Friday, March 28, 2008

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hmmmm, does that make me a cranky, proud, piggy, greedy biatch???? (lacking in the lusty dept!! looks like that candle lit dinner is on for the weekend...................)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


  • I have a thumper of a headache (could it be from chocolate withdrawal do you think, or just a too much chocolate in general over the weekend?)

  • Had heaps of fun doing an Easter hunt for Tessa Friday morning (she was at her Dad's on Sunday so we did it early). I got some mini Lindt gold bunnies & solid cadbury eggs & stashed them all over my house. I set it up before they arrived Thursday night & it was hillarious watching her wander past the them, & not notice. I got the giggles. Then she finally noticed a couple in the bathroom when she was brushing her teeth (very excitement!), but made me rehide them in the morning.

  • We spent Good Friday at the Zoo. Our favourites were the big cats & we were very sorry to find out one of the Tigers had passed away in the last week or so. RIP. We also loved the elephants & butterfly enclosure & Tess managed to have a butterfly land on her: it stuck around for ages & she was very impressed.

  • My office part timer is in Thailand for 2 weeks; work has been mental & I have to fit her 3 days of work into my 5. Maybe this has contributed to my headache!

  • I started work at 6.30am yesterday & today & I am still at my desk working now.

  • I saw my podiatrist (finally) on Thursday night & I don't have PF (Hi Brooke!) in my foot, he thinks I have torn a ligament in my heel & has strapped it up with some thick tape & put a wedge in my shoe. He thinks he can fix it in 3 weeks & I go back on Monday (probably for new tape).

  • I got my new ipod on Monday! Yay! 4 gig silver nano, very small & very cute! Loaded my play lists on, but have yet to test it out properly at the gym.

  • I had international visitors for dinner Sunday night & threw a bit of a dinner party. Twas much fun, drinking, dancing, laughing; but I spent most of Monday recovering.

  • I think I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.

  • I'd better get back to my pile of work.

  • Hope everyone had a marvellous break over Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008


It’s been a busy time in plumbing land...................

Work was insanely busy last week, even though it was short due to the public holiday it was jam packed & I’ve not exercised since last Monday :-(

We made it out for dinner for Zac’s birthday, our favorite Indian place. Pretty much ate, ran & crashed as we’d had a late one the night before. We ended up canceling the work sausage sizzle on his actual birthday, as everyone was scattered all over the west & working overtime to cover the work booked in & was impractical to continue it. Luckily I’d put off shopping for it until late that arvo so didn’t have a tonne of snags to freeze. I did have a little lamb rolled roast in the freezer so he at least got his “fave” meal on his birthday. My office assistant bought him in a lushious birthday cake as well, so he didn’t do too badly.

Friday arvo we headed down to Port Fairy for the folk festival. Didn’t manage to get away early, but we made good time were at T & C’s by 8.15pm. Everyone else was heading out the door to their first concert as we arrived. Fi & Tess waited while we quickly scoffed the BBQ leftovers & set up our bed, then wandered down the street to exchange our paper tickets for the wrist bands that enable access in to the main music arena. Port Fairy has a "normal" population of around 2,500 people (4 pub town); folky weekend 12,000 tickets are sold for the event, another 1,000 come to the free events & street stalls over the weekend as well, so the town centre was busy, busy, busy!

First up in the main arena we saw Reuben Dotdotdot who describes himself as the only Chinese/Polish circus performer in the world & put on an amazing acrobatic performance (out in the open, for kids). Next we caught up with Mum & Dad & saw 1 song of Hanns Theessink’s concert (a Dutch/Danish blues performer) before calling it a night as it was already after Tessa’s bed time (10.15) & we had a early start.

Zac & I arrived at the dive shop at 6.45am as arranged to meet our guide & the other divers (non existent); signed our paper work then headed to the Merri Marine sanctuary for a dive. Started out a bit average – I’d not slept well & was perhaps a little dehydrated (only had 1.5 beers the night before) but was breathing really heavily & was so uncomfortable I re-surfaced. We were only in 2.5 metres of water so it was not an issue. Calmed down a bit then we all descended again & followed Jac, our guide. We have dived this site before, both with & without a guide. We went with the guide option as the shop was running 3 guided dives a day over the long weekend & you always see more stuff with a guide. Last time we saw lots of small sharks, beautiful kelp gardens & a few fish. It took me 10 minutes before my breathing had slowed right down & I was comfortable with the dive. There is a lot of surge at this site as it is so shallow & it is really hard to get your buoyancy right as the waves push your around. The visibility was pretty average, 2 metres. I saw 4 fish.

At the 30 minute mark, the vis had decreased to about half a metre, all we could see was sand. Jac went one way & Zac went another, I knew we were about to be separated, so I swam after Jac & sent him in Zac’s direction to find him. Again, we were only in 2.5 metres of water, so surfacing is no problem. We all popped up & decided to end the dive as the conditions were pretty crap all round. As we came in I crashed into a rock & my new fin came off!!! Oh Noes!!!! I owe Jac big time, he dropped back down under the water & went hand over hand around the rock til he found my fin which had become wedged under the rock, & by then there was no visibility at all. He even drew blood to rescue my fin (very small cut)! Although it was a crap dive, any dive is good experience & you always learn something about yourself or your gear. I learned that my fins weren’t done up properly!!!!!

We made it back to the festival at 12 for Collard Greens & Gravy, which unfortunately(?) was in the Shebeen Bar, the only venue in the main arena where you can buy & drink alcohol. Each artist plays a 45 minute set, with 15 minutes to change over. Tessa’s dad was also around that weekend & had taken her back to his Mom’s for the day & a sleep over, so we weren't irresponsible parents/aunties/uncles!. Collard was great (always is) & was followed up by Boyes, Brill & DelGrosso who were also really good (both blues). We didn’t really watch the next artist as we were into our second bottle of "cardonay" by then & were busy babbling to each other & a few other people we’d met outside enjoying the sunshine & the booze.

Fi & I really wanted to see Kasey Chambers, so headed over to stage 3 just as the act prior was finishing, but there was a 1 hour break between artists this time. We’d decided that we wanted to get as close as possible to the stage, so as those people who were leaving & others like us were jostling to get up close to the stage, half tanked, we decided that we were going to sit right up the front & actually managed to nabb 2 bum spaces on the grass, front, almost centre stage.

Now I’m not a huge country fan, although I love the Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash (spose that does make me a country fan now doesn’t it!), but fell in love with Kasey years ago. I have all her albums, but had never seen her live. Mum saw her when she was 17 performing in Warrnambool with her family & raved about how natural & unassuming she was, voice aside. I’d always felt she’d never be able to live up to the review Mum gave her, but she did!!!! I’d have died a happy girl if my time had been up that night. It was an acoustic set with her dad Bill Chambers & new Hubby Shane Nicholson. Their harmonies were awesome, she played all my favourites & Fi & I sang our hearts out to each & every song, at times with tears of pure joy (yeah, sooky la la, I know). It was a magical 1.75 hour concert! Kasey Rocks!!!!

Fi’s partner decided to come over that night & join us, but as he didn’t have a ticket, he couldn’t get into the main arena, so we decided to go to the free venues = the pubs. Went back to T & C’s for some sustenance & a couple of beers waiting for Zac who’d gone off & done his own thing – he wouldn’t have been caught dead at a Kasey Chambers gig! We all wandered up to the stump, then the pub over the road (cant remember the name) then finally to the Star; had a bit of a boogy at all 3 pubs, but the band at the Star were the best. Although I think they blew up the sound system in the end, but my memory was getting a little hazy. Wandered home around 1am. Mounted police horses were patroling the streets & of course I just had to pat the horseys!!!!! 1 of whom snaffled up my finger before I realized what he was doing & munched it drawing blood! (my reaction times were somewhat slow). Luckily the other horsey was much nicer & didn’t draw any blood! Made it home without dying from blood loss & a bandaid was applied to said wound.

I headed off in the morning for my 10am Gospel Blues concert feeling a little shabby, Fi & Zac were still suffering their way through breaky when I left! I love bluesy gospel music & had a great spot by the edge of the tent (breeze) & managed to save a space for Fi & Tess (who was returned late by her Dad) so they only saw one song of that concert. This concert is run every festival & 7 or 8 performers are up on stage, each does one or 2 songs time permitting & usually 1 or 2 group songs. The harmonies are always incredible & you usually get to sing along. Great concert.

Port Fairy was the hottest place in the state Sunday: the concerts are mostly held in enormous tents. The heat & the throngs all got a bit much for us, so we found Zac then hot tailed it to the beach. The water was icy cold, but once used to it was very refreshing. Made some sand castles with Tessa & some other kids playing near us, before having a final dip & heading home to avoid sunburn & sunstroke!

Our first gig for the evening was another circus performer for kids: Mr Om, a contact juggler who was truely amazing. Click on the link & have a look at his site, there are a couple of short performances you can watch. Next was Ruthie Foster, a bluesy soul singer from Austin Texas who had an amazing voice. The tent was packed but they opened up the sides & we were able to see her from our position outside under the stars. Magic. Even better, T & C & then Mum & Dad found us, so we all finally made it to a concert together. Zac, Tess, Fi & I headed back to the circus performance area for Will – o’- the- Wisps fire circus at 9pm which was a beautiful fire twirling spectacular, with acrobatics, costumes, music etc. & a perfect way to end the night with Tess.

That was actually our final gig for the festival, as Zac wanted to head off early enough the next morning, to beat the traffic home. We breakfasted with everyone & bid our farewells as they dribbled out for their final concerts at 10am. Fi & Tess waved us off before heading down to see some more circus stuff, then Dad who was in the festival choir at 12.

We made good time & were home by 2pm, unpacked, washed out all the dive gear & did some preparation for the week ahead. I’d had a bit of a sore shoulder during the week & after loading the car up myself then helping Zac unload it, by Tuesday morning it was causing me much grief. Managed to get in to see a myotherapist, who found some very very tender spots. Basically the muscles had locked up, in her opinion, not from loading & unloading the car, but from computer work, in particular using a mouse.

I had similar issues last year, but the pain was in a different part of my shoulder. So I have basically had the week off gym. I’d hoped to get to balance on Friday night, but our excavator blew a hose & I ended up helping Chris put the excavator back together again. Zac was still working, all our other staff members buggered off & left him still working on it at 4pm & we needed it for a big job on Sunday. So I got out of my work clothes & got grease all over me as I passed tools, put bolts back in, removed chocks from under tracks, swept up, put everything away & helped do the car/truck/excavator shuffle to make them all fit back in the factory. Of course I’d missed balance by the time we finished.

Saturday had my hair cut & coloured; my cousin used to work in the salon & her mum goes there too. My aunt had an appointment at the same time, so Jacki came in with her mum & we all had a catch up while getting our hair done. Bloody hilarious & we even managed to make our hair dresser blush! Had time for a quick morning tea before we all split up for our next appointments or activities. I had a wax booked in the city, so headed there, then off to Sam Bears for some new work shoes. Hit the Vic Market last, then home. Certainly reminded me why I usually go to the market at the crack of dawn. Too many people!!!! Couldn’t drive around with all my meat, fruit & veg in the boot on a 35 degree day, so left it til last. Barely survived without "jeep" rage.

Had a quiet one in Saturday night due to the big job on Sunday (today, as I write). We are replacing a fire service in a road in Fitzroy. We were only allowed to do the job on a Sunday due to traffic management, also had to work in with the water authority, & the road reinstatement people. I was up at the crack of dawn this morning (5.15am) to make Zac breaky & pack 10 litres of cordial & water I’d frozen for the guys working (3 of ours including Zac). Was going to go back to bed, but was too awake so ended up doing my ironing instead. I was supposed to run them in some lunch, but when I called at 12, they were OK. I think they’d bought smoko & weren’t too far off finishing, so said not to worry about it. I am considering a nap about now as I’ve done all my cleaning, washing etc. Wow, this will be a big post when I publish it, probably tomorrow now as my eyes are falling asleep! Hope everyone is surviving the heat, Summer’s not gone yet!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday.............

Happy Birthday Fishing Boy!!!

Zac, Vanuatu 2006

Tomorrow is Zac's birthday. We always put on a birthday sausage sizzle at work on the nearest Thursday to each persons birthday. His has landed on his actual birthday. He wants to have a few beers (& sausages) with the "boys" so wants to go out for dinner tonight instead. Indian I believe. The present is wrapped, card written out, just gotta find that new sexay lingerie I got while he was off fishing the other week!

Last night Mum & Dad came up as we had tix for a live TV studio recording of Spicks N Specks!!!!! We saw 2 episodes filmed which will go to air later in the year. I haven't laughed so much since Adam Hills comedy festival show last year (& of course Ness's recent ball girl antics!!!). The night was fantastic & although they did not instruct us to keep what we've seen under wraps, I think it is only fair that we don't give it all away so to speak. They don't usually show the audience, & we were up the back, so I don't think my head will be on the box.

We are off to Port Fairy for the annual Port Fairy Folk Festival (PFFF or Folky) this coming long weekend. We are very luck to have my Dad's brother & wife living in Port, 4 blocks from the main music arena & 3 blocks from the main street. Dad's side of the family (Mum, Dad, Fi, Tess, Zac & I) take over T & C's home for the weekend, bringing food, beverages & fun! We all come & go as we please, seeing concerts together &/or separately & always have an awesome time! T & C also have 2 friends staying so we will number 10. This year looks like we will have superb weather too & am waiting to hear back from the dive shop in Warnambool to see if they are still running a 7am Dive on Saturday morning! It will be an action packed weekend that is for sure & after a few crazy weeks we are looking forward to the break from work (our foreman is on standby & will answer the phones for us - Yipeeeeeee)

I probably wont be back here til next week, so I wish you all a wonderful long weekend filled with Sunshine, Peace & Happiness! Have a good one : -)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I FEEL GOOD, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA.............

What a beautiful day we had yesterday in Melbourne! I am so happy we’re getting a few more warm days this week : - )

I was going to write a post about how I have no idea how much I weigh at the moment, as I haven’t been on the scales in 3 weeks. I’ve always been a first thing in the morning girl, after going to the loo, no clothes, before jumping into the shower. I started doing this when I was a teenager & have done it ever since, except for the couple of years where my weight crept up & I didn’t own a set of scales (once I decided it was time to do something about it, I bought a set & again weighed in every morning).

Since returning from our January break, I have focused on doing as much exercise as I have time for, without beating myself up if I don’t have time; but not shirking it or squandering my time as an excuse not to go. I am averaging 5.8 1 hour sessions per week, made up of Body Pump, Body Balance & Body Attack. My aim is 2 – 3 weight sessions, 2 – 3 cardio sessions & 2 – 3 yoga/stretching sessions each week.

I have focused on eating whole foods that are good for me & cut out as much processed foods as possible without denying myself the things I like. Other bloggers have been commenting recently about how your taste changes as you become healthier & your natural treat choices become healthier. Although I think I will always be a sucker for a Samboy BBQ chip, most times these days, I’d rather grab a piece of fresh fruit.

Being inspired by Ails (& saving for a new ipod) I’ve recently introduced alcohol free days into my diet: week 1: 4 days, Week 2: 5 days & Week 3: I am on track for 4 or 5 days. My water intake remains above average, I’ve always drunk a lot of water & most days I get through 4 litres without trying.

On Friday I wore a pair of size 10 Sussan pants I wore in the winter of 2006; last winter I couldn’t do up the top button & had to purchase a couple of size 12 pairs to get me through. The button did up & although I had a bit of muffin top action, wore them comfortably at work that day. The day before I wore my size 12’s with a belt. I can certainly feel all of my pants are looser around the top of my thighs where in some pants they strained the seams. My jeans are more comfortable with less muffin top. My legs feel stronger from all the squats I’ve been doing in pump & I’ve increased my weights.

Anyhoo. This morning I decided to jump on the scales & see. 67.5kgs is the official weight. I had no emotional response to this figure which is great! I terms of numbers, I’d like to be back under 65kgs & use that figure as an upper limit, but am not greatly disturbed that I am not there yet. I spent 16 months climbing from 62 to 69kgs & know that it will take some time to decrease it again.

I don’t actually want to be back at 62kgs: to reach this weight I trained 7 days a week, doing at least 1 cardio if not 2 hour sessions plus 1 hour of weights per day. Training took over my life: I had no balance. I had however committed to being support person for my friend Kym who was training to compete in the INBA, which involved doing her hair & makeup; applying many coats of fake tan; costume shopping, fittings & dress rehearsals; plus training with her right up until the end of the competitions.
I saw my commitment through, but then I needed a break!

Here is a couple of pictures of Kym in the dressing room prior to the eveningwear round (hair in bun) & the free wear round (am sure she won’t mind me posting this picture considering she was on last year’s poster advertising the event in her evening wear round!). Aint she cute!!! & yes, her hair is very very long.

Now, where was I? I feel GOOD! I feel like I am creating a healthy life style that is mine & works for me. I feel calm & at peace with how I am treating my body. And that’s gotta be a good thing!

At home taken in May 2006