Monday, December 31, 2007


No, I didn’t secretly get married, but it is time to get back on track. We are going on a diving safari on the Undersea Explorer out of Port Douglas departing January 19th 2008. My cousin works on this boat, is actually one of the captains, although on our trip she is rostered on as a diving instructor, which will give us more time together as she will have less responsibilities & we can help out with some of her tasks (can help with dive gear, but can sail a ship!) Including today I have 19 days of possible exercise, although probably 18 as I usually don’t do anything the last night before annual leave as am doing last minute work things plus I have a wax booked in & running after getting your bits waxed is not recommended.


60 minutes of Cardio per day. No excuses. Mostly will be my 20 minute run (plus warm up & cool down) & cycle. If I get around to doing any other classes, that will be an added bonus. My gym closes at 6pm tonight so will have to get my butt into gear to get my hour in before then as I am working today. Tomorrow they are not open at all so I am thinking a walk! The forecast is for 37, so if I get up early enough it shouldn’t be too hot. I can return some DVD’s while working on my tan :- )

I am considering setting up my yoga mat & doing sit ups in the morning, & maybe some squats too. Will see how I go.

Track all exercise & food. I seem to have lost my old point book, maybe I gave it back to Mum. But I still have my slide, & old records from previous weight watchers tracking phases I can copy from. Plus I have a friend who is doing the program, so can check things with her as she has all the new books. Apparently my 60 minutes of cardio earns me 6 points! (Please correct me if I am wrong).

  • Start each day with a Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice (today I added a kiwi, ½ a lemon & a handful of parsley). I got out my old juice book yesterday & have been checking out what different fruit & veggies “do”;
  • Drink my herbal Detox Tea each day;
  • Drink 4 litres of water per day;
  • Keep off processed foods;
  • No Carbs at night.

I probably follow this routine 50 – 70% of the time anyway, just need to be more consistent.


  • Moisturize my body each day with tinted moisturiser;
  • Meditation CD 3 – 4 times a week (haven’t done it since we got back from our last holiday in October!);
  • Sit up straight;
  • Breathe Deeply & try not to stress: what will be will be!

I reckon that should just about do me!

None of the above is part of any new years resolution: I don’t usually make them as I am hopeless at keeping them. I am going to make one this year though, I am stealing one from my aunt.

New Years Resolution 2007: I am not allow to purchase any new novels until I’ve read everything already on loan to me by others! My Aunt took 2 years & finally completed this resolution this month.

Do you make new years resolutions? If not, why? If so, what's this years (only if you want to tell!)?

PS I am getting a new camera before we go away - I was going to purchase the same one I broke (Cannon Powershot), but the other half has seen a waterproof camera to 10 metres he wants instead, so hope to find it soon (he saw it in a camera shop in Cairns in October). Any recommendations welcome!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


*******warning……………….long post ahead**********

Since I am still not really sure about the etiquette of referring to people with out their permission……………

The Cast
M & D (Mum & Dad)
Z (my partner)
F & N (my only sibling & her parner)
Tessa (my sister’s daughter/my niece)
T & C (Dad’s brother & his wife)
M & S (Dad’s sister & her husband)
A & A (Mum’s neighbour & daughter)

The trip to Warrnambool was really good! We got away on time, the traffic wasn’t too bad & other than a lot of rain (for which we are grateful for) the drive was uneventful. Mum had dinner ready for us on arrival & my niece Tessa had waited up to see us (she was having a sleep over at Grandma's too as F had her work Christmas party on). We ate, then I read Tess a story before bed. We all had an early night & woke up refreshed ready for a big day of feasting!

Our first Christmas gathering was lunch at Mum & Dads, with them, myself & Z, F & N, Tessa, & T & C. The menu included roast lamb, roast beef; roasted potato’s, pumpkin, carrot & parsnip; steamed cauliflower with cheese & mustard sauce; & steamed beans straight from Mum’s veggie patch!

We all managed to fit around the table (Tessa & I were on the camping table added onto the dining table – a little unstable, but did the job). Mum had the table laid with Grandma’s lace table cloth, a big bowl of cherries, red linen napkins, bonbons & candles. Everything went to plan & we eating by 1pm. No grumpiness, no short tempers, no sniping. Calmness, joyfulness & sharing the load made for a wonderful lead up to the feast.

Dad, C & myself did the washing up after lunch, letting mum have a rest, then we moved on to desert. Christmas pudding with brandy sauce; Pavlova with whipped cream, fresh strawberries & frozen mixed berries; & a nectarine trifle! While there was a lot of food on the menu, I don’t think I over ate, but I was comfortably full.

After lunch we had planned on a walk, however it was 16 degrees, blowing a gale & pretty much rained all day, so we settled in for some cards & scrabble instead! M & S arrived a little late (they had planned on arriving at 4pm, but after returning from moving some sheep, both had fallen asleep in front of the fire while drying out & didn’t wake until after 4pm!)

A & A also came over around 6pm (we’d borrowed their oven to cook the Beef in, & was nice for Tessa to have another kid to play with for a while!). Dinner was created out of left over cold meat, Mum made her warm pumpkin salad & C made her “famously divine” couscous salad. And of course all the left over deserts were polished off too!

We sat around yarning & catching up M & S’s 4 kids (my cousins), their partners & kids. 2 of my cousins have married, 1 has 4 children (under 5!!!), the other 1 & one on the way, so that was exciting news. Another is to be married in January & also just announced that they too are expecting! The 4th cousin has a long term partner & they have decided not to have children, enjoying their life traveling, skiing & snowboarding!

Fell into bed around 11pm having spent the day with people I hold dear to me: I felt truly thankful not only for my family, but for my life & how fortunate I am to be in the financial/emotional/physical place I am in right now (big sighs of contentment).

Sunday we’d arranged to have breakfast in Port Fairy at Rebecca’s (no – I resisted buying some more YoYo’s!) for Tessa’s 8th Birthday. F had bought her a Nintendo DS, & I got her the game Horsez. She was a very happy young lady! After Breaky we went for a walk (Tess had her bike) around Port Fairy, down to the beach along the foreshore & back along the river. It was still quite cool & windy & we avoided the few showers huddling under the local flora. After all that eating, it felt good to be moving.

Back to T & C’s home for coffee & birthday cake! T & C had blown up balloons & put up a Happy Birthday Banner in honor of the birthday girl – not sure that it was completely appreciated as she’d figured out how to create a horse & a foal & was busy trying to find the shop to buy carrots to feed said animals at the time :-).

It is hard for some people who have a birthday so close to Christmas. I have a few friends whose parents just didn’t seem to get the importance of making the birthday special & keeping it separate from Christmas & as a result are still quite bitter about it. We are doing our best to make sure Tessa’s day remains special, & I think F has planned to have her party/friend gathering on the 23rd of November each year now to keep it consistent & spread out the presents somewhat!

Dropped M & D home then headed back to Melbourne. Again a good quick trip, the only problem being my sunglasses being left behind in Melbourne & the day being quite glarey! Gave me an excuse to shut my eyes & have a cat nap! Usually I feel guilty sleeping & figure I should keep Z company & be a “look out” for traffic at intersections for him.

After all the rain (our rain water tank is full) I rewarded myself with lovely hot bubble bath & started a new book F loaned me, about a family of 5 sisters living in Tasmania (to start with). I’m hooked already & am looking forward to getting back into the gym & cycling while I read!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Forgive me blogger for I have sinned. It has been 11 days since I last posted.

  • I actually trained Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday last week. Each session involved my usual run, followed by a cycle (yes, I’ve finished reading Matthew Reilly – need to choose a new book)

  • Saturday was crazy, started out at 5.30am & finished somewhere around the 4am mark. The uncertainty may have something to do with excessive champagne! It was a good friends fully catered 40th birthday party at a boat house on the Yarra in the city (opposite Birrarung Marr). Awesome party – singing, dancing & lots of talking!

  • After which, I split with the man & met up with one of my Besties (K) who is out from Hong Kong on her annual Christmas visit (man stayed with his best mate & partied). She had been to a wedding & was in Northcote with a couple of other friends dancing in their loungre room & had run out of beer (oh noes!). So I cabbed it there via an all night bottlo in the city. More dancing, then couch sleeping!

  • Sunday we had a big breaky at Grecco on Southbank then headed back home. He slept, I dozed in-between dispatching jobs to our duty plumber. I woke him at 5pm as the duty plumber was after a delivery & “encouraged” him to drive while I navigated. Bit of a waste of a day, but sometimes it just has to be done.

  • Monday I was so shattered after work, all I managed was a lay on the couch to watch “the Santa Clause II”. I love kids movies. I love Christmas kids movies more.

  • Tuesday involved finishing off my Christmas Shopping. Still have one to go.

  • Wednesday night out for dinner for K’s birthday to Ginger in Fitzroy. Was a cocktail bar with finger food = chips, pizza etc. (can you see all the work I did the week before unraveling?). The man drove & we collect our other Bestie T on the way. Kept the drinking to a minimum as some of us had to work the next day, those who didn’t partied on into the night. Home at 11.30pm (I normally go to bed at 9.30pm!)

  • Last night – tidied, dusted, tidied, vacuumed, tidied, mopped, tidied, washed……………..getting the picture? Our house was a bomb site before I started. We are going to Warrnambool tonight for my Dad’s side of the families Christmas gathering & my Niece’s 8th Birthday. YAY! I also packed. We come back Sunday night as we are working on Monday. My parents are coming to Melbourne Monday sometime to stay with me, hence the mad cleaning frenzy!!!

  • Camera still broken, cheaper to buy a new one. Sigh. So no party pic’s until I borrow some from those who took some!

  • If I don’t make it back here before Christmas, to everyone who’s read &/or commented on this blog I wish you the very best for a Safe & Happy Christmas, & hope the new year brings you all your heart desires! HO HO HO!

  • PS please excuse all the spelling mistakes & grammatical errors………… time for spell checking!

  • PSS wrote this friday arvo before we left & ran out of time to post it!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


My Dads beautiful brother & wife from Port Fairy, stayed with us last night, before heading off to Sydney this morning. They are such lovely, gentle, kind, intelligent, worldly people & I love it when they choose to spend time with us. I always learn so much from them. They have both done masters in their chosen fields & both worked for universities. In fact some of my year 12 class mates went on to be taught by my uncle & of course he was known as Uncle Tom to that particular class for the next 4 years : -). I sometimes still feel quite stupid next to them, but they never make you feel small about not knowing or understanding anything & will spend time sharing their knowledge & observations. They are always willing to lend you an ear &/or offer advice!

They arrived in time for afternoon tea, we had a bit of a natter, showed them some recent photo’s, looked for shows for them in Sydney on the internet, booked car parking at the airport & showed my aunt how to work Facebook to see her nieces photos (who is traveling). Finally we went out for dinner to our favorite Indian restaurant in West Footscray: Samosa Chat, goat Rogan Josh, chicken Do Piazza, Baigan Bhartha (eggplant curry), steamed rice & Naan later, we were all happily sated.

We were given 2 treats from Rebecca’s in Port Fairy, which is a beautiful cafĂ© with lots of gourmet food (although much is laden with Lard). I am sure I will love the Kasoundi spread & am fairly sure it will be low in calories, but what am I to do with the 700 gram bucket of mini yo-yo’s? Yes, they taste lovely, but I may as well glue them to my thighs because if I eat them, that is where they will reside! I suppose I will have to share them with my staff: but they are so damn nice, probably cost a bomb & was a gift, that I feel a bit guilty sharing them with people who may not appreciate them! Yes, I am a bit of a food snob.

The other ½’s Mum is also a shocker at giving lard laden food: mainly chocolate! Her boyfriend likes to play those games in shopping centre’s & pubs where you drive a claw & try to grab onto a toy amongst a million chocolate bars. He wins loads of chocolate: she is trying to keep her weight down & fully knows that so am I, yet still offloads them on to me!

Is it really the age old sabotage? Or perhaps more laziness, thoughtlessness, or thoughtfulness gone wrong? Am I just an ungrateful cow? I don’t know. I am sure I have at some stage or another, given a food present that was not so welcome. So if anyone is in Sunshine in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne over the next week, pop for a cuppa & a Yo-Yo!

Work Interruption: Speechless: I just spoke to a gentleman who’d put a sledgehammer through his wall & hit a water or waste pipe, I am still not sure. I explained that unless I had a cancellation, I didn’t have plumber available for business hours today. I could do something for him after hours, but it would be on penalty rates, or if he can wait till tomorrow, we can do some thing for him 1st thing in the morning. His response to this was F#ck you. I said pardon, He said it again; & again I said Pardon. Then he then said suck my c#ck! To which I all I could manage was "get a life" & hung up!!! (sorry if this is TMI - had to share with someone!)

Do you think this was Christmas agro or was he just a freak (probably thinks it is my faulty he stuffed his plumbing!)? It’s been a while since I had such an interesting negative response. To be honest, I’ve got the giggles now. I’ve heard 3 year olds dummy spit with more creativity & effect. The general public. What can I say. There’s always one that spoils if for the rest!

This is me frocked up at home before our work Christmas Party on Friday night, my camera died not long after. Me thinks it needs major surgery :-(

Friday, December 7, 2007


Yesterday I pleasure of stepping out of my office & doing a couple of deliveries; a tool to a plumber, some paper work to a client & then did the banking as well. It was a beautiful morning; warm & summery. I was able to listen uninterrupted to a friends radio show on 3RRR an iconic Melbourne Public Radio Station. In my office the radio volume goes up & down according to telephone, 2 way radio & other interruptions, so tends to be background noise/music. I gave up actually trying to listen to anything at work years ago.

Richard’s show is called Smart Arts & basically covers anything & everything to do with the arts. It was blissful not only enjoying the lack of interruptions, but also Richards’ dulcet tones & interview skills. I suppose being a radio presenter promotes vocal undulation & eloquence & while listening to words like juxtaposition, melancholy & evoke, it reminded me how poorly lacking my language skills are!

How many times a day would I say join, sad & made, instead of the beautiful words Richard spoke. Don’t even get me started on how many times a day I say awesome, freak or freaky. I also cuss quite a bit so I won’t include the F word occurrences. When my office assistant started 5 years ago, I almost had to instigate a swear jar for myself! Being the only girl prior to that in my work place, I had not really noticed how much I’d picked up on the swearing around me. I am not offended by swearing, but it does have a time & place & I don’t like offending others with my language.

In year 10 at High School, we had an English teacher like no other before. His name was Mr Etherington; but we all had to call him Mr E. When he entered our class room, we all had to stand up behind our chairs & chorus “Good Morning Sir, Mr E Sir”: he would then bid us good morning & motion for us to sit. Mr E was also on a mission to improve our language & each week he gave us a “Vocabulary List” of words to look up, learn to spell & use in sentences, which we were tested on the following week. These lists contained all sorts of obscure words, most of which I’ve forgotten now. Perhaps I need to pay some respect to Mr E & expend supplementary occasions comprehending & using innovative expressions from my dictionary (or use the synonym function in word while word-processing!)

Thanks again Richard for some insight into the Arts; I was particularly moved by the interview with the creators of Brindabella.

Wow – it was hot in Melbourne last night. I am sure tempers will be ragged today for those who struggled to sleep! My other half got up at 4am to do paperwork because he was too hot to sleep! This of course set Rosy off, who decided it must be breakfast time if Papa was up, & proceeded to talk to me until I relented & fed her! So I am a little tired myself. The change has come through now & I may need a cardigan before too long.

The offending furball

Last night I found some frozen Calamanzi juice cubes in my freezer & made myself a lovely long Vodka & Calamanzi juice & pretended I was on the beach on Boracay Island in the Philippines watching the sunset. Calamanzi juice is native Filipino lime juice: simply refreshing & Divine!.

I skipped Gym Wednesday night. Sometimes when your man is drowning in paper work, you have to make sacrifices. He looked so forlorn at the mound on his desk that I took pity & stayed back with him. I can’t actually do any of this work for him (I’ve done all I can to lighten his load); but I was able to locate other paper work or information he required to help. Plus I word processed quotes as he completed them.

I made up for it last night though & did a 30 min cycle after my run. I don’t know how it escaped me, but I’d bought the new Matthew Reilly book (7 Deadly Wonders) for half price at Big W a few weeks ago & had not started it! I cannot cycle in the gym without a good book; music just doesn’t work for me. I love to read & I love Matthew Reilly; his books are so action packed (my Dad stopped reading them because he reckons they are unbelievably action packed). I don’t mind, like Mr Reilly said in an interview I read somewhere, if you can imagine it, it can happen. I think I will make a new rule this week: if I want to read Matthew I have to go to the gym & cycle!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Before I started this blog, I truly did not appreciate the effort people put in to post every day (or so!). I’d check my favorite blogs daily (sometimes more), hoping for an update: as much to entertain as to inspire. I have to admit, I love people who can take the piss out of themselves, & who can find humor in most situations! Not all of us born comedians though.

It is really hard to write something each day, that’s not just banging on about too much trivial stuff. I mean we all do trivial stuff: it fills up the spaces between the fun & serious stuff I suppose. But I’d like to thank all those bloggers who make the effort to post regularly! You’ve made lunch at my desk very enjoyable (no need to mention the food & drink sprayed onto my keyboard or desk as I burst out laughing at something someone has written). You Rock!!!

Hopefully now I am getting the hang of blogger, I can post more regularly myself! Haven't really got anything exciting to add though: work is plodding along nicely & I completed my 5 tune workout last night. One of the girls at the gym tried to talk me into a cycle class afterwards (not that she was going to do it herself, but was having fun trying to wind me up!) Hmmmm I can feel myself about to go off on a tangent about interacting with fellow gym goers here…………………..might save that for another day!

This is me at my desk this morning - I really need to practice taking my own pic! I got my hair cut on the weekend & have some very red highlights, although not so noticeable in the photo.

Monday, December 3, 2007


We went to the Spicks n Spectacular on Saturday night. For those of you who are not familiar, Spicks n Specks is a musical quiz show on the ABC, Wednesday's 8.30pm (although the current season is over). My Mum actually put me on to the show a few years back, which is pretty funny. While she loves music, I don't think she'd be able to answer many of the questions! However it is a comedy show too, based around music. Our our friends who came with us on Saturday night while having never watched the show, needed no explanation. Those of us who do watch the show I am sure may have laughed harder & longer at some of the antics & lines, as we had a bit of history.

The show was fantastic. Al, Myff & Adam sang; Myff played piano while Alan danced (I almost wet my pants laughing here). Adam Hills was in fine form. And audience members were chosen as contestants. My favourite contestant was chosen using the line "who is here with there parents" & Adam then chose the parent. I've actually forgotten her name, but she was fantastic. She rode the bike (that drives the turntable in one of the games) despite having never ridden a bike before; & was quite cheeky with Adam, telling him he'd be surprised what bigger ladies get up to in bed after which we found out her husband was at home with a back injury. Alan Brough could not speak for several minutes (I thought he was going to wet his pants). I suppose you really had to be there, but the whole night was an absolute hoot!

Almost spectacular has been my 5 song/20 minute challenge although it kinda went to shit towards the end of the week. Amongst everything else at work, I am responsible for Debtor Invoicing & am always very busy at the end of the month. The other half committed to playing golf Friday night with some of our staff, so I sacrificed my Thursday work out to stay in the office. Friday I had a shocking headache (probably from all the invoicing) so piked. Saturday I still had a fair bit on & ran out of time (& I didn't really want to mess up my new hair). Sunday however I made up for Saturday, & did back to back 20 minute runs!!! Yes, 40 minutes straight running at 9.5 on the tready!! The last 10 was extremely challenging & my knee started to hurt a bit. Slowed my speed to 9 for a couple of minutes then put it back up. Let's see if I can do 6/7 days this week!

I know I can't do anything friday night as it is our work Christmas Party: I finish work at 5pm & I need to be frocked & at the venue before everyone gets there at 6.30pm to decorate! Even if I have a bit of a sore head Saturday, my gym is open til 4pm. Surely I can manage that! Tonight I might even do pump after my run (can't completely forget about those push ups!)

Thanks to Brooke, Beckie & Kenz who have all left recent comments!!!

Brooke - hope Blackie's recovery is going well!