Friday, August 29, 2008

Forever Young (coz that's what's playing on my radio.........)


Has been nonexistent in the past 2 crazy weeks, but I had scheduled an appointment for last night to finally run through new gym program. This however was thwarted. Plumbing boy needed to pick up the motorbike trailer so he can take his bike somewhere on the weekend to have his suspension set up for his actual weight. We also scored some furniture from the same people & as it has poured with rain the last couple of times we’ve been over there, have been unable to pick it up. It made sense to do both in the one trip.

I called the gym to reschedule, to find that Danny, the staff member who is writing my program, has disappeared to Sydney without sorting any of his appointments & they are not sure when he is back. Fantastic. I would have shown up on time as arranged to have been stood up. Pretty poor on the management’s part too I think. Imagine how my clients would feel if one of my plumbers was sick & I didn’t bother to reschedule any of the jobs booked in for him. Not happy Jan. The best they could offer was to call on Monday to see if he is back. On the flip side, I hope that everything is OK & that nothing terrible has happened to him or his family to have created this situation.

Plumbing boy now has the bike trailer & I have a new (2nd hand) dark timber book case & TV/wall unit. Pictures will be forth coming when they’ve been installed so to speak.


Despite the recent madness, haven’t done too bad in this department. My clothes aren’t tighter, but am feeling wobbly (no muscle tone). Mainly been eating meat & salad when eating out & at home have pretty much cleaned out the freezer of all my home made goodies (pasta sauce, curry, burgers, soup) so will probably have a bit of a cook up on the weekend.

My office assistant is having a milestone birthday on Tuesday: the big 50. I am planning on baking her cake instead of buying one: not so much to save money, but because I like to cook & will have the time. I plan to bake it Sunday & ice/assemble it Monday night ready for Tuesday. She has recently been diagnosed with a colitis thang, so is off lactose at the moment, will have to go easy on the dairy. I know how I want it to “look”, just need to decide what cake to put under it :0)

Interesting Scenario:

Had a bit of an interesting scenario this week. One of Plumbing Boy’s ex’s called up. She tends to call around Christmas & maybe one other time during the year. I’ve never met her. Every now & then she is keen on doing the whole lets be good friends thing, but he holds her at arm’s length & has said to her several times that he doesn’t think it appropriate for them to be friends as he is having a relationship with me. I find this quite odd. I am happy for him to be friends with her; I think there is more to it that this though. From all account she was a bit of a wild child, very full on, all or nothing; & from what I have heard was extremely possessive when they were together. His friends have warned me to steer clear of her, that she’s trouble with a capital T. Like I said, I’ve never met her so have reserved any judgment.

She is 10 years older than him; they went out when he was in his late teens & early 20’s for 3 or 4 years. She now has 2 teenage kids from a subsequent partner. She called to apologise for something while they were together & was doing the whole “regret” thing. It is something plumbing boy has never even given a second though to, & certainly never thought less of her because of this. She has been separated from the father of her kids for a while; from what plumbing boy said, he’s not very nice & it seems she is afraid the kids’ behavior towards her will be affected by him: she’s afraid of losing them. He said she was pretty upset & felt bad for her.

I have no problem with the scenario so far. Plumbing boy said to her that perhaps they could catch up for a coffee & that he’d love to meet her kids. She flat out said that she didn’t want him to meet them. She wants to catch up with him. She also made no comment about meeting me; nor has she, in any of her calls over the past 15 years. I don’t think I feel threatened. I think I smell trouble. What do ya recon? Am I being overly sensitive? I have to admit I feel a bit torn between feeling sorry for her if she is genuinely having a personal crisis versus being wary of an ulterior motive: if she really wanted to be friends, she’d have wanted to meet me before now or suggested meeting me when he suggested meeting up for coffee. Plumbing boy is a big kid & I trust him, so guess I will have to leave it up to him. I’m not planning to loose sleep over it, although the subconscious is a funny thing; I suspect there is a good(?) reason he hasn't wanted me to meet her either!

On a lighter note:

One of the things I love about my life is taking time to notice the little pleasures. These recently have included:

*Hot water curling around my feet & legs when I top up the bath;
*Random text messages from my cousins;
*My niece giggling; actually all my family laughing on the weekend;
*The feeling that spring is just around the corner;
*Chasing the Frisbee & breathing the cool fresh air into my lungs;
*Climbing into a bed with clean sheets;
*The purr of my Cat.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Am considering making the trek down to Geelong so see the Cat’s game, but will probably wait until next week & go to a final! Dare I say I am hoping for Back to Back premierships?? Carn the mighty Cats!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photo's 13th

Birthday girl & yours truly

The Birthday Cake

The birthday girls "slice" of cake

My dinner - I recon there was a full 500gm pkt of pasta on this platter when it came out & probably 450gms when I'd finished. It was stupidly large. It also had 1 small Morten Bay Bug & 6 prawns, so wasn't even designed to share. Still no idea what they were thinking.

Instead of lolly bags, the birthday girl handed out these flower shaped lolly pops. I saved mine for Tess :0)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photos's 92nd


Baby Shower - wearing the bonnet!

My new hair

Plumbing boy & I could not resist taking a photo of this sign for my mate who works in fashion, in Geelong...............

Fashion sample?? (mine)

Tess in my Hoodie

Upsidedown Tess

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

92 & 13

Last Thursday was my Grandma’s 92nd birthday. On the weekend, most of her family got together down in Geelong to celebrate. The gathering was twofold; my uncle who lives in Queensland has serious heart problems & has been told to get his affairs in order by his doctors. While that is a definite downer, we all made the most of the time we had together & had a really good time.

Grandma is my Mum’s Mum & the only living grandparent I have left; Grandma had 8 kids – 1 died at 18 in a car accident, & one died at childbirth. The gathering comprised of 3 x Queenslanders (including my pregnant cousin from Port Douglas); 6 from NSW including my cousin who I stayed with last week & 9 Victorians (plus 3 who came for Saturday lunch, then went home). The only one missing was my uncle & his family from WA.

We had the birthday lunch on Saturday at the Grovedale Hotel, then went back to Grandma’s hostel for birthday cake & we also had a bit of a baby shower for my cousin. Included in the gifts were Grandma’s hand knitted baby clothes that have been passed around the family for the last 20 years or so (along with ear plugs, bottom butter, toys, bath non slip thingies, baby on board sign etc); so the reminiscing of what was knitted for whom & when was quite entertaining!

Mum had booked out cabins in a caravan park on the Barwon river for us all for Saturday night (& for those who’d arrived Friday night). We went back there for a BBQ, watched the Olympics & the footy, played cards & scrabble & of course us young ones (although as my sister keeps reminding me I don’t fit that category any more… hoo) stayed up quite late having a few drinks & a yarn.

Sunday saw me up a bit too early – realizing Tess would be up soon & looking for a play mate, I dragged myself out of bed & we went for a wander with Plumbing Boy for coffee & hot chocolate. Plumbing Boy had packed the Frisbees so those who didn’t go into Geelong for “window shopping” stayed & played Frisbee with Tess. Lots of fun running around the park! Everyone headed off between 2 & 4pm bar the Queenslanders who were heading down the great ocean road Monday for some sightseeing, before heading to stay with me Monday night & flying home Tuesday.

It was a great weekend & grandma really appreciated having her family around. It has given her lots of new memories & am sure her dinner table at the hostel will be buzzing from stories about her weekend for weeks to come.

We had our God Daughters 13th birthday dinner on Friday night which was at an Italian restaurant & lots of fun. The birthday girl looked beautiful & I was lucky enough to sit next to her at dinner. I spent ages choosing her a silver locket which she seemed pleased with, immediately putting it on, so am really happy about that; & it matched her charm bracelet, so added bonus there. It is so hard sometimes choosing something!

The birthday girls younger sister "borrowed" my camera (to which I consented too) to take pic's of everyone - 192 photo's later...... gotta love digital. Some of them were quite good, some hilarious - the kids were doing close ups of their eyeballs & nostrils etc & of course pulling the worst or scariest possible faces they could. Too funny.

I have loved every minute of my past 2 weekends with various family members; but I have to admit, I am really looking forward to a very quiet one at home this weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wanna Swap????????

This is my baby, who spent the entire day in front of the heater in my office. Not always entirely on her princess pillow, as you can see.

She's kept us entertained with her head on the pillow & body fully off; her head & body off & only her paws resting on the pillow; her head only on the pillow with her body on the floorboards. No matter what though, she refused all our offers to swap!!!!! It was 9 degree's at lunch time. I recon she's had the best spot in the house today!

hahaha I just realised I have a title pun! Wanna - how cold was it in tassi today? Wanna swap with Rosy too???

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack

Sydney was a hoot.

I have mega bags under my eyes & am soooo tired!

today at work

This is what my cousin picked me up on from the airport!

Justin lives in Glebe which was about 20 minutes from the airport via the bike. This picture was taken after an unfortunate incident (no-one was hurt); the bike was parked & while we were getting his etag out of his car, it decided to fall over & went crash into the gutter. The pack rack on the back broke off as did the clutch. Poor Poor bike. It happened on Sunday morning when we were getting ready to go to a family birthday (Justin's cousin's daughter's 1st birthday). Hopefully there is no serious damage.

Since we could no longer ride the bike & due to his car having a flat battery, we were excused from going to the 1st birthday as it was across town & impractical to get to on public transport & back in time for my flight. On the bright side, this freed us up for Yum Cha with Justin's mates as originally planned.

J-man at Yum Cha

We spent a fair bit of the weekend at the pub; I played pool & nintendo wii Olympics at 2 different pubs. I went to my first ever techno style gig - it was called a Drum & Bass gig which was pretty cool.

We spent Saturday at Justin's family home & caught up with the rest of the family, who then met us at the footy, with another 3 of Justin's mates. Footy was great for me as we won, although I did spend a fair bit of the last quarter barracking for Barry Hall with all the Sydney supporters. I am sure that had nothing to do with beer. Justin & his mates are comedians at heart & kept everyone in earshot entertained with their running commentary. I haven't laughed so hard in ages! My uncle & I were the only Cat's supporters in our group, the rest were cheering for the home side; we all had a good time regardless of the final score.

We caught the bus back to Glebe, Justin & I called it quits, although his house mate & best mate Phil was trying to drag me out to "dance hall" which was playing Jamaican style I'm not sure what - possibly more drum & base, but similar! I'm glad we called it a night, as Phil & another mate Alec were still up doing Jager Bombs at 8am!

Phil at Yum Cha

Phil managed 1 pork bun & a coke at lunch the poor lad.........he was feeling well seedy on 2 hours sleep.

I really took bugger all photo's so that's about it. I've been to Sydney several times before & done all the tourist destinations: this weekend was about hanging out with my cuz. He lives with Phil in a terrace house & luckily for me, they've just had a tenant move & out are looking for a new one of the female persuasion this time, so had been frantically cleaning in hope to attract someone good! The place was very clean & I recon I counted around 20 cleaning products scattered about - suspect this means the place was pretty feral prior! All in all it was a great weekend & I guess I wasn't too old & fuddy duddy as the boys said I am welcome back anytime!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Me after work last week in my new red junper.

I'm off to Sydney tomorrow arvo to visit my cousin Justin & go to the footy. I am really looking forward to getting away.

I try not to write about work here out of respect for my partner, who knows I have a blog, but is not really interested & would be very upset if I revealed personal information that could be read by our staff members. Without going into too much detail (I hope), I am going to share a little bit today.

Does anyone else out there work with their partner? I don't know about everyone else, but it certainly is challenging. How do you separate your personal relationship from your working relationship? We work long hours. Plumbing boy starts around 6 - 6.30am most days & doesn't finish til 7pm most nights (I usually work from 6.45am - 6pm). Then he may make a few work related calls. We are in bed by 9 - 9.30pm. This leaves us with maybe 1 - 1.5 hours of non related work time together, during which time we need to eat & unwind. This is OK, so long as the work persona switches off & the relationship persona arrives.

Unfortunately this has not been the case for a while now. One of us is unable to take of the work hat & treats the other like his employee 24/7; the other half of us rebels & we end up arguing. It all came to a bit of head last week & we had a fairly colourful & animated discussion where I thought we aired most of our grievances & resloved them. However this morning, everything remains the same. I am hoping the weekend appart will do us good. Perhaps I will return less stressed & willing to take on board a bit more. Perhaps he will notice how much I do take on board & do for him, be a smidge more appreciative & somewhat kinder.

On the other hand, it is hard being the boss. The buck stops with you. You are resposible for ensuring there is enough work for your employees to do & make the cash flow happen so you can pay their wages each week (although I worry about that more than he does). Not to mention all the customer service issues, quality control, managing staff & their personalities etc. It is all very hands on in a small business & can be quite stressful. I understand this. You have to be tough. But you dont have to be an asshole.

Anyhoo. Enough of my moaning.

I managed to scrach my nose in my sleep the other day - I keep forgetting & have itched it just now & of course I am now bleeding. Good Look. I really dont want to go to Sydney with a bandaid on my nose!

Haven't had time this week to go back for my new gym program after my fitness assessment - will have to wait til I get back from Sydney.

Justin has booked yum cha for us & his family for Sunday lunch before my flight home. We've been emailing back & forth all week RE weekend plans. When he emailed me about Yum Cha, I said that was cool, but not to expect me to be eating chickens feet or ducks tongues. His response to that was "thats ok, it looks like you dont have any problems with rooster testicles"! Cheeky bugger!

Justin lives in a share house in Glebe. Apparently they dont have food & eat out every night. I may need to pack thongs to wear in the shower! hehehe I am sure it will be all good. It cant be any worse than some of the share houses I lived in in my early 20's :0)

After multiple repairs, my washing machine has finaly completed a load with out F#ucking up. The 20 cent piece plumbing boy removed from the water pump last night probably wasn't helping.

We had a social club function on friday night - we went 10 pin bowling. I've only bowled once before & did woefully, so wasn't looking forward to it. I had a really good time & manage 2 strikes!!!

Me, a tad worse for wear after a long hard week & 10 pin bowling

I don't think I'll be posting again before Sydney, so hope you all have a good week & fab weekend & I'll be back next week with some Sydney adventures!

Go Cats!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fitness Assessment

Last night’s fitness assessment was interesting! My gym, which was originally a "Beach House", then I think "Sunshine Fitness Centre" & is now a "World Gym", seems to have a completely different approach to their fitness assessments. Not sure if it had anything to do with my age, or with my assessor Danny, who was trained in sports science. Although you’d assume that the assessments would be uniform in a place that size.

No measurements.
No Scales.
No Fat Calipers.
No Stationary Bike test.

Danny was more interested in my fast & slow muscle twitch fibers. I was just googling this & found the topic very interesting. I can therefore assume the program will be designed around which type of fibers my muscles have more of.

So. What did my assessment consist of then:

Push ups: I was asked to do as many on my toes as I could. I used to be able to do 3 sets of 10 with a short break in between. Now I can’t even do 1. I did 12 on my knees, then gave up.

Sit ups: the old fashioned style where your knees are bent, feet flat on the floor & you bring your chest completely to your knees. He got me to stop at 35.

Plank: where you hover on your elbows & toes face down with your butt down, your body is a plank. He asked me to hold it for 1 minute. It was tough, but I did it.

Wide Squats: with good form. I did 20, then he told me to speed them up, I was going to quit at 30, but he said now do some really slowly. He stopped me at 35.

Leg Presses: on the machine. He asked me to do 35. I think the weight was on 60kg but I could be wrong! I did 35 & 1 to make me grow :0)

Bench Presses: Danny wasn’t after quantity here, I did maybe 5 while he checked my form. Then he got me to hold the bar at my chest for 30 seconds & then slowly push up & then repeat the process. He said if my form starts to wobble, it indicates weak triceps. Of course I laughed replying all he needed to do was ask. I know I have weak triceps!

Swing like a Monkey: well, not exactly. But he asked me first to do a pull up/chin up, to which I already know I can’t even do one. Then he asked me to just hang there for 1 minute. I lasted about 20 seconds & now my shoulder is sore!!!

Posture: finally he asked me to stand while he checked my posture. He could already see issues with my shoulders – one higher than the other & slightly rounded (not caused by my job at all – hahaha), but said we can work on that.

He also said my core was very strong, which while I was able to do the tests easily, still surprised me as I usually have to take the easier options in Kym’s abs class, as the hard options, I just cannot do!

He was convinced I have issues with my knees & lower back. I was born with odd knees – I walk a bit like a duck. My right foot especially has to point out 45 degrees for my knee to point straight ahead. My left foot around 15 degrees. I was teased a lot as a kid for my running form – I do remember being called a spastic. It will be interesting to see what he recommends.

We had a bit of a chat & I explained what I was looking for: 3 x 30 minute weight work outs plus some cardo & that I want to do it because I like it, not have to live there & not be on a restricted diet. I eat well & healthily; I indulge on occasion. I’d rather go for an extra workout than feel deprived.

Lastly he gave me a blank page & asked me to fill it with goals/dreams etc. He said I could write anything, even stuff I thought of in high school, or that I wanted to look like a celeb. I replied that I just wanted to look like myself & be fit & healthy. He laughed, & then repeated his request to fill the page!

It took me a while, but once I got started, I did manage to fill the page. I included being able to swim from one side of the pool to the other in 1 breath like when I was a kid; swim a lap or 10 of freestyle; better use of air while scuba diving; tone; improve upper body strength; tighten up my mid section; loose a few cm off my butt; participate in regular step & freestyle aerobics’ classes at my gym (currently they don’t offer any!); participate in a cycle class without moaning!

Danny was planned to start work on the program last night; I won’t get it until next week as he is only their Mon – Thursday. He told me it will be hard, but I will love it. We shall see!

Hope you all have a fab weekend.
Go Cats!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things That Make Me Go EWWWWWWW

Last night as I was pulling into a car park in front of the Laundromat, a guy standing at his boot, fully blew his nose straight onto the road, no hanky or tissue, just snotted straight onto the bloody road! How gross!!! I dislike spitting, but snotting????? EWWWWWW

Although that said, I do remember my uncle amusing us kids by seeing how “long a snot” he could do when he climbed up the windmill to check the water in the tank. That was in a paddock on a farm though, not in a suburban street! I really don’t think I can write it off as a cultural thing. Just germy & disgusting.

I made it to the gym Monday night & did a 20 minute run, then Kym’s abs class. We didn’t do our leg work out though as Kymmy was quite ill, so as I’d done my run I went home too & had a lovely hot bath! I did another run Tuesday night & even booked myself in for a fitness assessment as I’ve not ever had one at that gym.

It wasn’t necessary when I joined as I was training flat out with Kym (tagged along & did her cardio & weights programs). Now that I am (hopefully) injury free (shoulder last year, neck & heel this year) it is time for an assessment & to have a few 30 minute weight programs drawn up for me, since I am only training with Kym once or twice a week. Have done leg work outs with Kym for the past 3 weeks, but my upper body is sadly lacking, & summer will be here before long!

I am off to Sydney to visit my cousin next weekend, & that has I think spurred me on – I don’t want to be feeling like a flabby old fuddy duddy!!! Not that 2 weeks will make much difference, but if it really kick starts me then I will be a happy camper. The winter pudding (flabby middle) is setting in & as I get older I am finding it harder to shift. BOO.

I have been plodding along at work with my Paperless Office project & have a company coming out to demonstrate their document management software in the next week or so. I have emptied my filing cabinets from last year & have filed all my July stuff: to say my “to be filed” tray was overflowing would have been an understatement! Usually I file as I go & was going a bit insane riffling through the tray looking for documents, rather than retrieving them from their proper homes in the filing cabinet! I hadn’t filed them, because I didn’t want to mix up the financial years.

I think I have 2 archive boxes of documents left to scan that I’d boxed up earlier in the year (from the first half) & then the whole year will be pdf’d. Then all I need to do is put the records onto DVD’s (I think), make a few copies & store them sensibly & then I can CHUCK OUT ALL LAST YEARS PAPER (shred or recyle)!!! Sorry, this is probably quite boring reading……………………..

I am off to my fitness assessment tonight with someone called Danny. Glad it is not with the head honcho dude "Stone". He’s a bit scary – wears army boots & busts your ass I believe! I suppose if it gets results………………I don’t want to be bullied into exercising though, it defeats the purpose of making it a likable activity, that I want to do for myself. Hopefully it will be all good. I am not looking forward to the fat caliper test & it probably doesn’t help that I had fish n chips for lunch (regardless of the fact that the fish was grilled I still feel bloated!). Will reveal all tomorrow :0)

Monday, August 4, 2008


My weekend was fairly cruisy. My sis (Fi) & niece arrived Friday night at 6pm, had everyone fed by 7.30pm & proceeded to calm the hypo one. Tess was bouncing off the walls in excitement & kept collapsing in fits of giggles at anything & everything. She was out like a light though at 8pm, so bed time was very easy.

We all had a lovely sleep in (til 8.45am) before heading off to the Gymnastics competition at MLC in Hawthorn, via Highpoint shopping centre. Fi was after some moisturiser, so we perused all the makeup counters at Myers, looking for the best "gift". She eventually settled on a Bio Therm product & the sales girl was so wonderful that I even have a few samples to try at home without spending a cent!

The comp went from 1.30pm warm ups to 5pm presentations - of which Tess performed about a minute each of uneven bars, beam, floor & vault. Obviously a lot of time was spent watching other peoples kids & nattering! After their home comp last weekend where Tess came 2nd overall in her category, this weekends comp was a bit of a let down. While all the girls in her team did ok, they were competing against some of the best in the state for a spot in the state finals.

Tess's Dad came as well & took her for the night, dropping her back to us in the morning. Fi & I had a quiet one at home with plumbing boy, watching the footy & having a few wines. GO CATS! We gave the Tigers a bit of a thumping, but have to say I much prefer a close game that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Fi & Tess left before lunch leaving me the rest of the day to catch up on my domestic chores - supermarket, laundromat (my machine is still broken - when plumbing boy went to put the new belt on, another bit was worn & that part is now obsolete & the bloody machine is only 7 years old!!! Grrrrr. He's going to make the part himself. Wonder how long it will take), dealing with the wet washing, ironing, tidying, cooking, cleaning etc.

Watched a few movies while doing the chores - Step Up 2 - story was a bit lame, but I love the hip hop dancing, a skate boarding movie who's title I've forgotten already, again the story was quite lame, but the skating was cool.

The feature film for the evening was as recommended to me by Tess: August Rush. It was beautiful!!! I think anyone with kids or who likes music might enjoy it. The story was a little far fetched, but even plumbing boy enjoyed it, despite the lack of action, car chases, violence etc. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hardly difficult to watch: in fact I think he is quickly becoming my new lust object & I am always a sucker for an Irish accent.

Off to the Gym tonight for hopefully a quick run before Kym's abs class, then a leg work out with Kym. I have considered a plethora of credible excuses as to why I really couldn't