Thursday, February 11, 2016

Road Trippin'

So we took a drive up the coast to Southern New South Wales.  With pit stops, food stops, shopping stops (booze, more food, motor bike parts etc) it's about an 8 hour drive.

But before we could go anywhere, someone needed a hair cut!  Our destination is rife with ticks including paralysis ticks which require you to check your pet all over every day for them as well as prevention medication.  She travelled like a dream in the back seat with me, as I'd given up my front seat for the MIL.

We were staying in a friends holiday house halfway between 2 x towns, so this means that while Plumbing Boy, Trix & I were all able to walk (or run or cycle for the 2 legged peeps) into either town, MIL had to be driven so careful planning was required to accommodate everyone's needs.

PB & I got up early most mornings & went for a run, walk or cycle before MIL was up & dressed for the day's activities.  

We were lucky to be able to walk from the house through the scrub to the back beach, then along the (mainly deserted) back beach into town for coffee & then back home through the scrub.  

Trix loved her first time at the beach & being off the lead!  She wasn't so keen on the water although I did take her in with me into the shallows another day to cool her down.  She doesn't hate it (or me for doing it) but I don't think she'd go in voluntarily yet!

There was wildlife to enjoy & a drive one day up the coast.

While there was plenty of exercise there was also plenty of relaxing, reading & eating.  I had icecream one day for lunch!!!

There was a little shopping - I found a little bit of Brunswick Street in down town Pambula - Zoe.O designs 

 I bought this skirt - they didn't have my size on the rack so they made me one the same day with the band & button colour of my choosing!  I also bought a pair of trousers (no pic yet) which they individually hem for you on the spot.  Beautiful fabrics, beautiful designs & Australian made on the spot!

We came home to an out of control garden.  The lettuce went crazy with all the rain we've had & lucky too as there has been a salmonella outbreak here from bags of mixed lettuce!!!

This is Jim.  He's about to fall off the wagon & into the drink.  Not me!! I'm on the wagon this month doing Febfast. Day 11 & going strong.  I wasn't even tempted on Sunday night while at friends for dinner, although the smell of the pictured wine was pretty divine, I did not partake!

That's about it for now.  I have half a dozen posts floating about in my head that I need to put on paper (or screen) with appropriate pictures & next week I hope to introduce you to a new 4 legged friend who is hopefully joining our family on Sunday!!!!  No - he's not a puppy, but he might be 2 & he might purrrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Yeah, I've been slack blogger!!!  Been away on holiday for a couple of weeks & now playing catch up.  In the interim, here's me & miss Tongue out Tuesday last week while we were away, pretending to be wilderness explorers.  

Hopefully I'll catch up with you all by weeks end! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Catch up in Pictures

Christmas & New Years has been & gone leaving me wondering what I've done with my time!!  I had my parents stay from Xmas eve til Jan 2nd, so most of it was taken up with them & other family gatherings + trying to get stuff done around the house & attempting to keep up with my training.  

Something had to give & it was indeed some training. Distance ran in total 2015 was less than 2014 (declined October, November & December!!).  I guess moving house & our new living arrangements was bound to take some adjusting to.  

But onwards & upwards for 2016.  I've just started a 20 week training program leading to the Great Ocean Road Marathon, with the aim to run the whole bloody way this year (no stopping for a sook or a walk - although I'd still take a quick hug at the 39km mark from Plumbing Boy!!) which should ensure a better time than 2015.

Here is a bit of what I've been up to over the past few weeks in pictures.

Preparing for & installing a raised veggie bed:

And removing the spoil & other rubbish.  Preparing for the hot house installation & watching stuff grow.

Trixie love.  She is such a delight & makes me happy every single day.  Although not as much this week & the next week & possibly the week after - she's on heat LOL!  There is a little cleaning up to do when I let her inside & the poor baby has to sleep outside (in her basket) til that is over; & of course I can't really walk her.  Lucky our living area is all tiles.  Next time she's on heat I have to take her back to the breeder for mating as she will have one last litter before she is ours permanently.  We will get her spayed after that litter.  Now.  I wonder if we can talk the boss into a puppy between now & then!!!!!

Lots of eating & drinking:

And some running.  I ran both Christmas Day & New Years Day.  I've run Christmas morning as a gift to myself before things get too hectic for the past few years & plan on keeping up that tradition!  I saw a tiger snake Christmas morning - some lovely walkers let me know it was on the path up ahead.  My niece & I saw another (+ a blue tongue lizard) while walking Trixie on New Years Day.  And I saw my 3rd on Saturday after a lovely cyclist stopped to let me know there was one up ahead.  Slightly disconcerting & buggers up my time while I wait for them to slowly slither off, but, better slow than bitten!!!

I hope you & yours enjoyed seeing in the new year or sleeping it in as was our case & that 2016 brings you peace, joy, health & love.  Cheers!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ho Ho Ho

Well my lovelies.................hope you all have some fun over the weekend spending time with those you love (or at least like!!!!).  See ya on the flip side!!!!  XO

Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Run Update

Holy Toledo time is just zooming by!  How did it get to be December & how did I not blog about the 2 events I ran in November??

On Saturday night I ran the Afterglow Twilight Trail Run half marathon distance with my mate Cath.  Actually, it was she who asked me if I was interested in doing it.  As I said in my last post, this run was to hold a lot of firsts for me - first trail, night, with another person the whole way & without tunes. There was another unwanted first - feeling very unwell for the last 6kms & having to lay down at the end (or pass out &/or vomit).

Back to the run.  We were bussed out to Point Addis, given a race briefing & set off around 7.15pm to run back to Torquay.  The trail was well marked & there really was no chance we'd get lost.  The highlight for me (other than finishing)  was stopping to see an Echidna waddle across the trail at the 6km mark.  So. Damn. Cute.  

Neither of us wore our head lamps (a requirement to run), as by the time it was dark enough, we were in a bunch of runners who lit the way for us.  Plus it was cumbersome.  We were back in Torquay at the 15km mark, then had to run out of town on the beach 3.5kms up over the dunes & then back into town to the finishing line.  

I was feeling quite unwell as we hit the beach & if I hadn't been running with Cath I suspect I may have just lay down for a while & not completed the run.  My breathing was somewhat laboured & I felt like I wanted to puke.  BUT.  I trudged along & completed the run - couldn't let my buddy down - although I did slow her down significantly, as she's a much faster runner than I am.  From the outset her plan was to run with me & to just have a bit of fun.  True to her word she stuck with me & we ran over the finish line together.

I managed the walk back to our accommodation, just, without passing out or puking, had a shower with my head between my knees & made it to bed where I stayed until morning.  Had a temperature when I got home, so suspect I was fighting some sort of virus.  We went back over what I'd eaten & hydration etc in the car on the way home & all was fine, so I guess that must have been it.  

I would recommend the run & hope to do it again next year.  The event website said to add approximately 20 minutes to your road time for a trail run & that was pretty accurate - we came in at 2hrs 16 mins 54 seconds - pace 6.22.  There were times the trail was bottlenecked due to runners; I conked out on the 2nd hill & had to walk the middle section (with a few others); there were stairs & short sandy sections asides the last slog up the beach.  But the scenery is spectacular.  It's the Otway ranges/great ocean road territory - very special.  

The other event I ran was City 2 Sea in Melbourne - from the MCG to St Kilda, following the Run Melb/Melb Marathon Routes down St Kilda road & around Albert Park Lake.  My on line running coach bought a mob down from Brisbane so I was "the other" Lazy Runner & completed this one in 1 hr 17mins 15 seconds offical pace of 5.08 although my watch said 5.12.  Either way that's a cracking pace for me & a PB as I haven't raced this distance before!!!

Above - waiting in the starting chute; below completed!

Not sure I'd do this event again due to same route as the other big Melbourne runs (unless I skip the other two next year).  For the price I wouldn't mind a change of scenery!!!  

Met up with a mate afterwards who'd also done the run, but managed to be in the last starting chute instead of with me, so I spent the whole run telling myself to giddy up or Janey will overtake you!!!  Thanks for the motivation mate!  Had a well deserved Coffee, obligatory glass of bubbles & a big eggie breaky before we both had to head home to domestic chores!!!!