Friday, April 24, 2015


This arrived by post today!!

 As did these

To help with these!!!!

I'm kind of feeling excited despite seeing the elevations.  Only one more super long run to go.  The count down begins!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 16/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 16: 13/4 - 19/4

Run 1: Tuesday PM 7kms normal pace - 5.30 pace
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km pretend you are running a 5km & run as fast as comfortably possible - 5.11 pace
Run 3: Saturday 32 - 34kms slow & steady  - 34kms 5.48 pace

Other: PT x 2; 4km recovery walk Sunday

Feeling: accomplished!! 

Managed the 34kms on Saturday without much incident.  I took 2 anti inflammatories at the 15km mark as I could feel knee pain threatening on the right.  Did the trick & I didn't take any after more that.  Started out quite slowly - aiming for under 6 minute kms, with the plan to pick it up on the way home.  I haven't checked the splits yet, but I did run the last km in 5.13 pace.  

With 9kms to go, two tracks merge with me on one & a guy on the other.  He took off & I didn't see him after the first couple of minutes until I had 2kms left to go!!  He was only 400 - 500 metres in front of me, so I made it my mission to catch him which I did with 200 metres to spare!!!  Certainly took my mind off the last couple of kms!!!!

Another mind game I've been using on the longer runs is to think of it as an out & back rather than the total distance I have to run.  Instead of thinking of Saturdays run as 34kms, I pigeon holed it as 17kms out & back.  I run to the turn around point then count the kms back down to 0!  The things you do to keep from freaking out LOL!!!

Rest of the week was pretty cruizy with no hills to run to keep my knee happy.  Caught up with an old friend for a walk & a cuppa on Sunday.  We got caught in the hail & had to take cover under some trees for 10 minutes; other than feeling a bit cold it was all good.  Sunday was very windy & cold here!!  Saturday in comparison was quite mild & perfect conditions for running.  So much so that I actually made like a footballer & stood in the ocean for 20 minutes after my run ( in a beanie with a large hot coffee) in an attempt to rehab (ice) all of me from the waist down.  I came out a giant iceblock am not sure I'll be brave enough to do it again hahaha.

I cant believe how the time has flown, the Marathon is almost here!!!  Still not sure how I'll go with the hills, but I have heard from others who've run the event that the scenery takes your mind off the hard bits & the down hills are more awesome that the uphills are horrid.  So.  Bring It.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 15/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 15: 6/4 - 12/4

Run 1: Monday AM 5km normal pace : 5.30
Run 2: Wednesday AM 5km normal pace : 5.30 
Run 3: Saturday 17kms slow & steady : 5.34 pace

Other: PT x 2

Feeling: cautiously optimistic

Saw my Physio Wednesday night RE knee pain from the previous weekend.  He confirmed it was coming from a very tight knee joint caused by a very tight Iliotibial band.  He poked, prodded, rubbed & dug his elbow into all the tight knotty gristly spots (OUCH!!!) followed by an ice pack with the Tens machine & instructions to keep up the ice (ongoing) & anti inflams until Sunday morning.  

Running coach had suggested having another crack at the 30kms on Saturday, but on advice from Physio, we all decided to stick to the scheduled 17km for this weekend, drop the failed 30km altogether & proceed with the scheduled 32 - 34 next weekend.  Eeeek.

Was in the country for my Dad's belated birthday & to catch up with my niece who had been on a school trip to Indonesia for 2 weeks (had to see the photo's & hear more about the trip!!!).  17kms was therefore done on the local rail trail between Illowa & Koroit, with lots of cows & birds.  It was a beautiful clear morning, although a little chilly.  I didn't take my long sleeve top off until around the 10km mark.  My mind was clear of stress with thoughts just floating in & out like clouds - the perfect run (in my opinion!).  Quite a fast pace too for me - would have run both a half & full marathon PB if I'd maintained that pace LOL!

I wore my new sneakers which were so comfortable!  Hardly noticed they were on my feet!!  I've had them for 2 weeks now & had run 3 x 5kms & 1 x 7km in them before Saturday.  I think they will be my GORM shoes as they are lighter than the Kayano's.  Introducing the LunarGlide 6!!  

I went back to The Running Company Geelong & once again received most excellent service & advice - could not more highly recommend them!!!  They only had one colour in store, so blue it was.  I'm already looking forward to choosing another colour for the next pair :-) 

Pulled up OK after the run, although was still on the anti inflammatories, so the test will come this week with a 5km & a 7km before attempting the 32 - 34km this coming Saturday, with a follow up visit with the Physio on Wednesday (tonight).

I'll leave you with a few more photo's of my weekend....

My PT shared some Greek Easter treats on Monday night....

And the previous couple of weekends before I got to hang out with friends & their kitties, as well as my own :-)

Hope you are all having a good week.  5 weeks to go til the Marathon.  Holy Toledo Batman!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 14/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 14: 30/3 - 5/4

Run 1: Monday AM 5km Normal - pace 5.26
Run 2: Wednesday AM 5km fast - pace 5.08
Run 3: Friday 30kms - fail 21.57kms pace 6.04

Other: PT Monday & Thursday

Feeling: Deflated

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually.  By this time in training for the last marathon I was icing my knee, to ensure the ITB knee pain was kept at bay.  I was only saying to my PT this week that I was surprised at how well I'd transitioned to hill running & that my knee had been really good.

We did a heavy weight leg session Monday night (double leg press, single leg press, Bulgarian split squat body weight, Bulgarian split squat with kettle bell) rendering me unable to walk properly for the rest of the week.  In hind sight, I guess we should have not gone so heavy on the weights.  We think that probably tightened up all my leg muscles including the ITB.

I prepared for the 30km run regardless & set off bright & early.  It took 5kms for my fingers to defrost!  I've been running along the river through park land & it really is quite beautiful.  Lots of bird life & you can smell the eucalyptus from the gum trees in some locations, as well as fennel from the wild (weed) fennel growing.  I had planned on packing a couple of anti inflammatory tables for the run, just in case.  At the 17km the pain started & I realised I'd forgotten the tablets.

There are 2 x convenient places to bail on that run - I stopped & walked the last 200 metres towards the first, trying to decide whether or not to push on or call for help.  I decided that as this run was about getting the kms on my legs, not pace, that I'd try to push on & try to find a pace that worked for me.  At the 21km mark I realised that it was futile & that the longer I ran with that pain, the longer it would take to recover from it & the smart thing to do would be to stop running & start treating it.

I called plumbing boy who thankfully was not off dirt biking.  I still had to walk 1km to get to the road, which was OK on my knee; we decided coffee was the most important thing at that very minute so found an open drive through before driving to the start point to pick up my car.  

Spent the rest of the weekend taking anti inflammatory & icing my knee in prep for the physio appointment I already had booked for next week.  I hope that I can knock the inflammation on the head pronto as I'm 6 weeks out from the event now & can't really afford to be off schedule!!!!

Rest of Easter was spent catching up with family & friends.  Don't think I ate a single hot crossed bun (not really a fan - give me a decent fruit loaf any day!!) & only 2 Easter eggs that I immediately regretted............should have stuck to my Lindt balls.  Life is too short to eat crap chocolate!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 13/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 13: 23/3 - 29/3

Run 1: Wednesday AM 5kms Fast - 4.59 pace
Run 2: Wednesday PM 7kms Hills - no idea forgot watch
Run 3: Saturday 15kms - 5km normal pace - aim 5.30, 5km fast as possible - aim 5 - 5.15, 5km recovery pace - aim 5.30 - 5.45 - acheived - average pace overall 5.29

Other: PT x 1

Feeling: A bit fragile

As you can see I did both shorter runs on the same day this week.  I had planned to do the 5km Tuesday morning, but felt too gloomy as that was the day we farewelled our friend.  I'd planned the hill run Wednesday night as I had PT scheduled Monday & Thursday (& didn't want to do it Friday night before my long run on Saturday).  I cracked the under 5 mins per km pace for the first time in a long time which was good.  

I felt panicked halfway through & had to talk myself down so to speak.  I realize that is why I rarely get the fast time, as it feels quite uncomfortable - like an anxiety attack. Where you can't breath properly.  Light bulb moment.  I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.  I was able to get the anxious feelings under control & still push through. If only you could hear the inner dialogue.  I'm sure it was quite amusing!!!  

My old PT used to tell me to "just get it done & worry about it later", when he could see me struggling, so I focused on that for a bit, imagining him in my face saying it.  My current PT always tells me "you've done the work, you've got this" when I'm worried about not being able to do something, so I imagined him loping along beside me telling me so.  I also though about our friend who died & her beautiful smile which was calming.

As I said, our friends funeral was on Tuesday.  It was a sad sad day.  I took some comfort towards the end of the wake when her Dad said to me he could now see why everyone so loved his daughter.  Plus one of the sunflowers her husband planted a while ago bloomed the day after the funeral.  Life still seems quite fragile though.

Only 1 x PT session this week - PT had a bout of food poisoning............remind me never to eat sushi from the place next door to the gym.

Long run was shorter, but challenging with the speed session built into the middle of it.  The first 5km was straight forward 5.32 5.35 5.26 5.32 5.28.  The next 5km (speed session) was a bit all over the shop 5.11 5.22 5.14 5.17 4.57 & had to dig deep on that last km to bring the time down.  I didn't think I'd achieve an average pace here of 5 mins, so aimed for 5.15 or less!  

The last 5kms were also a bit of a challenge & had to smash out the last km to make the average pace in that section respectable 5.39 5.48 5.48 5.53 5.32 I was getting slower & slower!!!  I've never done a run structured like this before so was quite interesting(?) & very challenging.  I achieved the overall paces for each section so was happy enough.

I have 30kms to do this coming week & am feeling a little nervous.  I've run this far before so I'm not quite sure why!! Maybe I should focus on all the chocolate I can eat after it LOL.

Monday, March 23, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 12/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 12: 16/3 - 22/3

Run 1: Tuesday AM 7kms : pace 5.16
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km : fast - no idea - forgot watch (& key, thus locking myself out of the house at stupid O'clock!)
Run 3: Saturday 28kms : pace 5.43

Other: PT x 2; boot camp x 1

Feeling: Sad

A friend died last week after a 6 year battle with brain cancer.  The funeral is tomorrow.  It's so so sad & really, just shit.  I wasn't going to fund raise for the GORM, but am thinking about doing some fundraising for CureBrainCancer & regardless will be dedicating this marathon to Yvette.

Training has gone well this week despite having a heavy heart.  I found out that the GORM doesn't allow personal fuel to be left at the hydration stations & they've yet to announce what the official sports drink will be.  I've been training with my tailwind again so will therefore have to carry what I need as I don't think Plumbing Boy will be able to position himself strategically along the course this time.  

The mountain range inhibit's their being an easy parallel route between the towns we are running between.  Although I am sure that he could manage it on his dirt bike, but then I'd have to travel back to the accommodation on the dirt bike after then run..........ah, sorry, no thanks!!!

I have a hydration belt which I used in training for the last marathon, but it gives me bruises & I really don't fancy running 44kms in it.  After reading up on them, I purchased an Astral Ultraspire hydration vest.  This model is designed to fit women & I had high hopes.  Thankfully it went pretty well on the long run.  No chafing & very comfortable.  One of the straps needed adjusting when I got back as one of the shoulder straps started to get lose about 20km in & probably due to the tube pulling on it.

I found it quite awkward to suck the liquid up while running & have actually switched the hose with my hiking camel pack.  Thankfully they were compatible.  The vest came complete with a bladder & hose; hopefully the mouth piece on my other one works better.  Trying to breath & drink is always a bit of a challenge.  Either of them will be fine for the day: I'm wanting the easiest option though!!!

I checked my long run timetable this morning & I only have 3 x more really long runs to do before the event (each week alternates with a lower km long run).  The end is in sight!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 11/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 11: 9/3 - 15/3

Run 1: Tuesday PM 3 x 2kms repeats - 
out slow, back fast: pace 5.49/4.34
out fast; back slow: pace 5.45/5.31
out & back as fast as possible: pace 5.08/4.42

Run 2: Thursday AM 5km faster pace - 5.14 pace

Run 3: Saturday 13kms slow & steady - 5.32 pace

Other: PT Monday & Thursday

Feeling: Getting over the fear of the hills.

As I said the other day.  What's the worst thing that could happen??  I'm halfway there so I really need to be head down & bum up & work hard!!!! 

Practised running down the hills fast on this weeks long run - usually I use them as bit of a recovery, put the brakes on & run slow.  I need to use the advantage to make up the extra time needed to get up the bastards!!!  Didn't do too bad hence the time.  My PT set be a goal pace this week due to the shorter distance he say's of 5.30, I thought he said 5.35, with 5.40 as the slowest, so felt a boost of confidence smashing that.  Bring on week 12!