Thursday, July 31, 2008

Month End Madness

Today is month end madness day, where in my job I try to send out all my debtor invoices, then statements for same, as well as paying all my creditors! It is generally a mad mad day. And while my forearms are starting to ache from typing, I am pretty much up to date! Gotta love that.

The last couple of days I've been feeling a bit Blah - bit of a sore throat & feeling like I am about to come down with something. But today I feel great & have been on fire!!! Am about to finish work (waiting for my offsider to finish todays massive mail register) so I can do a bit of a cleaning frenzy! My sister & niece arrive tomorrow arvo, so want to vac, dust, mop & tidy before they arrive.

Was considering having a "Christmas in July" tomorrow night for my guests. I was planning on cooking a roast anyway (rack of lamb), but may have left it a bit late. Although I do have a plug in Xmas tree that will be very easy to assemble - might have to get a bit creative tonight!

In case I'm not back here before the weekend, have a good one everyone where ever you are.

& Go Cats :0)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Does anyone else like quinces??? We had a scraggly quince tree on the farm when I was growing up & my grandma used to make quince jelly & stewed quinces. I still love them!! I don't make quince jelly (that would be just asking me to eat more bread), but I do stew them up & eat them as a snack. In fact had some at lunch time, warmed in the microwave with a blob (should that be dollop?) of creamy Greek yogurt!! YUM.

I have really noticed recently some permanent changes in my diet. When I was growing up, we always had fruit for morning tea & after lunch & also as desert with ice cream at night. When I left home for the big smoke, I replaced this with junk food, in part because it was previously forbidden & in part because it was simply available to me. I suppose we had no choice being on a farm & Mum was a health nut: we didn't even have cordial! I can remember being embarrassed about having friends stay over & not being able to offer them white bread for breaky!!! Sorry, I digress.

Recently I was on my way to an early morning hairdressers appointment after a big night out (read, quite hungover). I'd stashed a power bar the night before in my handbag to have with my coffee, but wanted something else & went into the fruit shop for a banana & an apple. I just had to use the calculator to find out how long it has been since I started partying & suffice to say double digits, & for that long previously, I'd have looked for a sausage roll with sauce firstly, followed by the trusty back up of a packet of Samboy BBQ chips, Light & Tangy's, more recently Red Rock Sweet Chili with Sour Cream chips or as a last resort, the good old Corn Chip (cheesy) would have done the trick. That day on my way to the hairdressers, non of these entered my head!

The 2nd incident, again when hung over, I spent an hour pondering all the possible options that I could make at home eg steamed dim sims, home made spicy noodles, home made potato wedges, ham/cheese/tomato/pinapple toasties etc. I had a 1hr drive to get home & could easily have done a drive through hot chip run, but in the end decided on home made noodle soup (with egg for protein!).

This doesn't mean to say that I am not interested in the odd chip or that I won't ever be so hungover again that only a chip or 50 will be required to do the trick; more an observation of my own changes in diet (habit). On that note, my tummy is gurgling & I think that the banana on my filing cabinet is ripe enough for consumption :0)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Lots of work. I couldn’t fit anything else into the filing cabinets we use for our financial records, so was forced to archive. We are working towards a paperless (well, as paperless as you can get in our industry) office & have been giving the new scanner a good work out.

This year I wanted to scan everything first & have not boxed anything except the most confidential records – everything else has gone into the spare filing cabinets in the shown room, until the time comes that I am confident I have secure, accurate, adequate, long lasting record media & will then shred those records.

I create 40 - 50 archive boxes a year x 6 – 10 years (depends on the workmanship warranty as to when I can chuck what out, not just the tax office rules): that means a lot of boxes! We could pay someone to store them off site, but I’d rather save money & a few trees as well, so any paperless office tips would be appreciated!!!

Hmmmm. We also went to visit our accountant Friday arvo then had pizza in Lygon street with said accountant. Our accountant rocks. We had a good catch up, as well as looking at our direction business & personal wise, so that was all good. Missed out on watching the footy though. Listened to the end of the 2nd quarter in the car on the way home, missed the 3rd quarter organizing a plumbing job, then caught the end of the last quarter on the radio in bed! Hope Happy Chappy’s hammy injury heals quickly!!! I am hoping all our injuries clear up before the finals. I really thought the Hawks were going to knock us off Friday night & we were lucky to win. But a win is a win & I will take it! What an upset round it has been though – the final 8 race is getting really interesting now (sorry to all you non AFL readers!)

Managed 2 hours of sleep before we had our very own plumbing emergency! One of our hydronic heating panels sprung a leak. Plumbing boy woke up immediately (I would have dreamed about babbling brooks for hours I am sure before waking). Lucky he has cool plumbing toys. I spent the next hour & a half sucking up the flood with a wet & dry vac, while he ran out into the street in his Jocks & boots to turn off the water at the meter & disconnect the offending panel so we could have water & heating! I am glad this happened when we were home – what a nightmare it would have been if we’d be away for the weekend!!!

The alarm went off at 5.30am, crawled out of bed at 6 to meet Kym at 6.30 at the gym in Ascot Vale. Kym likes to have a training buddy & in return I virtually get a free PT session. Saturday morning was "killer cardio". 20 min cross trainer, 20 min stair master (Kym started on the stair master as they only have one of these machines, then we swapped) followed by a 30 min run on tready then 30 mins on the cross trainer (did these side by side at the same time). Hopefully the fat cells in my ass that exploded in fear of said exercise will stay that way. I swear I could hear them crying as Kym put our names up on the white board to book each piece of apparatus. Kym then went on to do upper body weights, unfortunately, I had to leave for my waxing appt!

The rest of Saturday & all of Sunday was spent in recovery. I did not leave the house Sunday. Nothing much to report there: boring household chores; more scanning & archiving. Was happy to spend the weekend at home with plumbing boy & rosy (the cat) as I am flat out the next 3 weekends:
  • sister & niece are up next weekend for another of Tess’s gymnastics comps;
  • the following weekend I am going to Sydney for a long weekend to hang with my cuz & go to the Cat's V Swan's game with said cuz & his family;
  • the following weekend again is a family shindig in Geelong for my Grandma’s 90 something "th" birthday & uncle who has a crook ticker (family coming from Qld & NSW), so that will be fun.

Anyhoo, best I be getting outta hear, as I am due in Kym's Abs class soon & I've gotta go via the supermarket as we are out of bread (oh noes says plumbing boy) & kitty litter!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

NOW, WHERE WAS I..............

Oh yeah, last Monday’s leg work out. Yes I could walk the next day. Was a bit sore the following day in the quads, but other than that it was all good. And I even made it in time to do a run before the Abs class.

Those who have been following for a while may know I have had foot trouble over the past 4 - 5 months. Originally I thought I had plantar fasciitis, but my podiatrist eventually diagnosed me with a torn heel ligament. I was under his treatment for a couple of months, which involved strapping the heel & rest (no stretching or running or incline walking etc).

I’d not been back to him since my holidays as the initial very painful area seems to have healed (excuse the pun). I was still having general aches & twinges which I recently mentioned to my Chiro inadvertently while we were chatting about fitness.

The first thing he wanted to know is if I’d had an ultra sound to confirm the diagnosis. No, I’d not. He then proceeded to manipulate my ankle & foot!!! He asked me to get some gel heel inserts for my shoes & to take it easy, but try a couple of runs before seeing him in 2 weeks. If no improvement, he wanted me to get an ultrasound.

For the first couple of days my heel really ached on & off & I put off going for a run until the following Thursday (all good), then Monday night before seeing him on Tuesday. I am pleased to report that it is all good! He manipulated my ankle & foot again (as well as the usual neck, back & shoulder), was pleased at how well the adjustment has held & doesn’t want to see me for 3 weeks now! Yippeee!!! I love my Chiro!!!!!

Hope you all have a marvellous weekend what ever you are up to!!

PS Carn the Cats.

PSS Opps, forgot to hit publish........

Monday, July 21, 2008



I read this book a month or so ago. I actually bought it for my Dad for his birthday last year; he loaned it back to me & it took me a long time to be interested in reading it. Not sure why, as once I started it I could not put it down.

Inside Madness, Melissa Sweet – is the true account of the life of Margaret Tobin, who was murdered by a fellow (de-registered) psychiatrist. The book follows Margaret Tobin’s life firstly as a practicing clinician & then as an administrator hoping to change the mental health system in Australia. Margaret Tobin facilitated change in Victoria, New South Wales & was tackling South Australia, when she was shot the day after the Bali bombings. The facility Margaret was trying to change in SA was still operating as it had in the 60’s & the lack of care for its patients was disturbing. Even as the book was concluding, the author was still asking “Why is it so difficult to get good care for people with mental illness? Why are so many Australians with mental illness killing themselves? Why doesn’t, mental health rate amongst the politicians?” Serious business. I hope that the more people talk about mental illness, the more we can educate our society & take away the stigma & shame previously associated with the terminology & instead show compassion & understanding to our fellow man (or woman!)

I am wondering today if many depression sufferers are affected by SADS. Recent dealings with a close friend who is struggling in this department have had me thinking a lot about depression of late (& how to help). I feel melancholy just looking outside at the weather today: I am wondering how my friend is coping. I've read loads & while sometimes it is frustrating, Listening (& not offering solution after solution) is the key although at times difficult; & just being there, reminding the person you are there for them & continuing to let them know you care is about the best I can do.

Generally I had a busy weekend. God daughter's school play Friday night; her mum's dance exam Saturday night. The rest of my time was spent being domesticated (house cleaning). I did a big market & supermarket shop - in fact I am sure I could feed a small African nation with all the food I bought & almost felt guilty. I turned some of it into freezer meals on Sunday - 8 meals of basic napoli sauce for pasta (can add stuff to it when we are ready to eat it eg roasted eggplant, grated pumpkin, salami & olives, marinara mix etc), 2 banana cakes (1 in the freezer, one for plumbing boy's lunches) & I have a 2kg goat meat rogan josh curry in the crock pot (tonight's dinner, the rest will go into the freezer, probably 8 - 10 meals).

And of course I saw most of the Geelong V Doggies game on the TV - a close game is a good game & it was thrilling for both sides until we took off in the last quarter. I am so glad we were able to win convincingly without Mr Ling & Mr Ablett. Carn the Mighty Cats!!!!!

Hope those of you in Melbourne today are out of the boy has a bit of a cold, & have sent one of the plumbers home at lunch time today as he looked like death! Hope I don't get it!

Off to the gym tonight - not sure if I mentioned before, but my friend (& gym instructor/personal trainer) Kym, has taken on the abs class on Monday nights at my gym, which is really good - & even better now she's not teaching an aqua class elsewhere straight after! Now I have a training partner on Monday nights. She want's to do a "legs" work out tonight. Let's hope I can walk tomorrow!

This is Rosy, sleeping in my office on her new pillow Tess picked out for her last week. She is curled up so tightly you can't see her face! She's already lost the new pink collar we got her at the same time (Tess loves pink). I usually go for Purple or Red collars, perhaps she was rebelling against too much pink!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Buzz Buzz Buzz

I has been a busy BEE!

I had my niece Tessa (8 1/2 y/o) stay with me last week, the 2nd week of her school holidays. Her Dad dropped her off Sunday morning & I took her back Friday & spent the weekend in Warrnambool with my sister & parents. Sunday we just pottered about & settled Tess in after a week with her Dad & made spaghetti & meatballs for dinner (by request from Tess).

I had our God daughter's sister Shannon (10 y/o) over for a play & sleep over Monday (God daughter was busy with rehearsals for her school play) - they watched some Harry Potter & I found them practicing their spells with my knitting needles at one point! Too funny! We made pizza dough, every one got to roll out their own & assemble for cooking. Both of the girls ended up with holes in thier pizza's from doing spells on them with their wands :0)

I left them in bed with note pads & drawing implements at 9.30 when I went to bed with instructions they could turn out the lights when they wanted to, so long as I couldn't hear them from my room! Not sure what time they did go to sleep, but they slept in til 9.45am the following morning!

Shannon's mum picked them up Tuesday before lunch so Tess could have a sleep over there, I collected her after work Wednesday night. I worked a bit Thursday morning, then we went to Highpoint for lunch & a bit of shopping. Tess had some pocket money saved up & wanted to buy a cushion for her bed, for when she is reading. Would you beleive we went into every manchester shop in Highpoint???? She didn't want to spend more than $12-00. I offered to contribute as "pay" for some work she did in the office (colouring my rosters), but she didn't want it (I think her mum had said not to be asking Cat for money!).

We finally found a purple fluffy plush star shaped cushion in Target for $22-00 marked down to $11-85, so she was very, very happy with her purchase! I gave her $1-00 to put back in her wallet anyway for "emergency " money, as 15 cents wont get you very far! Prior to this she'd also chosen & purchased presents for her 2 step sisters, her Mum & step Dad.

While I managed to work around 3 days out of 5 & am a bit behind at work, I had a lot of fun with Tess & take my hat off to all you Mum's out there who manage 1 or more kids full time!!! You all ROCK!!!!! I think I coped OK but I had the luxury of knowing I could catch up next week where I was falling behind in work, washing, cleaning etc.

Finally a couple of quotes from Tess:

On driving past a gym she noticed a guy lifting weights "keep on working" she said to him out the window.

On hearing me exclaim that plumbing boy was going to be very cross at me because I'd forgotten to do something he'd asked me to before we went shopping "he cant be cross at you, because we've bought him chocolate. And Chocolate is the most amazing thing in the world"

Hope you're all having a good start to the week & look forward to catching up on everyone as I didn't get much of a chance last week.

PS Carn the Cats

PSS I Hope Cameron Ling is recovering from that awful hit in the face he took on Saturday - I felt physically sick at the time watching it on the TV - he's one of my favourites in the Cattery!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I got to wear my fave red shoes out on Saturday night!! YAY! I have been confined to flats since I tore that ligament in my heel. This was the first test in heels.

It was plumbing boy's best mates birthday, we went out for dinner & also stayed in the city. Flash.

My little sister was also in town that night & we caught up both before & after dinner.

We ended up at PJ O'Brien's at Southbank, but was so packed there was hardly any room to dance. I am pleased to say my foot held up well & was not at all sore on Sunday.

Since the weekend I have been flat out with end of financial year stuff. Finally got the group certificates completed yesterday despite computer program problems. Lost 1/2 a day yesterday after finding a glitch in the payroll program! The pay's were all ok, but the program was posting some items to the wrong category, so none of the reconcilliations were right. I had to go through manually & update the offending items, ONE BY BLOODY ONE!!!!

This morning plumbing boy decided it would be good to upgrade to the new version of the business software we work from, since I'd got my group certs sorted. BAD BAD PLAN. We had to disconnect the notebook from the network, restore last nights back up & 3 of us shared this computer until 1pm when it was all sorted. The new version had issues & was written in a different language so couldn't go back!!! The software mob decided it would be faster to write a patch to fix the problem, than write a patch to convert the data back into the old language (at least that's my understanding of it!). So. We are up & running. And I am wasting more time blogging :0)

Hope you're all having a better week than me & if I dont post for a while you will know it is because I've chucked the bloody computer(s) out the window(s).

Congrats to Beckie, Scott & Bradman on their new arrival.

Another 40+ y/o friend was due June 30 also, haven't heard anything yet; my cousin (41 y/o) is due Nov 6th; & another 40 odd year old friend just phoned out of the blue & is expecting in 2 months. Babies everywhere. Is the universe trying to give me a hurry up?????