Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SCC50 Week 15/28

SCC50 Week 15/28

Long Run: 12kms
As I had a fairly busy weekend planned, I decided to get this done during the week on a trail close to work.  Again I ran out of light, so ran one way on the trail (& ran both hills - winning!), but had to come back via the road.  It started to rain with 2kms to go & was fairly heavy by the time I got back to the car.  Quite drenched.  My hip was great for the first 6kms, then started to niggle, then hurt.  The last 2kms were pretty shite & I would have walked them if it wasn't raining.

Other Training:
Monday: 10kms slow pace - hip was a little niggly, but rolled & used spikey ball (as per masseuse's advise) & it felt great afterwards.

Tuesday: Legs - Back Squats with Palloff Dead Bugs; Bulgarian Dead Lifts with kneeling should presses.  Then core, then stretching & rolling/spikey ball.

Wednesday: see above, long run.

Thursday: spent an hour on the spikey ball working my hip with a bit of rolling & stretching as well as it was sore post long run.

Friday: rest

Saturday: had planned to do 5km after parkrun (I was volunteering this week), but hip still sore so decided to leave it out this week.

Sunday: rest

Feeling: Frustrated with hip niggle.  Am looking at seeing either a physio or a muscular skeleto guy who is also a exercise physiologist - both recommended to me by local runners in a local running club.  Waiting to see who can fit me in.

Eating:  More than I've expended :-(

Other: See feeling.  

Monday, June 18, 2018

SCC50 Week 14/28

SCC50 Week 14/28 - half way!

Long Run: 25kms / 2.5hrs trail running

This week was a mate's 100th parkrun, so a bunch of us surprised him by going to his local to run or walk it with him!

After that I headed down to Two Bays trail with one of my running buddies who is also doing the 50km event in September.  She was recovering from a cold so chose to drop back to 15kms this week, while I stuck with the 25kms or 2.5 hours.  My plan was to run out for 1hr 10 mins, then turn around & come back (she planned the same, but less time so we ended up back at the car at the same time).  There is a massive staircase on the way back so allowed an extra 5 minutes for the return because of that!!

Best laid plans often go awry.  After parkrun we celebrated by going out for coffee first, which turned into breakfast.  I can confirm that eggs benny 1.5 hours before a 2.5 hour run is not a good idea.  

Next issue, I left my blue tooth ear buds at my friends home.  Oops.  Went to Kmart & got a cheap cable pair.  This was also to be my first long run in my new hydration pack using the bladder as well as the front water bottles & I wasn't happy with how the tube between the mouth piece & bladder sat - will need to work on that.

I had to stop in the first km to change the ear bud cable placement as my arm kept catching on the cable & pulling said ear bud out.  Next I got hot & had to take off my windproof jacket.  Could not manage to do this without stopping & taking one arm out of the pack at a time.  Tied said jacket around my wasit.

In summer on this trail, there are a lot of snakes.  In winter you'd think they'd be in hibernation.  I however kept thinking the zipper flapping about my legs from said jacket was a snake, biting my legs so had to stop & put said jacket in my pack.  Could I do this without taking pack off??  No siree.  All the reachable pockets were stuffed with mandatory gear, like a thermal top, or the first aid kit.

Off came the entire vest & I shoved said jacket down in the zippered pocket in front of the bladder.  Note to self - stuff the thermal top in their next time leaving an available pocket for said jacket - although the vest will be a tad lopsided if I do......sigh.  All this took place in the first 3kms plus I was feeling sluggish due to said earlier eggs benny.

I knew I had been overly optimistic thinking I could get close to 25kms done in the 2.5 hours + I keep forgetting how much longer trail running takes compared with road.  I had a couple of logs down over the trail to stop & clamber over; there are slippery steps & boardwalks to negotiate on this trail with some steep uphills that require some walking.  Some of the trail is very narrow (foot width wide) with tree roots so that takes time to navigate, plus general trail surface makes you work harder than road.

In the end I managed 20kms in the 2.5 hours + had run 5km slowly at parkrun so was happy.  I stopped to help out a walker who'd tripped on a step & his wife used some items from my first aid kit with 3kms to go; stopped & took a photo as the view was pretty spectacular.

Other Training:
Monday: Gym - the squat rack was full so I walked on the tready for 1.5kms, spent 15 minutes on Jacobs Ladder & Cycled for 10kms on the spin bike before stretching, then went home.

Tuesday: Coach's run.  Warm up, 3km fast, 2 min rest, 2km faster per minute kms, 2 min rest, 1km faster per minute km.  I'd procrastinated about doing this & theoretically you should do it where there are no traffic lights or intersections i.e. no interruptions.  Due to said procrastination I ran out of light so had to do a big block, but it doesn't have many side streets so managed to run the thing without interruption!!!  Felt great afterwards & was very happy with my pacing.

Wednesday: Legs.  When I got to gym the squat rack was full again, so I started off on the tready & as soon as someone vacated a spot on the rack I raced over & set up.  Winning.  Did my full program (without PT as he's off gallivanting internationally) + some extra core before stretching.

Thursday: Again the procrastination was setting in, but I fought it & ran the scheduled 10km.  Didn't want to be stuck in the same situation as last week & didn't want to have to run either side of the long run.  Timed the distance perfectly.  Again, as I was running out of light could only run 1 way along the water through the coastal park & came back via the residential streets.

Friday: rest

Saturday: see long run above

Sunday: rest

Feeling: OK.  My right hip has been a bit niggly, but massage post run Tuesday night seems to have done the trick.

Eating: Not too bad.  Ate out Wednesday night; & had post run pizza.  Plumbing Boy was away for the long weekend so that meant a couple of nights eating cleaner :-) 

Other:  Not much else to report.  Long weekend meant a lovely lazy Sunday & not having to get up at 4.50am Monday morning!!!

Friday, June 8, 2018

SCC50 Week 13/28

SCC50 Week 13/28

Long Run: 14kms (shorter long run week)

This weekend I went home to the country for my sisters birthday.  Plumbing Boy, MIL, Trixie & I headed down to Western Victoria Friday night, had dinner at my parents, then left MIL & Trix with them & headed to my sisters to sleep (she had a dinner & movies with work).

Got up bright & early Saturday, PB drove me to parkrun in Warrnambool which I ran, then ran home to my sisters in Illowa.

It was a chilly start - 5 degrees which had me in a long sleeve top, wind proof jacket, ear warmers & gloves.  By the time I finished 5kms at parkrun I'd removed my gloves & tied my jacket around my waist.  

Quick stop to scan my barcode & have a mouthful of water then on to the rail trail out to Illowa.  It was lovely.  Combination of dirt/gravel, board walk, a small section of bitumen & some grass.  Along a creek, lots of birds, cows & horses in paddocks as I got out of town.  The sun was out & the run was really peaceful.  No pictures, I figured if I can't run the balance of the 14km without stopping I have no business training for an ultra LOL.

Other Training:
Monday: Legs without my PT
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5km Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: see long run above
Sunday: 4.5kms Hill sprints

Feeling: Slack.  I had a lot going on this week.  Tuesday had a meeting with out accountant with had me out of the office for 4 hours, so worked back & didn't train.  My cat Tuxedo was in a scrap & he ended up at the vet Thursday night, normally a run night & gym.  While his head wound wasn't too bad, he was starting to look like a chipmunk on the right side of his face.

According to the vet he was standing his ground otherwise the bite marks would have been on his butt not his face LOL.  Head was the top fang, cheek however the bottom fang & he ended up with a cat fight abscess.  Anti-inflam & antibiotic shots later home he came & perked up significantly.  Left him inside for 2 nights we were away (stocked up with food & water) & he was pretty much back to normal when we arrived home Sunday lunch time.  Still as a bit of a bald spot, but hopefully his fur will grow back.  Has to go back for a check up in 10 days.

Saturday afternoon my sis & I decided to go to the the geothermal springs in Warrnambool.  OMG.  How have I not know about this or done this before?? A really hot mineral spring pool - almost too hot & I like it hot, plus a cold plunge pool that really was bloody cold!  We alternated between both catching up on each others lives for an hour or so, then met the boys a glass of wine over looking the ocean before meeting parents & MIL back at my sisters for dinner.

Eating: Not as good as I'd have liked.  Pizza for dinner for my sisters birthday as none of us could be bothered going out or cooking!  Breakfast out again for birthday celebrations Sunday morning.  Check out my sisters & my breakfasts!!!!  Bloody amazing!  She had the avo smash with poached eggs.  I had beetroot & gin cured salmon with a side of avo.  Divine!!!

Other: It was lovely to get away for the weekend.  I got up early Sunday morning in attempt to get my last run in for the week.  Run coach had hill sprints as the training run for the week, so I decided to do that rather than the 10km I originally had on my program.  I misread the email & only did half the session - 10 x 50 metre hill sprints x 1 instead of x 2.  I was time poor anyway, had to get to breakfast, but it was a magnificent morning & I got to see the sun come up.

I came home relaxed having my soul soothed by family & the country air.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

SCC50 Week 12/28

SCC50 Week 12/28

Long Run: 23kms /2.5hrs trail running

This weekend Plumbing Boy went to Tasmania to pick up something he'd bought off ebay that wasn't shippable, so I was in charge of the phones for work, therefore decided to stay close to home for my long run just in case.  As my closest trail is my local parkrun, laps it was for 15kms & I ran the rest on the footpath.

Clocked up 11kms before parkrun, then parkrun, then ran via home to drop off a singlet I'd shed after 5kms (I used parkrun as my aid station leaving a banana when I started & singlet & gloves when I was a bit hot), that was 17kms, then ran out 3 & back again to make up the 23kms.  5 phone calls & 1 job so I made a good call to stay close to home.  Not much really to report.

Other Training:
Monday PT - legs
Tuesday: 10km run
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 5km run & PT upper body (last session with my PT who is off overseas for 6 months)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: as above
Sunday: 5km walk with Trix

Feeling: Good

Eating: Sensibly

Other: Had a big cook up on Sunday from the run fast, eat slow cook book I got for Christmas making 3 new recipes.  Super Hero Muffins, Salmon & Sweet Potato patties, Runners High Peanut Sauce.  All were delicious!!  My only complaint with the book is that it doesn't give the nutritional value per serve for each recipe.  As the book is designed for athletes, you need to be in a reasonable training volume to just chow everything down.  For example, one of the muffins is equivalent to my entire breakfast (oats, yogurt, fruit) so you need to make sure you're not over eating as a result.  But do love the book otherwise!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018

SCC50 Week 11/28

SCC50 Week 11/28

Long Run: 14kms - Great Ocean Road Running Festival

I'd originally signed up for the half marathon at this event, but our god daughter arranged to have her 21st birthday party on the Saturday night of this weekend so I downgraded to the 14km which was held on Saturday (instead of the Sunday when the longer events are held).  It's a 2hr 45 minute drive to the start line so wasn't practicable to run on Sunday after the time for sleeping!

My running buddies decided to sign up for the 6km on Saturday morning as well as running their half & full marathon events on the Sunday, planning to walk & collect an additional medal.  I succumbed to peer pressure & signed up for the 6km as well, however had no intention of walking the 6km.  

I'd missed my other 5km run during the week; my MIL had a cold & I felt like I was getting it so took it easy & even cancelled my 2nd PT session to ward it off.  This weeks 5km was supposed to be a re-visit of the fast paced 5km from 6 weeks ago to see what the difference was in pace after 6 weeks of working on speeding up.

My plan was to run the first km slowly to warm up & then belt out the 5km as hard as I could.  Result was 5.11 pace, even though the course was short!  Came in at 5.8kms according to my watch.  This means I could have been a bit faster as I ran that first km at a 6 minute pace & it was included in the total!  I was very happy with that!  My pace 6 weeks ago was 5.23 over 5kms.

I had about an hour to kill before the 14km event so had a snack & switched my race numbers & wandered up to catch up with another blogging runner mate Carol while I waited  for the girls to finish.  10 minutes after the girls finished I was off again on the 14km.  They saw me off & then went in search of coffee & food.

I'd plan to run the 14km at a 6 minute pace, but finished the again short course of 13.46kms at a 5.47 pace.  Was very happy with that.  The course was out & back on the road, flat for the first 5kms then a slow incline for the rest into the rain forest to the turnaround point then back again.  I didn't notice the hill so much on the way out but certainly did on the way back having a bit of fun overtaking people.  I'm more confident at downhill these days & as they say, practice makes perfect!!

I managed a jump shot for an on course photographer on the way back down, but can't justify purchasing the picture; and one of the girls filmed me finishing!  The guy to the left of me caught up to me & there was no way I was going to let another person over take me in the straight so I ran as hard as I could to the finish.  It looks like I'm not going very fast, but believe me, that's about as fast as I can go LOL!

I'll have to go back next year for the 23kms or maybe the 60km - but lets see how the 50km goes first.  The 60km ultra at great ocean road doesn't have a very generous cut off & you run in land up a massive hill to make up difference between the 44 & the 60km events.  Not sure I can be that fast over that distance.

Other Training:
Monday: PT
Tuesday: 12km run
Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sunday: Nada
Saturday: 6km & 14km runs see above

Feeling:  Good.

Eating:  Plenty.

Other:  Looking forward to increasing the distance; while I'm not yet halfway through the training program, I only have 8 long long runs before the event!!!  Eek!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

SCC50 Week 10/28

SCC50 Week 10/28

Long Run: 22kms / 2.5hrs trail running

This week I had to get a little creative!  I have plenty of places to run from home, however none of them are trail except my local parkrun park, which I just cant fathom running  around 4 or 5 times to make up the distance!  This week I decided to drive to a place called the You Yangs (or Youies as they are affectionately known as among the locals).  

I've only run a couple of trail events, & have never really run somewhere I'm not familiar with.  I ran a 5km event here last year so figured I'd look up the half marathon event map from then & use that route to run on!  I printed off a map, wrote out instructions on left, right, emergency beacon signs, north south east west (if only I could work a compass right LOL!), put them in a sturdy zip lock bag to put in my hydration vest hoping I wouldn't get lost!  

I wanted to run this one by myself, firstly it's not an out & back, so not so good for running with mates who are a different pace; & secondly to see if I could manage to navigate it by myself!  If I can then I can take others & mark the course if required if I run on ahead!  Plus the others are all running a half marathon next weekend & I'm only doing the 14km event!

So: how did it go? Fine!  I didn't get lost :-)  Although I did take a wrong turn & ended up in a different car park to the one I'd planned to start from.  It was all good as it was on the map already on the route.

The first km was straight up a rocky face on a goat track with zero ability to run.  You had to carefully place each foot & use hands on rocks in places to navigate.  I was wondering if I'd made a bad bad decision to try this run at that point!!  After 800 metres I had to stop & take off my long sleeve top as I was too hot!  

But what goes up does come down & soon I was on a lovely sandy goat track making my way back down.  There were still up hills to come (see pic below).

I saw a couple of big grey Kangaroo's, but the bounded away before I could take a picture!  I planned to stop at 7 & 15kms respectively to walk for a minute or 2 & have something to eat to get in practice for the event.  I'm not used to starting & stopping & on trails, that will happen as you cannot run them all.

It was pretty scrubby & I had a combination of goat or single track, fire trails & gravel paths to run on.  It was maybe 12 degrees C, cloudy & windy with some sun & a little rain too.

I bonked (hit the wall) at the end of 16kms as I hadn't had anything to eat (despite the plan - I wasn't hungry at either stops!).  Usually I can run a half marathon (21.1kms) distance in 2 hours & only need water.  However I was out on the trail for 3 hours with 2hrs 27mins of actual running/walking time.  The other 33 minutes were made up of taking 2 x work calls (before I diverted them to plumbing boy); consulting the map; the 7 & 15km stops where I took pictures; & a toilet stop when I ran past a public toilet block at the ranger station at 15.5kms.

Hitting the wall felt like I was quite unwell & running though sludge.  Tired & just yuk really.  I'd underestimated the toll the terrain & extra time out on course would take on me.  I had packed a power bar & a gel (along with most of the other mandatory gear for the event - thermal top, first aid kit etc etc figuring if I did get lost or roll an ankle I might need some warmth & food to get me back to the car!), so I ate the gel (YUK!) & felt remarkably better after 10 minutes & finished strong!

View from the car park on finishing - the weather was closing in & yes, it rained for the rest of the afternoon!  I'd also packed hot soup in a thermos for the drive home although it was only a 30 min drive - it was great to get out of my wet gear, into the thermals (& ugg boots) & have something hot & nutritious in my belly!!!  

Other Training:
Monday: PT Legs
Tuesday: 10km run - managed to stay in my pace group with a minute & a half to spare!  I was absolutely stoked!  It just goes to show that if you put in a bit of work & trust in the process (thanks coach) you can run faster for further!
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 5km run + PT upper body
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long Run above
Sunday: Rest

Feeling: Strong.  Running is going to plan; I'm stronger at PT.  I've printed out the elevation map for the event & put it on my wall at work.  I've printed out the tide chart too!  

The event start time has change from last year, but this should ensure I am not finishing at high tide which would be pretty horrible to run 4.8kms through soggy wet sinking sand & water after running 45.2kms.  Bring it.

Happy with my long run although at this point, it's kind of hard to fathom how I'll manage to continue on to 50kms!  But as per previous marathon training, the distance creeps up slowly & before I know it I'll have run a 30km then a 40km training run.

Eating: I made my proper lunches this week & have eaten more nutritionally soundly; I've had so many weekends of late with social outings where I over indulge in food & beverages & I can't get rid of this little pot belly I've acquired!  This was the first weekend home with no social event since I cannot tell you when!  I'm going to say before Christmas!

Other:  I went for a sports massage on Wednesday night - my right hip had been a tight & a bit sore.  Not painful, just a niggle, but best to get it sorted sooner than later.  Glenn inflicted a reasonable amount of pressure & I felt much better in the days after!  

Friday, May 11, 2018

SCC50 Week 9/28

SCC50 Week 9/28

Long Run: 10kms - ran a couple of laps of my local parkrun.  I was actually run director this week, so once that was done & I'd gone home & processed the results, I ran back up to the park, did my laps & ran home again.

Love my local park!!  Perfect for 5 - 15kms, any longer though & I need something else!  As I need to be running my longer runs on trail from here on in, I'll need to start getting creative!

Other Training:
Monday: PT Legs
Tuesday: 9km run - stayed in my pace group with something like 18 seconds to spare! Whoop!!!!
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5km run + PT upper body
Friday: Rest
Saturday: long run as per above
Sunday: rest

Feeling: Fine!

Eating: Still like a demon.  Need to reign that in!

Other: Not much to report this week!