Friday, September 26, 2008

Cat Fever

Not much to report other than general excitement about tomorrows game. Wearing all my team colours again in the office today; & have 2 x new team posters up on the wall. That makes 3 posters, 1 G Ablett senior hand carved picture/painting, 1 x 5 ft tall piece of art depicting Mick Mansfield & Ronnie Burns marking in front of goal against the bombers, Tessa's hand made banner from last year, ah, my scarf & jumper.

If only I had my camera...........

Carn the Catters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Feeling really blah today. Feel like I can't do anything right & that I'm a bit of a disappointment all round really. Not sure if it is just because I am tired (had a crappy sleep) or if I'm coming down with something. Or that I really am a useless git. Been cold all day too. It's been one of those kind of days where you just want to crawl back into bed, put your head under the covers & have a good old sook.
Think I'd better suck it up & just get over myself really. Life will go on.

Monday, September 22, 2008

We are Geelong............


Probably not the best game in the world to watch, but I was very excited to be there. Doggies supporters outnumbered the Cat’s supporters, & when they started up the “Bulldogs” chant, it reverberated around the whole ground & sent shivers up my spine! The first quarter was very close; at half time we were in front by 19 points & remained in front wining by 29 points at full time. For those of you who don’t follow Aussie Rules footy (like my sister who thought the grand final was this weekend just gone & between Cat’s & Swans!) this means my team has made it to the Grand Final this coming Saturday; we are hoping be victorious 2 years in a row having won last year. Should be a good close game. Although hopefully not too close :0)


Completely nonexistent. I didn’t sleep very well after the excitement of the footy & spent Saturday in a bit of a daze. Dad has hurt his back so wasn’t up for much more than a gentle walk & Mum was pretty tired after working extra days last week. We played a game of scrabble before I had to see a client about his overdue account at our office; by then it was lunch time. In the arvo we went & did my groceries. I took them to the Sunshine Fruit & Vegie market. It is a very multicultural place – more obvious than the Vic Market I suppose, because you can see all the nationalities side by side at once. They were amazed at some of the different produce & products. We also popped into Not Quite Rite, they were interested as one is coming to their home town soon. Showed them the new self service checkout at the local Safeway, then home via blockbuster. Chilled out & watched a movie then got take away Indian for dinner as none of us could be bothered going out!

Dad wanted to head off relatively early on Sunday, so Mum said she wouldn’t come to Body Balance. However, they ended up staying later than planned & we ended up having lunch in the beer garden on the river at the anglers tavern.


Spent the rest of Sunday catching up on household cleaning: vacced, mopped, dusted, cleaned the doors on all the cupboards in the kitchen (they were gross), cleaned out the cupboard the bin lives in (that was even grosser), pumped through 3 loads of washing & vacced the car (plumbing boy washed it).


Pretty sluggish. I really noticed after only 1 then 2 weeks of consistent exercise that my energy levels & internal metabolism improved. Also noticed the decline after only a week of slackness. Hope to get back on the pony this week.

The Week Ahead:

Monday: Weight program
Tuesday: Rest Day as my niece & sis are arriving at 4pm.
Wednesday: THT class; weight program
Thursday: Weight Program &/or Frisbee
Friday: Rest Day (4 year old god son’s birthday party)
Saturday: Weight Program (before the dentist at 10.30am, before watching the grand final!)
Sunday: depends on how much partying/commiserating I do after said grand final. Possibly Body Balance

Thankfully I have a chiro appointment tomorrow because my neck is out again & is probably contributing to feeling a bit blah.............

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not Much

Monday: Despite Kathryn's sparkly silver affirmations I still piked from going to the Gym & worked late.

Tuesday: Car was still broken so I bailed out from Gyming again; but did manage to complete my pile of ironing.

Wednesday: Car fixed, but instead of gym went to the park with plumbing boy for an hour of Frisbee. While he got caught up on the phone with work, I did a few windmills (AKA primary school); 10 push ups on my toes (very wobbly but on my TOES people!); a couple of 1 minute planks; another 5 push ups on my toes & a bit of yoga. Yes, it was a long phone conversation! Then we ran around after the frisbee before it got too dark to see it properly. I was just waiting to get smacked in the head by it!

Thursday: today my footy tickets arrived in the post! Plumbing boy, myself & my Dad are off to see the Cat's play Footscray on Friday night at the MCG. I am very excited! I have already checked that my Game Day apparel is clean & ready to go! hehehehe

Tonight I am aiming to make it to a 5.30pm tummys hips & thighs class. Probably wont stay for weights afterwards as I have to hurry home & finish cleaning up the house. Who else has a mad clean before their mother comes to stay????


Monday, September 15, 2008

Fingers, Food & Frisbees

I went shopping a couple of weekends ago, & bought myself a 2 new knives; a vegetable knife & a tomato knife. Little miss smarty pants “sharp knives are usually safer than blunt knives” did a "Princess" & sliced right through her left hand index fingernail & will probably end up loosing ½ the nail! Oops. Gave me a bit of a fright, but I wrapped it up before too much blood leaked out & was wandering around like a big sooky la la with my finger in the air for the rest of the night. The band aid is off now, I just need to be careful the nail doesn’t catch on anything. I’d imagine having 1/3 – 1/2 a finger nail ripped out will hurt more than the original cut!

Saturday arvo I went & picked up my cousin on the other side of town (Canterbury) from work, took her to her home to pick up her bag then came to my home as pre-arranged; she is in year 12 & we were celebrating her last ever 3rd term of high school!

I had to take one of the plumbing vans as my car has blown up the clutch on the cooling fan (as I found out when the over temp light came on on the way to the supermarket earlier in the day). As we arrived back in Sunshine my other girlfriend who was also coming for dinner & a sleep over called to ask if I could collect her as well as she was having car trouble too! So off we went to Ascot Vale. I was feeling a little like a bus driver by the end of the weekend! Hehehe

We cooked up a bit of a storm – steamed dimsum (pork with coriander & chili; chicken with ginger & soy; prawn with bamboo shoots & a touch of curry). We followed this up with Pad Thai noodles. Had a great time catching up with all & of course there was dancing later in the night after a few wines! Slept in for a bit, made everyone breaky then drove them all home. Spent the arvo recovering on the couch napping, watching a movie & cooking dinner. While I really really could have eaten chips of any description; managed to hold the urge at bay drinking herbal tea, surprisingly I might add.

I made home made pizza for dinner, so held out for that I suppose. It’s a bit of a ritual at our house: Sunday night is Pizza & movie night. I make the dough in the bread machine for the bases. I roast up pumpkin & eggplant; sometimes roast up some capsicum or sweet potato, or mushrooms. We always have a tomato base, baby mozzarella, pineapple & olives, oregano & chili. We alternate between ham, lean bacon or salami; sometimes I go vegetarian. Regardless of the toppings, we love it!!!

My planned exercise didn’t quite happen the way I’d wanted. I knew I’d pike & not go Monday night. I was just so tired! I did work back til 7pm as well. Tuesday when I’d planned to make it up didn’t happen either (slack)! Wednesday & Friday went to schedule (did my weights program), but didn’t do anything on the weekend.

Thursday night plumbing boy & I went to the park & played Frisbee for an hour. He’s bought himself one of these & they really do fly a long way. It was quite a good aerobic work out because you are stop & start a lot, chasing then throwing it & of course I like to race to the Frisbee rather than dawdle. It was a heap of fun & a great way to finish a work day together!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wasps & Strawberries

A wasp flew into my house & stung me while I was mopping the floor on the weekend! I squished it very quickly as I couldn’t tell if it was a Bee or a Wasp straight away. Plumbing boy said it was definitely a wasp, even in its mutilated state. Didn’t have a bad reaction, but it bloody hurt!!!

One of the questions the Gym instructor asked me the other day while doing my assessment, was "do you want to increase, decrease or maintain your arms" & likewise for chest. Both times I looked down at the offending areas, laughed & said I’d not given it much thought. I just want to be healthy & improve my strength & fitness.

I spent my late 20’s & early 30’s deliberately decreasing centimetres all over my body. Since then I’ve been trying to maintain or stop any upwards creep. It was strange being asked if I wanted to deliberately increase the size of my body anywhere! I don't want bigger boobs, they are quite big enough thankyou!
He did point out that increasing your chest & shoulders will draw "the eye" away from the problem area’s lower down. Yes, he was referring to my Belly, Butt & Hip area.

I guess my arms are bigger than when I first started weight training. I still remember my first ever weight work out: I could barely complete a set of 10 bicep curls with a 2kg weight in each hand! Last year I could do 3 sets with 7kg. The muscle tone definitely goes if you stop training; I am back using 5kg’s, although am using a 2kg doing the stork curls – they are bloody hard. Below is a picture of Stork Tricep Extensions (the closest picture I could find); I have to hang my arms parellel with my legs then do bicep curls. If you don't weight train, give it a go holding a couple of cans of tomatos or similar - you really need a strong core to keep balance.

Speaking of my new program, I have an amendment to an earlier post where I stated I’d done 60 squats on each leg; (blushing) I can’t add up very well, 3 sets of 10 on each leg = 60 in total, or 30 on each leg! OOPS.

I did the complete program through again on Friday night – increased some of the weights & repetitions & some of the sets; decreased the weight on the rear deltoid presses, but did more reps & sets. Still wanted to spew after doing the 1 legged squats!

Sunday morning I went & did a Body Balance class, hadn’t done one since April! It was a new release & I really enjoyed it. My gym has Monday & Wednesday classes as well, but are on at 7.30pm which means I don’t get home til 8.40pm if I go. It’s a bit late really, especially if I want to eat after gym.

Last week’s exercise looked like this:
Monday: 20 min Run & 10km cycle
Wednesday: Weight Program
Friday: Weight Program
Sunday: Body Balance

This week I am aiming for:
Monday: Weight Program (although I’d rather lay on the couch & nap today!)
Wednesday: Weight Program & Body Balance Class
Friday: Weight Program
Saturday: might catch up with Kym & do something.
Sunday: Body Balance

I didn’t end up going to the game on Sunday – we’d been out Friday & Saturday nights & to be honest, despite a reasonable sleep in, I could have rolled over & slept the rest of the day away. Decided instead to watch it on TV in the comfort of home (plumbing boy did offer to take me to the pub to watch it on the big screen). I finished off the ironing & washing folding in the first half, then made us snack platter for the last half – a punnet of strawberries (they were magnificently sweet & juicy!), a tin of smoked oysters, a tub of tomato & parmesan dip & some water crackers. I cracked a bottle of red & had a glass or 2 cheering our boys home. They didn’t really need my cheering, but it is fun shouting at the telly!

Commiserations to poor Brent Prismal who did his knee & sounds like he will be out for maybe 12 months. I am also hoping that Chappy’s injury isn’t too bad & will heal in time for our next game in 2 weeks. We will play the winner of Friday nights game between Sydney & Footscray. I don't mind who we play, but am hoping to get tickets for my Dad for a belated father’s day present.

Friday, September 5, 2008


The Good Samaritan

I met a good Samaritan on Saturday. Plumbing boy took the car early to do motorbike stuff, so I had to take an old work ute to the Vic Market. I remember thinking to myself – “must turn off headlights” (our car does it automatically when you take the keys out of the ignition). A good Samaritan not only gave my rego to the car park attendants to place an announcement (which they did not do), but took the number of the ute & called herself! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! I’d imagine it would have been a little hard to push start it in the Vic Market car park!

The Cake

I didn’t end up baking the cake I had in mind for my office assistant’s birthday (50th). I have a cut out recipe from the Age from the mid 90’s of a chocolate cake decorated using florist’s wire with bells on the ends arcing out of the middle of the cake: it looks spectacular. Couldn’t find a picture on the net, sorry if my descriptive powers don’t give you the magnificent image due. Instead I made an orange & poppy seed cake. The only substitution was olive grove instead of butter; so the whole cake was lactose free. I also used almond meal as the crushed almond component. It is the best orange & poppy seed cake I’ve ever eaten (no modesty here) & if you like to bake, give it a crack. It is very easy, but a little time consuming: I'd recommend making steps 1 & 3 a day or 2 before. We polished the last of it off just now for morning tea. It got better & better each day as the flavours seeped further into the cake. For a dinner party, I’d probably add some cointreau, brandy or even Grand Marnier. I used a fancy silicone scalloped ring tin & could have put more orange slices than suggested to line the tin.

Sorry, no photo’s of the finished product. Plumbing boy has swiped my camera again, citing work requirements.

The Birthday Dinner

We have been invited to the family birthday dinner tonight as well, which is quite a special thing, to be included as family. The dinner is being held at a seafood restaurant in Keilor Road. Am already thinking about oysters, calamari & rare salmon!

The Pounding

What is it with real estate agents? People often call up in the middle of the night needing urgent plumbing service. I give them the rates & if my “they don’t have any money” antenna is tweaked I explain we will need their credit card details in advance in order to secure the booking (& get an authorization number to be sure). The client either accepts & engages our service or declines if they think it is too expensive for them, don’t have the funds or realize they can wait & have the work done during business hours when it is cheaper & that having their water isolated while they are sleeping is not such a big deal. This particular job was in the city & of course the client ended up being a tenant. The agent has their own plumber who of course charges less than us & the agent was not happy. His opening line was aggressive, rude & bullying to my assistant, so I took over the call.

In his first sentence he called me bombastic & asked me to stop shouting at him. (I wasn’t shouting & in fact ended up shouting 1 sentence to show him the difference between a normal speaking voice & shouting). He displayed bullying & intimidating behaviour throughout, threatening small claims tribunal & that what we are doing is illegal blah blah blah. I asked him to define bombastic for me after he’d called me that 6 times & he questioned whether I could actually read or write. As per usual, the agent’s 24 hour emergency service was not up to scratch & the tenant had to seek service elsewhere to stop their apartment from flooding. I wish I was a little quicker witted sometimes when dealing with A.Holes like that guy was. He even refused to leave his name & contact number for me to have my manager return his call. His reason? That I would see to it he’d never get the message. I suggested he fax or email, or that I put him back to the other girl in the office, but he refused. In the end, he hung up on me. I copped a completed pounding. Fun & Games.

The Photos

And a couple of random photo's to finish off
My sis & I at the whales last month

My niece & I also looking for the whales last month.
Note to self: what's with the brow wrinkling!

Wishing you all a marvellous weekend where ever you may be & of course........
Carn the Mighy Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stood Up.

So. I called the gym on Monday to make a new appointment. I mentioned to the girl on the phone that I work full time & that anything after 5pm suits. She offered me 12 O’clock. What is with that??? I reiterated my request & she said what about 4.30pm (shakes head). As plumbing boy was in the office all arvo I said that I could manage it.

On arrival, Danny was not in the building. They called him, he was on his way, but would have to reschedule as he had other bookings. Fairly unhappy. The girl on reception (same as girl on phone & will be known hence as "slapper") went to see if someone else could do my program for me. Over comes “Stone”. I’d met him last year when he tried to sign me up to his boot camp. Of course Danny has the results of my fitness assessment & he has to do a new assessment. Getting unhappier by the minute.

I take a deep breath & agree to do the assessment again as Stone promises me he will write up my program on the spot. I must say, there is nothing like having consistency in a work place. My 2nd assessment was completely different. This time we did the ole body measurements, scales, blood pressure; none of which Danny did. I repeated the hover, sit ups, flex & reach, push ups, squats & pull ups. Stone also measured my height & got me to do some chest presses on a weight machine.

Interestingly, Stone agrees with my Chiropractor, that my squat technique is really bad (my knees go past my toes) where as Danny thought my squats were great. Danny also thought my core strength was great. Stone thought it was poor. Stone said “Why can you chest press half your body weight easily, yet not do a single push up on your toes? Because your core is weak”.

I agree with Stone. I was surprised when Danny told me I had a really strong core as I struggle in Kym’s abs classes with some of the basic exercises & just cannot do the advanced options at all. I ran this by my Chiro as well & he agrees.

Anyhoo. The whole assessment & program write up was taking longer than anticipated & Stones next client had been waiting 10 minutes. Since he’d been kind enough to squeeze me in, I let him off the hook & suggested he see his next client & finish mine later. He asked me to book in for a program show & that he would be around late tomorrow (Tuesday).

Again I explain to “slapper” I work full time & that anything after 5 – 5.30pm suits; again she offers me something in the middle of the day. I want to slap her. I enquire as to Wednesday to be informed he only sees clients Tuesdays & Thursdays. I take a deep breath & ask about Thursday; she informs me he is completely booked out. Another deep breath. I ask when is the next available time after 5pm. She advises me next Thursday at 7.30pm – 10 days later. Now I really want to inflict serious pain or just some basic customer service skills on this girl. I was so frustrated & could no longer deal with her that I said I’d get back to her & walked away.

I jumped on the tready & with my ipod on full blast, & took out my frustration by running for 20 minutes. Dare say I am slightly deafer now. It took all my concentration not to sing/shout along with “Killing in the Name of” – although increasing the pace to 12 for the last 2 minutes rendered me incapable of speech, let alone song.

Had a look around to see if Stone was available to finish what we’d started, alas, he was nowhere to be seen. Instead I jumped on the bike & cycled almost 10kms in 20 minutes to a chapter of Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows, then headed home. I was waylaid at reception by none other than Danny: the man who (potentially) stood me up twice. At least he had the guts to acknowledge me & apologized. He even offered to show me through the program Stone had written up to date. I stupidly took him up on his offer. He spent the next 10 minutes putting down the program, querying as to why Stone had recommended certain exercises & complaining about the “odd” names Stone uses for his exercises. Bah.

Yesterday Stone called on my mobile. He wanted to know when I was coming back to go through my program. I explained the previous day’s outcome. He said “well, I am calling you now to organize a time; when can you come in”. I suggested tonight (Wed) or tomorrow; we settled for between 5 & 5.30pm Wednesday.

So. I finally have my new program. He has started me on a core/stability program for 6 weeks & involves Stork Curls (standing on 1 leg, almost like “aeroplane” pose in body balance, but with hand weights doing bicep curls); chest presses, military presses, rear deltoid push backs, chest flys, medicine ball curls, side sweepers (rotational abs exercise) 1 legged squats on the smith machine (alternating), butt blaster, prone round house kicks & side kicks.

I enquired as to cardio & he said if you get through this program & still have energy to do cardio, go for it, but I think….(I piped up & said) “I’ll be cactus?” he laughed & said yes.

Most of the exercises are 5 sets of 20 reps on a low weight (need to work up to 5 sets). I ran through it last night, doing 2 sets of most & 3 sets of some – the 1 legged squats were the hardest, I almost wanted to spew after doing 3 sets (20 one leg, then 20 the other - that’s 60 squats on each leg!). I found the rear deltoid push backs physically challenging as I couldn’t seem to relax my neck, even using 2kg weights, I was really really weak. I feel good sore today, don’t think I over did it, but don’t think I needed to do more to start with.

My friend is no longer working there either, after a difference of opinion with management (something to do with rate of pay). So no more abs classes until they find a new instructor.

So. Considered changing gyms after all this shite. It seems to me they have serious management issues & that all the gym instructors run their own PT businesses within in the gym, seriously competing for clients. There seems to be no base standard for the gym patrons, who just need a program & don’t want individual, paid for over & above membership, personal training.

I will preservere for a bit longer. They are close, which makes them convenient & me more likely to go.