Friday, October 24, 2008


Thanks Miss Milo!

Like you, not sure that these things will be particularly interesting to anyone, but here goes.

1. I also have a banana story! I gave up eating banana's at the age of 4. I can vividly remember the incident. Mum had given me a banana to eat for afternoon tea & I was on the way out with my Dad to round up the calves for feeding. I didn't want the one she'd given me because I thought it would be mushy. I was pretty much told to shut up & eat what I was given. I can remember putting off eating it until Dad must have said hurry up. I was in the paddock & I took a bite. So far so good. The next bite had a big brown mushy patch & I gagged on it, then proceeded to upchuck everything in my belly. Just the smell of them made me want to puke for many years to come. I did not eat a banana again until the age of 36. Now I eat probably 5 a week.

2. I scar easily. I have a massive appendix scar that is 1 centimetre wide (I kid you not) & 8 centimetres long. There are even little dot scars on either side where the stitches were. My neighbour had her appendix out the same year by the same doctor & had your regular 1 - 2mm wide scar.

3. I can play the piano. Fairly rustily now. I took lessons for 10 years, passing grade 4 practical & theory. I have not played regularly since then. Mum sent my piano up to me when they moved off the farm into town. It currently lives in the lunch room at work as we don't have the space for it. One day when have a real house, I will have it tuned & get back into it again.

4. I sleep on the right side of the bed as you look at if from the foot. Always. I decided when I was a teenager in a fit of rage against my Mum that no way was I gonna sleep on the same side of the bed as her.

5. I got stuck in a tree when I was 4. My Dad had to climb up & rescue me.

6. I still eat sunny boys! In summer, & Razz's in particular (the red ones). I loved them when I discovered them as a teenager. Although they are somewhat smaller now than they used to be & I've not seen a "free" since 1988. Our school bus driver Morrey, used to let us off the bus opposite the milkbar on route to the local primary school pick up. A couple of us would race across the highway & over to the milk bar, purchase ice creams/iceypoles & lollies for anyone who wanted them including Morrey, then run the 1/2km round to the pick up spot at the catholic primary school & get back on the bus. Every year we'd get in trouble from our school as you need parental permission to get off the bus anywhere other than home or school. We'd have have to cool it for a week or 2, then we'd start up again: it was Morrey's afternoon tea afterall! I was able to make my Razz last the whole 40 minute journey. I recon if you looked now you'd find a Razz left over from last summer in my freezer!

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular, but please feel free to consider yourself tagged (if you've not already been tagged) & do this if you can be shagged!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Muck Up

I have been watching with interest the muck up day saga that is unfolding in Melbourne at the moment. You can read about some of it here, here & here.

For those who know nothing, from what I have read, at a particular private boys school, some sort of sporting game "got out of hand" resulting in a student receiving multiple leg fractures. This same student had previously been bullied & after this incident the entire year 12 class was suspended for a few days.

The class OR some of the students rebelled in the form of “muck up” by drunken(?) vandalism in the local suburb of Kew allegedly jumping on cars, one of which allegedly received $5,000-00 worth of damage.

I have heard radio interviews branding this year 12 group the “the worst year 12 in 30 years” at the school, prior to the muck up incident.

I suspect we do not have all the facts yet, but regardless of the muck up incident, it does seem clear that there has been systematic bullying towards at least one student at this school, which I certainly do not condone.

It got me thinking about my own year 12 muck up day & how our behavior would have been considered at the time. I have no idea; I was completely oblivious to it. I wonder if today’s kids are as well?

Of our original 63 student intake in year 7, 21 of us made it through to year 12 at my Victorian country high school. The total student population at our school then was around 365.

We were given a stern lecture prior by the deputy principal, head mistress & year 12 coordinator about acceptable behavior on our last day of school. I really can’t recall what they said & I doubt it had any impact on our plans.

I lived a 45 minute bus ride away from school, but stayed in town the night before at my grandfather’s house in preparation. We all dressed up in crazy shorts (some of the girls wore tights underneath) with white shirts & suit jackets. Some of us wore crazy hats as well.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I've yet to figure out how to scan & edit photo's properly.

This is our year 12 on muck up day. I am centre middle row.

As we were few, we split up to carry out our missions. Some of us went around to our teachers homes & put honey on all the gate handles & fence railings as well as putting vegemite &/or peanut butter under the door handles of their cars.

One of us left a window ajar in a store room adjoining the graphic’s room (I think this narrows it down to about 5 students now!) so that we could break in & decorate various lockers, toilets etc with more steamers & balloons & possibly even a few flour bombs. It was a while ago.

Our crowning glory was stealing our year level coordinators bike which he rode to school every day, decorating it with streamers & balloons before hoisting it up the flag pole in the quadrangle assembly area.

We all met up afterwards at the rotunda in the main street for a chicken & champagne breakfast. The champagne then was more commonly known as spewmante (spumante) or 2 buck chuck & chuck indeed I think a few of us did. I had only just turned 18 & hadn’t acclimatized myself to booze having strict non drinking parents. We then wandered off to school in full attire.

Yes I am sure we made a lot of noise in the early hours of the morning, possibly waking residents. Yes, we probably did display a little drunken behavior. Yes we did break into the school. Yes we did steal a bike. I’m not sure our honey, vegemite or peanut butter stunts actually damaged any motor vehicle or gate.

With all the pressure leading up to exams, I think students do need to release some of that pent up tension. I guess what it comes down to is the morals(?) or sensibilities of the students at the time as to what they do, what boundaries they push & harm the inflict on others. I guess my year 12 muck up day was pretty tame; although we all thought we were pretty clever & sophisticated back then (1988)!

What did you do?

Monday, October 20, 2008


We've watched a few episodes of Dr Who on free to air recently, & who should appear, but Captain Jack. I'd never seen an episode of Torchwood before, but had heard good things. I went to the video store on Friday night & what did they have a special on? TV Box sets, $9.95 for 3 nights. What box set did I get? Yes, Torchwood. Plumbing boy was off riding his dirt bike for the weekend, so I hung out with Torchwood a fair bit. I managed to watch all of series 1 & I want more!!!!

Life was somewhat chaotic last week. We landed a large, important, impromptu job Tuesday/Wednesday, that resulted in 70% of our work force being required Thursday, Friday & today, for completion by 4pm today. So far so good. But it required a lot of organisation, hire plant & equipment. Plumbing Boy was quite stressed. Between that & getting him ready for his weekend away, meant little exercise for me. I was on phone duty over the weekend as well (we run a 24/7 business) & our new plumber was on standby. As we were quite busy, I didn't do any exercise then either. I could have gone for a walk, but to be honest, couldn't be shagged.

I took Rosy to the vet on Saturday morning for her annual check up - the poor possum has lost a few teeth. I am such a bad mamma I didn't even notice! Not that I regularly look in her mouth. It seems to have had no effect on her play fighting. It does explain why she has become such a messy eater though - in the last month or so, she's regularly been dropping her food into her water bowl, so much so that I've moved it a foot or so away from her food bowl. The food must be falling out where her teeth are missing! Might have to put a place mat under her bowl if she gets any worse.

On the upside, she's finally lost weight! 300 grams. Every year for the past 5 she's put on weight & Dr Murray has restricted her diet, then she puts on more weight, then we reduce the food again! I was convinced she has another food source. Perhaps she's slowing down a little & cant catch the mouseys as well. She'll be 10 this Christmas. Otherwise, Dr Murray was very happy with my little stray cat.

For those don't know, Plumbing Boy found my cat on an industrial factory site not quite 10 years ago. The workers had caught her & were about to wring her neck. He stepped in & said he knew someone who'd take her. On Inspection Dr Murray thought she was about 6 months old, malnourished & possibly the runt of the litter. After a bit of constipation, he xrayed her to find she's had a break in her back at the base of her tail; possibly from hiding under a pallet on the industrial site. This affected her ability to poop, so she's always been on a preventative diet; but other than that has been very healthy.

She couldn't jump up onto the couch when I took her home - the break must have been fairly recent & still causing her pain. I think it took a full year before she climbed the fence (1.8m) & then another 6 months before she climbed a tree. After that she's pretty much been like your average moggy. I love that damn furball to pieces!!! (sorry all you non cat people!)

I pretty much spent the rest of the weekend pottering about the house. Had a cook up for the freezer - made a big pot of spag bog n veg pasta sauce, then made kind of a lasagna using macaroni pasta & layering it with the sauce, roast pumpkin & egg plant & a bit cheese. I also made lamb curry. It's all in the freezer now as Plumbing Boy brought home a heap of meat from his weekend away that had to be cooked up last night. I think we will be eating coleslaw with wings & ribs for dinner & coleslaw & cold BBQ chicken for lunch for the next 3 days! I turned the chicken skewers into green curry so can freeze that!

Hoping this week will be a little calmer so I can get back into rocktober! Weights tonight, Yoga tomorrow (that will be 3 weeks in a row!!!) & as my calves have recovered from step 2 weeks ago, will give that another bash Wednesday night.

Again, thanks for all your lovely comments on our engagement! I am hoping to go ring shopping next weekend here. I am liking the white gold or platinum, single or 3 setting diamond, not to big though - I want something fairly unobtrusive & dainty. Will have to see how the budget goes :0) Plumbing Boy wants to come too, so that will be interesting. He's still not sure why he has to have a ring himself & why I need 2! Perhaps we don't really need wedding bands as such. Maybe we can exchange cheezels on the day. Whadya recon?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Otherwise Engaged


Is Plumbing Boy & I.

It seems quite surreal.

Back in May on our annual holiday, we made some plans for the future which involved us deciding on finally getting married. It was our 16th anniversary on Friday. Plumbing boy decided he wanted to do the traditional thing & ask my Dad first, so I have been patiently, then impatiently, then patiently again, waiting. Since May.

Mum & Dad were all packed up & ready to go Sunday morning (about 3 weeks ago) & had waited for Plumbing boy to come back from a job so they could say farewell. We were sitting around having a cuppa & a chat; we were actually taking about the demise of several relationships over the years amongst other family members, when plumbing boy says, “on that note, we might try & improve the odds. I’d been hoping to get (Dad) on his own, but since you both pretty much do everything together, I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you that we decided back in May, that we’d like to get married but before we do, I wanted to ask your permission I suppose, to become your son in law”. Mum was shocked (she’s been waiting a long time) & didn’t say a word. Dad chuckled & said off course. Mum, with a tear in her eye then said “we already consider you our son in law, but that is wonderful news”.

Every now & then when I remember, my heart flutters & a silly grin appears on my face; other times, like I said, it is quite surreal.

We had no real plan of who to tell & when, although we asked Mum & Dad to keep it under their hats til I saw my sis & niece, after which they could tell who they liked.

We really had no idea how to tell the rest of the family - whether we were supposed to call them all, or let the grapevine do its job! Decided to let the grapevine do its thing since Mum was so excited. We still haven’t told all our work colleagues/staff.

It’s been kind of strange telling people. I was really nervous a couple of times, I don’t know why! We’ve had a few interesting responses like "are you pregnant?". I suppose I’ve thought that about other people in the past, but would never say it out loud! I’m not (preggers) in case you were wondering!

We haven’t gone ring shopping yet – although I’ve been looking on line :0). We figured we’d let anyone else we’ve not told work it out via the ring I guess. Although one of my cousins finally left me a big “congratulations” on my face book wall, so changed my profile to engaged in case everyone did start to think I was preggers!!! Of course a few of you out there did notice :0)

How did you tell your friends/family when you got engaged?

I’ve always wanted to just elope; but after mentioning it to the (future) mother in law one day her response was “that’s the worst thing you could possibly do to your family” we decided we can’t, as she lost her other child before he married, so Plumbing Boy’s it.

So. Now I got a wedding to plan. All tips, entertaining stories, what went right or wrong stories are welcome!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I didn't realise I was so unfit! I went to a Body Step class last night & huffed & puffed my way through. By the 2nd last track my legs were like lead weights & I had no spring in my step: it was all I could do to lift my feet up & onto the step. I used to do this class with 2 blocks under my step, back to back with either a Body Combat or Body Attack Class. Far out. I did have one block under my step, perhaps I should have started with none!

I was talking to a girlfriend recently who's developed a bit of friendly rivalry with another friend to loose weight & get below 60kgs. The other girl has already lost something like 15kgs & is about the same weight as my friend now. When asked how she did it, she said that she that she was exercising like a MoFo & really watched what she ate. She wont eat out at all at the moment. She commented that she was lucky to work from home having flexible hours & that if she had a regular 9 - 5 job, there is no way she'd be able to be so committed to her "project" (as she calls it).

I understand where she is coming from. Reflecting back on the year I trained like a mofo with Kym, I was totally consumed by exercising. Sure I went to work every day, but was really only doing the basics. No improvements were made in our work processes, I wasn't helping Plumbing Boy as much as I could & our personal relationship really suffered because we didn't spend any time together outside of work. I was always at the gym. We were training 2 - 3 hours most nights & more on weekends. I did get a buzz out of all that training & I did see results: my body was certainly fitter & leaner.

I can already see Plumbing Boy getting a little shirty perhaps; while he is still slaving away in the office I am off at the gym. I did offer to stay & help him last night, but unfortunately, it's all stuff he needs to do himself.

Instead of going to the gym tonight I'm going to stay in & test out my doorstops. Perhaps I can bring them into the office & entertain Plumbing Boy with my efforts while he continues to work :0)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank You

I made it to Yoga last night. I have been to this studio once before. The space is quite small so the classes are intimate which I prefer. We had 14 participants last night, I think we may have been able to squeeze in one or 2 more, but the class was pretty much full. I must remember to get there a bit earlier next week to make sure I get a spot!

The room has a split airconditioner/heater which makes it very comfortable, & Claire, the owner/instructor has loads of blankets for the meditation at the end, so you cant get cold. The participants were all friendly, with welcoming smiles, as is Claire.

The class started out gently & built with each person working at their own level. I can feel the muscles I used this morning & had the best sleep last night. I almost fell asleep in the meditation: I thought I actually snored & checked with the lady next to me to make sure I didn't! I am hoping this will be a regular class for me now. Just have to commit to it.

Miss Milo left a lovely comment on my last post - Thank you Miss M!!! You will have to wait & see whether I actually do the exercise I've planned. Truth be told, I've not exercised more than once or twice a week for the past 12 months & it is showing on my body. I've put on 1/2 kg a month over the past 12. If I don't commit to more regular exercise.....................well, that's self explanatory.

I think about it. I talk about it. I write about it. I've yet to commit to it.

I've averaged my weight program twice a week, since I started it. Now I am building on that. I cant start out running, or doing Body Attack - I clearly get over excited & injure myself as I've done twice now.

Yoga will help with the stretching, strength, flexibility as well as all the internal benefits Yoga has. Next I want to do a Body Step class. If I go once a for a couple of weeks, then build up to twice a week, that will be fine.

My favourite thing about blog land is the support you receive & the inspiration you can draw from other bloggers. I won't name names, but you guys/girls are the best! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clothes shopping is so much faster with a 16 year old male companion!

Plumbing Boy & I were up early Saturday he for work, me for beauty! H (nephew) had a sleep in & was only just out of bed when I got home at 10.30 with new hair. I'd decided that I really didn't have anything appropriate to wear out for the birthday we were attending Saturday night as it was going to be quite formal, so headed out to highpoint.

H decided that frock shopping with me would be OK, so came along for the trip. Nothing like a 16 year old Male to help speed up a shopping process. I found a perfect little black dress in under 30 minutes at Myer after checking only 2 shops on the way. No photo's yet as someone had my camera which I received back this morning with a flat battery.

Boy Sharks have Claspers.

The 80th birthday party was fun. It was for our god daughter's Granny. Granny was very surprised indeed: the elaborate cover story to get her to the aquarium without suspecting anything completely fooled her. I got to sit with said god daughter all night & we collapsed in fits of giggles renaming Bruce the biggest scariest looking shark Brucette, or Brucellina, as he swam round & round & round where we were dining. Until I remembered that the boy sharks are the ones with claspers & Bruce indeed had a very noticeable ones. A fun night was had by all.

How much food for 20 people???

Sunday I helped god daughters Mum with food prep for another birthday party (78 ish!) being held there. The boy's were off bright & early to the motorbike grandprix so we got into the food. Potato Salad, Warming Salad, Green Salad, Fruit Platter, Bread sticks, Lasagna, Spanakopita, Fried Rice, Chicken Casserole, Steamed Rice, 2 x BBQ chook platter, corned beef & ham platter. Yikes! She was catering for 20 & had bought the fried rice, lasagna & spanakopita pre made. I think there was food for 50!

There was also birthday cake; left over birthday cake (profiteroles) from the night before & the birthday persons "world famous pineapple triffle" (sponge, tinned pineapple & custard - no thanks - not my idea of a great desert!). Some of the guests had forgotten about daylight savings & didnt rock up til 1.45pm just as I was finally leaving! Spent what was left of the arvo doing my own house work & cooking.

Gym instructors should learn (& teach) etiquette!

Hit the gym after work last night. Mondays are notoriously busy in any gym, but I thought Id be early enough to miss the peak hour traffic, plus pump was on at 6.30 & that usually empties out the general weights area. An instructor was doing a program show in the girls gym area. We only have 3 benches. While he was showing the lady her floor exercises & stretches, they left all her gear on one of the benches (2 drink bottles, paper program, pen & towel)! I almost went & asked if they could move them if they weren't using them. I really don't remember if any of the gym's I've ever belonged to have a gym etiquette info page for newbies, but they really should!!!


Rocktober is going to be the month for fitness & health for me before the silly season starts! Well, I hope so, anyway. I had a scout around for some options of exercise I like rather just than what they have on offer at my gym. How can you motivate yourself to do something if you don't enjoy it?

Heres the plan anyway:

Monday: Weights Program (done!)

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Body Step

Thursday: Weights Program

Friday: Body Step

Saturday: decide between Weights Program, Yoga, Pump, Body Balance or a sleep in

Sunday: Rest day unless I feel particuarly motivated!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Work Experience

We've had Plumbing Boy's 16 year old nephew (H) here since Tuesday night doing work experience in his school holidays. This has of course tied up my evenings hanging out with H as oposed to going to the gym because Plumbing Boy has worked late. Plumbing Boy kind of coersed H into coming, so couldn't leave the poor bugger all on his lonesome.

Plumbing Boy's brother, H's Dad died when H was 3. It is a pretty tragic story; wont go into it too much here; suffice to say H has had a pretty hard time of it, lots of moving, multiple schools (4 primary? & 2 High?), continually having to make new friends as his Mum moved around a lot.

His girlfriend of 1 1/2 years broke up with him last week, so is in his words "is going through a difficult break up". He's a bit melancholy, but we've still had a few laughs. I've really enjoyed hanging out with him. He's shared lots of new music with me both from his MP3 & also utube (we've spent a LOT of time utubeing); we've talked about all mannor of stuff that he's into - some good, so not so good, but that's all part & parcel of adolescence. I think he's gonna be OK.

We all went to the park last night for an hour of Frisbee. H is far better at it than me & of course we had a laugh making Plumbing Boy run! H & I had a few races for the frisbee too, but he's a bit faster than me & of couse is happy to slide ala baseball style for it, beating me everytime being the young agile thing he is.

I think he's actually enjoyed his time here as is talking about coming back for more. Next time I won't be letting him use a clean towel every day (as I just discovered this morning) & I think he can make his own lunch. I suspect his Mum doesn't do much lunch making though for him; so was happy to oblige for a few days.

We are off to the movies tonight with our work social club; then dinner. H is comming too & will head home tomorrow. Saturday I have an 8am cut & colour then at 12.30pm a wax job. Saturday night we are off to a family friends 80th surprise birthday party at the Melbourne Aquarium. We have to pick up Plumbing Boy's mum from the other side of the city & take her.

We will say with friends that night as Plumbing Boy & his mate are off the the motorbike Grand Prix early Sunday morning. I've been roped in to helping his mate's wife cater for another birthday lunch that day (mainly food prep) but hope to be home around lunch time to tackle a huge mound of washing!!!! And it would be nice to get to the gym!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!