first!


1. The shades of grey in the sky today is how I feel. What is it with this weather! We could be back in the middle of winter! It's cold & grey & gloomy. We are going to a 40th Saturday night & the forecast for Saturday is a top of 16 degrees.

2. Feeling like a slug after eating too much for lunch. I didn't really need the home made dim sim on top of my beautiful Chicken Burger as well as the free potato cake. Fatty Boombah.

3. Tiredness. I cannot get enough sleep lately. If I could fit on Miss Rosy's princess pillow (or shove her off first) I recon I could curl up & have a nap.

4. The new Monday night Body Attack class has already been cancelled at my gym so I found out last night! The first week it was advertised it didn't run. Apparently the new instructor won't be available until December. Just in time for the Christmas shut down!

OK That's enough Grumble.

Here's the Grin............

1. 40th Birthday Party coming up on Saturday night. Will be a good opportunity to catch up with some fine people & I am really looking forward to it!

2. Jax is taking me shopping on Saturday for new Jeans (& I need a new top too to wear on Saturday night) hopefully that will be successful & fun! Although I have tried on Jeans everywhere at Knifepoint & they are all just revolting. Or perhaps the jeans are OK, just my muffin hanging out over the top that makes them so gross.

3. That we didn't go to Son of Deep Blue Sea for lunch today otherwise I would have eaten chips as well as the rest! Yay for Deep Blue Sea who do not do burger packs with chips!

4. My muscles today! I can really feel last nights work out - THT followed by Pump. Worked hard in both. THT instructor is just a dag, very 80's, would probably wear leg warmers if she could. The Pump instructor is older again, so you feel like the instructors are more there for you than just the young beautiful people! Dear god. Did I just put myself in the fuggly old people pile???? Best we be knocking that on the head!

5. Knitting! Did I tell you I started a knitting project? Elderly? Me? Now that I have the right needles & the hang of what I am doing, I should be right. Tonight I am starting it for the 4th time! I am supposed to have 32 stitches & ended up with 52 a ball in last time. I am using telegraph pole size needles & had the tension too tight. It will be scarlet red shawl/wrap thang. Will post photo's on completion. I've only ever knitted a scarf before.

6. Kings of Leon. Still loving them.

7. John Marsden "Tomorrow Series". Legendary stuff. Yes it is written for teenagers but I cannot put it down! Just finished book 5 last night. I need to slow down or the story will be finished too soon!

8. Tass, my Chiropractor who seems to have fixed Plumbing Boy's back last night! He'd been moaning about it for a week & finally stated yesterday that he needed to go to a Chiro, so I booked him in & he went. On Tass' recommendation, I am hiring him a Pilate's DVD on the weekend - apparently it will help with core stability for his dirt bike riding. Interesting.

9. Chief Mouser. I am always proud when she's caught a mouse & brings it to show me! Although I always feel sorry for the poor mousy & if they are still alive I try to set the little buggers free. Does anyone else do this??? Last night she punctured it's guts so no luck. Wrapped him/her in newspaper & laid to rest in the bin. Poor Mousy. Rosy was dark & I could hear her rummaging around for ages looking for it.

10. Plumbing Boy. I overhead him telling the wife of the Saturday nights Birthday Boy that we are getting married (I could hear miss Janey shrieking in excitement 3 metres away from the phone); he told her we were at cash converters last weekend & picked out a ring. He makes me laugh every single day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kings of Leon

Kings Of Leon Rock!

I’m really into the Kings of Leon this week. Have been loving their “Sex on Fire” single, then heard their new single “Use Somebody” last week & had to go out & get the album. Have had in on high rotation since Friday.

Gymed Saturday morning – the plan was to do a 20 – 30 minute cycle, go to Body Pump, then do a 20 – 30 minute walk with 4 or 5 2 minute run intervals (apparently I have to get my feet, knees & ankles used to running again). I did a 20 minute cycle, then the pump class. The pump instructor was promoting the Body Attack class following & in a split second, I decided to stay. Not sure if it was a good or bad thing. I spoke to the instructor prior to the class & she advised me not to do any of the jumping or plyometrics, just do something low impact. My foot felt OK, but I must have been compensating with the opposite leg because my left knee got very sore! Bugger it. It is still a bit sore today. If I make it tonight I will do Pump & maybe a cycle or walk. Plumbing Boy is quite busy today & has a quote that must go out tonight, so I may have to stay back & do that instead.

There were a couple of guys in the Attack class Saturday, they both did Pump first as well. I was doing a couple of extra calf stretches after the class & overheard one guy call out to the other Coffee? The second guy said you bet, the first guy said maybe beer! To which of course I laughed out loud! Guy 2 said that’s the only reason I come to this class, for the coffee afterward! Would you like to join us? I declined saying I had stuff to do but maybe next time. How sweet! It’s been ages since a random stranger in a gym has been so friendly. It put a smile on my dial.

Wedding Stuff:
Looks like Plumbing Boy is leaning towards our original idea – Port Douglas! We were at friends Saturday night & he mentioned it to them. They thought it was a great idea! Mandy grabbed the paper Sunday morning & was already looking for a 3 night accommodation deal saying they’d leave their daughter with her Mum & have a weekend away to themselves! Such a positive response has helped I think! Their only request was we give them plenty of notice!

I know I shouldn’t worry about the cost to other people, but I had been concerned. If I am completely honest, it’s not so much that some family couldn’t afford it, it is more that they’d begrudge spending the $$$. That said, do I really want them there if that is how they feel???? Then again, I don’t want to make it unaffordable either. I think it is sitting more comfortably with me know knowing that those friends in particular don’t have a problem with the $$$ side of it & are looking at it as a getaway for themselves.

I’d love to have a swish reception, but costs can be pretty dramatic. I’d rather spend the money on the honeymoon. So. I think we have found somewhere that will suit us for the reception. The Combined Club. It is a local club/pub for the sailing/boating community, known to the locals as the Tin Shed. I don’t know if they even do wedding receptions, but my Cousin lives up there & is a member of an associated club so I think it can be arranged. It is like an RSL club, fairly basic looking with your basic pub grub, but has a fabulous outdoor area with a balcony overlooking Dickson Inlet that is perfect at sunset! We actually spent this year’s Australia Day there after my cousin’s paddle comp. Plumbing Boy even entered the broom throwing competition.

Anyhoo. Plumbing Boy is not ready to commit to a place or date yet, so I'll have to wait & see!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Courtesy of Miss Milo,

1. Grilled Chicken Burger with Chili Sauce! Thursday is the day we buy our lunch at my work, 95% of the time I have a Grilled Chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo & chili sauce & it is very ddelicious indeed! I've just scoffed one now.

2. 30 degree days! 3rd in a row. love the warmer weather.

3. Mango's! I've had 1/2 a mango with a dash of bircher muesli every morning this week for breaky. mmmmmmm

4. Home grown Strawberries. A co-worker bought some in out of his garden yesterday. They were humongous, as well as so sweet & juicy!

5. Home laid eggs from the same co-worker. He's been bringing me in a dozen a week for the past month or so & they are soooooo much better than the shop bought ones.

Anyone would think all I do is eat! Love my tucker!

6. My newly devised company policy to get ride of telephone advertising/marketers (sorry if anyone reading is one). We get a minimum of 10 cold calls every day trying to flog us stuff. Unless they can leave there name & number, we are not interested. Company Policy you see :0)

7. The amplifier in my cat. I swear someone has installed an amplifier in her. She's been purring so loudly! Love it when she snuggles up to me & purrs her head off.

8. Yoga class. Tuesday night. 6.15pm. Rocks.

9. Port Fairy Folk Festival. Ticket offer arrived today. Application already in the envelope with a stamped self addressed enclosed as per instructions for them to send me back my tix.

10. Plumbing boy taking pity on me Sunday arvo & going out for Indian takeaway. I was so hung over. I was going to heat up something out of the freezer, but he volunteered to go so I didn't have to cook. Of course he would much rather have had something out of the Freezer than Indian from our beloved Aangan! What a Gem he can be.

11. Miss Milo's tips on surviving the silly season :0)

Yes indeed! The silly season has begun. I heard Christmas Carols in the supermarket Tuesday night & caught myself singing along!

Monday, November 10, 2008

By Request

Me this morning, looking a bit worse for wear after a big weekend.



While I had my hands on my camera I took photo's of some of the artwork I have in my office I've previously mentioned :0)

"Gary Ablett" carved out of a palm frond by Timothy James Webb

"Michael Mansfield" plywood sculpture by Timothy James Webb

Weekend was huge, spent most of yesterday recovering on the couch. I need another Sunday to catch up! Friday night I went into the city & picked up my ring, Jax met me in there. We came home & celebrated her year end exams till the wee hours of the morning. Saturday night I went to a friends 40th in South Yarra. I hitched a ride with the birthday girl & another friend so left home at 4pm as we had to be over there to help with the pre party set up. Plumbing Boy had a bit of a cold & had a big bike ride on Sunday, so he didn't come out. Luckily, as I arrived home at 4am looking worse for wear. Tonight I've got Jax's brother's end of year music performance at the Laundry in Fitzroy. If I an manage to keep my peepers open it should be fun!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Nothing like a new piece of electronic equipment to bamboozle the fuck out of me!

Our DVD player died on Saturday arvo. After the shops had shut. After wasting ½ hr in the DVD store, choosing 3 x overnight/3 night/7 night DVD’s & 2 x weeklies coz that’s what you’ve gotta do to get the Friday/Saturday deal. Gotta have the deal!

Saturday arvo/evening TV sucks & I love, love, love my DVD’s! Woe was me. We ended up playing old random unlabeled videos until something took our fancy: a film I’d taped off SBS called “The Boy’s” directed by & staring David Wenham as well as a young Toni Collette; followed by a documentary on “The King" of Television. I think it was filmed & aired not long before he died.

Plumbing Boy bless him took me shopping Sunday arvo for a new DVD player, despite having put a deposit on a RING Friday night (& still being in shock at the price of Real jewelry). We’ve now got a shiny new DVD player/recorder with digital tuner.

Our old DVD player did not come with installation instructions. I kid you not. It had one picture & no words. Such is the quality of the supermarket DVD player. It took me 5 phone calls to our work IT guy to make the old one work.

I’m thinking the new one will be easy to hook up! Unplug the cables from the old player straight into the same ports on the new player & ta da! Done. Sadly not. They were quite different you see. The old player had many cables- 12 in fact to connect it to the TV & surround sound amplifier.

Well. It took me 2 hours to get new one to bloody work. I am not sure if this is an improvement or not, but at least I didn’t have to “phone a friend” this time. Plumbing Boy sat calmly reading his brand spanking 2nd edition of “Modern Hydronic Heating for Residential & Light Commercial Buildings” (dork) while I cursed, battled cables & instructions, & burned my arm on the lamp I needed to contort myself to see all the connections required!

The back of our TV looks nothing like the picture in the big instruction book, but vaguely like one of the possible 5 set ups in the quick instruction sheet. The new DVD didn’t need all the amplifier connections the old one did either, so I only needed 6 cables in total!

I persevered & won the battle! Finally. We now have digital TV too! Very exciting! Although we still don’t have ABC 2 & the other channel 10. Perhaps a project for tomorrow.