Wednesday, April 30, 2008


One pair of new togs - they were on the sales rack, definately an added bonus. Bathers are just so expensive these days!

I got this frock at swimware galore too at $39-95 I thought it was a bit of a bargain. The bust is all shirred (sp?); hope it stays up!

My new doc's. Got them a few weeks ago. Took me no time at all to wear them in & I love, love. love them!!

The stack of books I'm supposed to read before I buy any more new ones - but since I can't really take books people have loaned me on a boating & beach holiday...........

Some new books from Big W - not sure if I will take all of them, & I will probably have a look at the airport & get 1 more - Big W doesn't have the greatest range, but at 35% off, I can always read these later.

Lastly, this is one of our coffee tables, excuse the mess. Zac has rebuilt & painted this hydrant, then aded an arm off to the left & put a round top from another table we had on the arm to use as a coffee table (it is covered in paper). I was testing out the camera & the flash here. The hydrant is bolted to the floor & as I discovered at easter can be used for a bit of faux pole dancing if you shove the lounge chair out of the way a bit :0)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yes, I've been in snot fest land. Caught myself a lovely head cold which had better be gone by the weekend because I am off on holidays for 2 weeks.

This is the other reason for the lack of posts - I've been flat out like a lizard so to speak in preparation.
  • hair cut & coloured - done (thank god, had been 6 weeks & am sad to say that I really am going grey. sob.)
  • new bathers - purchased, washed & packed
  • chiropractor - adjusted this arvo & my neck feels heaps better, just waiting to see if my left ear magically unblocks over night.
  • wax (booked for Thursday night)
  • scuba gear washed & packed
  • clothes, washed, ironed (where warranted) & packed.
  • books - bought a couple on sale from Big W, cant remember the titles & I think I'll take my "Scar Tissue" which is on the list.
  • camera - bought it saturday (YAY!), charged the battery but haven't taken pic's of anything exciting enough to post.
  • last minute items, toiletries, ipod, cables, etc all in pile together waiting to be finalised.
  • Shopping for our friends in the Philiphines - Carlos is after some fishing gear which I will pick up tomorrow arvo; have 2 tubes of vegemite already packed.

I am actually feeling pretty calm. If anyone out there runs their own business, you probably understand how difficult it can be to get away & the planning it takes. Usually I am stressesd (mostly about finances) but it all seems to be comming together quite smoothly for a change. Plus the other half seems to have done more of his planning in advance, rather than leaving it to the last day which then impacts on my workload. I think we can almost manage to go out for dinner on Friday night (we fly out Saturday Morning) - usually I am pulling an allnighter to get everything done. Best I not get too excited, it could be the calm before the storm & everything could go to shite tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well & snot free.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I haven’t followed my new year’s resolution very well. My pre-ordered copy of “The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl” arrived shortly after Christmas & I read it in a couple of days. I laughed, I cried; Shauna had me captivated throughout. I think I cried in the first chapter & almost fell off the bike in the gym laughing so hard at the farting out the window incident. Regardless of whether you are interested in weightloss or not, the book is a moving account of Shauna’s journey to finding herself. I couldn’t recommend it enough. If anyone wants a loan, holler & I’ll post it to you after it’s done the rounds (family).

I also had a Val McDermid book I’d bought before Christmas & promised myself I could read after I’d read 1 or 2 books off the list. It was a Carol Jordan/Tony Hill murder mystery. True to form, once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. A good read for anyone who’s interested in that genre & you don’t really have to have read any previous, although some of her team’s relationships won’t make as much sense if you haven’t, but you’ll get the general idea. (I'm not sure that sentance made sense).

I’ve gotten back to the list this week & polished off Many Lives Many Masters as we are visiting the "owner" of this book next weekend so I can finally return it :0)

It was really really interesting & ties in with the 4th Meditation of a series that I finally started on my way back from the footy on Sunday (have been working on meditations 1 - 3 since before Christmas). The connection was the phrase “loving kindness”. The meditation (very broadly) is about loving yourself, letting go & forgiving those who you have "issues" with & generally approaching life with loving kindness, which is a pretty sensible & positive way to live.

The book was written by a psychiatrist & is a true account of his experience with a patient, who under hypnosis revealed she has lived something like 83 previous lives, spanning ancient Egyptian times & the pyramids though to current time. In the “inbetween” times between the lives he was spoken to, through the patient by those called “The Masters” who watch over us & encourage us. Basically they said that we must learn lessons in our bodily life; if we don’t learn the lesson, the next life will be harder. Once we learn the lesson we move on until eventually we live in the spiritual plane. The masters used the phrase loving kindness as a way of life.

I found the book fascinating & don’t find the concepts that far fetched to be honest. I don’t want to upset anyones religious beliefs: I have always believed each to there own, & that each persons “relationship” with their “God” who ever & how ever they see him or her is private, & none of my business. But if this is an area you are interested in I recommend the book.

Last night I re-started GriEve which really has me hooked now, so I dare say that one will be finished this weekend.

I will have to start considering which of the books on the list I can take away with me. I won't take any I have on loan: considering we will be on a boating/beach holiday there will be too much oppourtunity for them to get wet or trashed!!! If anyone has any recommendations, let me know as I will probably buy 3 or 4 to take with me.


Went back to the podiatrist for the 3rd time yesterday. I’d pulled up OK after my run on Thursday so I tried Attack on Saturday with my foot still strapped. Not good. I was OK in the class, but by the end of the day I was fairly crippled. It seems it is not healing as fast as we’d hoped, so no jumping, incline walking or stretching the foot, heel or arch for the next 10 days. Strapping stays on again for 7 days, off for 3 & then back to Ken.

This is not really suiting my “exercise like hell to get a svelte bod before our beach holiday” plan. I am allowed to run (carefully, with no incline) & do pump, so I’d better lift my game.


Now that my offsider is back, we’ve just about caught up. We’ve almost finished the invoicing that’s been hanging about for god knows how long that’s been shoved in the too hard basket.

Zac is on call this weekend so I have a fairly quiet on planned. I have commited to attending a medal night for a friends' ballroom dancing exam/performance night. After 4 kids she's gone back to the sport she competed in as a teenager. I am god mother to some of her kids & the older 2 girls (12 & 10) are comming along, so it should be a good night & hopefully not too late.

Hope you all have a marevllous one what ever you are doing.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Where Was I?

Oh yes, still drowning in paper, but not as bad. Last week it was over my head, now it's only about waist heigh. My office "lackey" will be back from her Thailand jaunt & in the office on Tuesday thank goodness. I don't mind the paper work so much, it is talking all day every day to the general public that is driving me miss daisy, I mean insane.

Been back to the podiatrist & given the all clear to run, jump & do what ever I usually do. It is all taped up again & must stay on a week (ewwwww - wiffy foot), then off for 3 days & then back to the podiatrist for another check up. If not sore, then it's fixed, if still a little tender, another week of strapping I'd imagine.

I finally made it to the gym last night (first time since the weekend) & had a run on the tready with my new ipod :-) It was awesome. Just did my 5 song 20 min run, adjusting the speed up & down to challenge myself a little. The 2 svelte chickees next to me had no effect what so ever on the decision to speed up a little (hehehehe). Amazing how a envy or vanity can spur you on. We are also off on our annual 2 week holiday in 4 weeks exactly - we fly out on May 3rd, so that will be inspiring me over the next month.

Mum called yesterday enquiring as to our plans over the weekend. It is Dad's birthday on Sunday & they decided to come to Melbourne since Dad has the day off work today. They are at the Garden Show, as we speak. They are hooking up with us later & joining our work social club function for dinner & a comedy festival show in North Melbourne. They crashed the same event last year :-)

Dad & I are off to the footy on Sunday. Cat's V Melbourne at Kardinia Park (Skilled Stadium). Hopefully Melbourne will put up a bit of a fight, but (sorry Melbourne supporters) I suspect the game will be a little one sided. We will get to see our boy's in action & what better way to spend your Dad's birthday than with him at the footy :0)

OK. Best I be back to that pile of papers.

Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend. Go Cats

PS if you've not seen what Jules is up to, head on over & show some support, it's a worthy cause. She Rocks!